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Be A Digital Leader! Managing and Leveraging Social Media for College Students


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Originally presented at Western Washington University on February 7, 2017. This presentation discusses the opportunities and pitfalls of engaging online as a college student. It also provides tips and suggestions about how to leverage social media for academic, career, and personal success.

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Be A Digital Leader! Managing and Leveraging Social Media for College Students

  1. Bea Digital Leader!NavigatingandLeveraging SocialMedia w/ Dr. @PaulGordonBrown
  2. So who is this guy? @paulgordonbrown
  3. Whatis…
  4. Whatdo youwantto achieve?
  5. Whoareyou? Whodoyou wanttobe?
  6. PossibilityFearvs
  7. Whatdoyou think?
  8. @paulgordonbrown
  9. digital stamp @paulgordonbrown
  10. FROM THE WOMB! We even have digital stamps @paulgordonbrown
  11. Your Name @paulgordonbrown
  12. @paulgordonbrown
  13. @paulgordonbrown
  14. @paulgordonbrown
  15. Your Name What is the first thing that comes up? Is it you? Is it someone else? What do you want to come up?
  16. TheInternetIs Forever @paulgordonbrown
  17. Yourparents willprobably postan embarrassing pictureasa #TBT. @paulgordonbrown
  18. Mistakesand embarrassing photoscan followus forever.
  19. THINK POST beforeyou @paulgordonbrown
  20. collegesandemployers arelistening @paulgordonbrown
  21. of recruiters use or plan to begin using social networks/social media for recruiting 94% Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2013
  22. @paulgordonbrown
  23. WeWillMake HowWeHandle Mistakes ThemDefinesUs @paulgordonbrown
  24. @paulgordonbrown
  25. youcan’t @paulgordonbrown
  26. PrivacyIs YourProblem @paulgordonbrown
  27. You assume RESPONSIBILITY! When it comes to privacy… @paulgordonbrown
  28. raiseyour privacy settings @paulgordonbrown
  29. BUT @paulgordonbrown
  30. itlowers yourpotential impact @paulgordonbrown
  31. PUBLIC PRIVATE @paulgordonbrown
  32. EngageinIssues YouCareAbout @paulgordonbrown
  33. clicktivism go beyond
  34. Don’tBeASlave ToTheLike @paulgordonbrown
  35. @paulgordonbrown
  36. “HowmanyLikesdid yourpostget?” “Whatdoesthatmean?” Addie
  37. “Thatnumberinitself doesn’tmeananything unlessyoucompareitto otherposts.” -Addie @paulgordonbrown
  38. “Thenyougetinthatwhole thingwherepeoplestart comparingthemselvesto otherpeople.Thatreallyisn’t thebestroutetogodown.” Addie “You’rethinkingaboutit toomuch.”
  39. Haveyou… orsomeoneyouknow…ever… Deletedapost thatdidn’tget “enoughlikes?” ALL
  40. Haveyou… orsomeoneyouknow…ever… Un-likedapost becausesomeone got“toomany”likes? ALL
  41. “…inthebackofmy mindthere’sacertain standardofinteraction thatIgetoneverysingle tweetthatIdon’twantto makesureIdon’tdrop below.” -Mesut
  42. Are“likes”hanging overyourheadlike adarkcloud? TTP
  43. IMAGE: CHOMPOO BARITONE Curating Perfected Images
  44. FastFoodAdsvsReality! Source:
  45. Haveyou… orsomeoneyouknow…ever… Manipulatedapostto makeitappear “better”thanreality? ALL
  46. What’stheeffectof thiskindof manipulation ? ALL
  47. IMAGE: CHOMPOO BARITONE Selective Viewof Reality
  48. “…weusesocialmediaasa highlightreelofourlivesand howmanytimesoutoften wouldyousaythatyou wouldn'tpostsomething becauseit'snotahighlight.” -Hallie @paulgordonbrown
  49. There'salotoftimeswhenyouthinkthat peoplehavethebestlifeeverbecauseof whatthey'reposting. Wheninreality they'regoingthroughalot,andprobably manysimilarthingsthatyouare,but becausethey'repostingallthisfunstuff, youthinkthattheirlivesareperfect.” -Hallie
  50. Istheresomeoneinyour feedwhohasthe “perfectsocialmedialife” ? TTP
  51. Howdoesthiseffectyou ? TTP
  52. masks adance outfits
  53. games playing
  54. “…it’salmostlikedoinga dancethatyoucan’tbe toomuchofsomething.” -Liam @paulgordonbrown
  55. “I'vegottokeepup.” -Annie @paulgordonbrown
  56. Doyoudo“thedance” ? ALL
  57. Doyouplay“agame” ? ALL
  58. Howdoesthiseffectyou ? TTP
  59. IMAGE: CHOMPOO BARITONE Consuming Perfected Images
  60. “Yeahit’sexhausting… it’swhatcausesmy unhappiness… thecomparisonsget sointense… IfeellikeI’mjusta constantfailure” -Logan
  61. Hassocialmedia comparisonever madeyoufeelsad ? ALL
  62. “Idefinitelythinkaboutit morethanIshould.” -Ashley @paulgordonbrown
  63. Doyou? II
  64. Weneedtolearn toown,rather thanbeowned by,technology. @paulgordonbrown
  65. TIPS
  66. Learnabout managing yourdigital reputation. @paulgordonbrown
  67. Chartyourownpath. Bearolemodel. @paulgordonbrown
  68. vulnerable be @paulgordonbrown
  69. making mistakes isbetter than faking perfections
  70. FallForward. Youmight “stepinit.”
  71. Dedifferent.
  72. Getonline withasenseofhumor.
  73. It’sokay…andevenadvised… totakeabreakfrom technologyonoccasion.
  74. Whatwould youadd?
  75. @paulgordonbrown