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Marketing Thought Leadership - Course Overview

Course overview for Marketing Thought Leadership at Haas School of Business.

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Marketing Thought Leadership - Course Overview

  1. 1. Marketing Thought Leadership UGBA 198, Spring 2016 Haas School of Business
  2. 2. @MillennialIdeas #UGBA198Kickoff, @MillennialIdeas, @taictran
  3. 3. Millennial Ideas Follow, share, engage
  4. 4. Welcome! Year? Major? Career in marketing? Past marketing experience? Why are you taking this class?
  5. 5. My Background Recognitions Publishing Teaching Experience Tai Tran, BS ‘16 Business Administration
  6. 6. Course Assistants Lexa Gundelach Business Administration BS ‘17 Julian Gamboa (Lead CA) Pre-Business BS ‘18 Heather Romero Psychology BA ‘17 Arash Virk Pre-Business BS ‘19
  7. 7. Course Information UGBA 198: Marketing Thought Leadership Haas School of Business, Spring 2016 Day/Time:Thursday, 6-7:00 PM Location: Cheit C125 Instructor:Tai Tran Email:
  8. 8. Course Roadmap
  9. 9. Course Objectives Understand the past, present, and future state of the marketing industry Understand the importance of emerging global marketing trends Understand the development and management of a company’s marketing strategy Understand the process of analyzing corporate strategy with new marketing tactics Understand the steps to developing an effective thought leadership through publishing
  10. 10. Course Evaluation Online Publishing 400 pts 40% News Journals 150 pts 15% Assignments 150 pts 15% Participation 200 pts 20% Thought Leader Interview 50 pts 5% Twitter Chat 50 pts 5% This course is taken on a P/NP basis. In order to pass, you will need to fulfill ALL of the listed requirements: (a) obtain >=800 points (80%) and (b) have no more than one unexcused / excused absence. Note: Due to the size of this course, late assignments will NOT be accepted. Please plan accordingly.
  11. 11. Attendance & Course Policies Attendance will be taken at each class. You will receive a late arrival/early leave penalty if you arrive late (after 6:15 pm) or leave early (before 7:00 pm), where two penalties = one absence. You are given ONE unexcused/excused absence. You may make up ONE additional absence by completing an additional online article (topic of your choice) and receiving a satisfactory grade on the assignment (>=80%), which is due the following class after your absence at 6:00 PM via email. Note that this absence make-up exception can only be used once. You will receive a No Pass (NP) if you miss more than ONE class. Electronics Usage in Class Policy Electronic devices (i.e. smartphones, laptops, tablets) cannot be used in class. They are distractions that take away from class time, and disrespectful to speakers and group presentations. Name Plaque Policy Please bring and use a name plaque at every class as it will make it easier for name and face recognition. Students without a name plaque will receive in one participation point penalty per class session.
  12. 12. Online Publishing You will publish four online articles throughout the semester. Your publication represents your personal brand and also the course, thus write to impress. They will be graded with close scrutiny. Previously written articles may NOT be repurposed or used in lieu of this assignment. You MUST publish as an individual and not your company, aka you should not be publishing as part of your internship or job. All posts must be published via LinkedIn or Medium. Each student will have a different prompt for each of their four articles.
  13. 13. News Journal You will read and critically assess a recent marketing-related article published within fourteen days of the assignment deadline. You will write a free- response journal analyzing the article. Questions to consider:Why is this newsworthy for you as a marketer? How can brands use information found in this article to make better business decisions? Which brands are winners and losers based on this article? Although the journal is free response, please do not simply summarize the article. All news journals must be submitted via bCourses with a 250 words minimum. Please provide the link, title, and the headline of the article at the top of your journal (this information does not count toward the word count). Journals below the minimum requirements (i.e. word count) will be given no credit.
  14. 14. Assignments Six assignments are assigned throughout the semester. Includes: Introductory Paper, Thought Leadership Assessment, Writers Discovery, Speaker Series Assignments, Reflection Paper. A1: Short introduction about yourself (year, major, past marketing experience if any), why you are taking this course, and three things you hope to learn.
  15. 15. Participation We all learn and participate differently. In this course, participating comes in several forms to cater to every student’s different style of learning: in class, office hours, online (Facebook and LinkedIn), and surveys. We expect the class to be fully engaged in every session, including those for guest speakers and peer presentations. Note: Participation is graded holistically, which means while enthusiasm and engagement during class will be a positive, being distracted or on your phone in class will be a negative.
  16. 16. Thought Leader Interview Find and choose a thought leader that you would like to interview. I highly recommend that you reach out to someone who writes in any function of marketing: digital, social, product, corporate, public relations, and communications. They can be from Forbes, Adweek, Adage, Fast Company, Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, or LinkedIn. For LinkedIn, the writer/contributor must be an Influencer, Top Voice, or someone who writes at least once a month with at least 5,000 followers. No exception will be given to the above criteria. Documentation of completion will be required and submitted via bCourses. More information will be given in class.
  17. 17. Twitter Chat During the semester, you will be participating in a Twitter chat with @MillennialVoices, a channel on millennial thought leadership and ideas. You will be required to create a Twitter account, follow @MillennialVoices, and engage in at least two Twitter chats. The chat ranges from open discussions on a chosen topic to guest speakers. There will be roughly 3-5 of these throughout the semester, thus you should schedule accordingly to attend at least one. You are encouraged to attend multiple chats.
  18. 18. First Assignment A1: Short introduction about yourself (year, major, past marketing experience if any), why you are taking this course, and three things you hope to learn. Due:Thursday, February 4, 2016, in class (6:00 pm) Submission: For this first journal, you will turn in a PHYSICAL COPY. Subsequent journals will be submitted via bCourses. 
 Format: 250 words, 12-font size, Times New Roman, 1-in margins, double space. Remember to include your name.
  19. 19. Enrollment & Course FAQs Q. Can I audit the course? Q. How to increase my likelihood of getting accepted? Q. When is the class held? Q. Can I apply to Marketing & Networking as well? Q. When is the class held?
  20. 20. Enrollment Register your information on this form now: Deadline to submit application: January 30, Saturday, Noon
 Expect to hear back by: Tentatively January 31-February 2
 Confirm enrollment ASAP (or your spot will be forfeited): Within 12 Hours of Acceptance Stay in touch: /taictran @taictran Questions? Thanks for the interest!