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Digital Footprint


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Digital footprint

Published in: Education
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Digital Footprint

  2. 2. WHAT IS A DIGITAL FOOTPRINT? A digital footprint is all of your information you have ever posted on social media. This information is not only seen by friends and family, but is seen and can be found by everyone.
  3. 3. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? It is important to understand how a digital footprint can affect your life. There are many negative sides to digital footprints. Things you have deleted are not actually deleted and can be retrieved by others.
  4. 4. DIGITAL FOOTPRINT EXAMPLES DIGITAL FOOTPRINT: a profile on Facebook or an account on Twitter or Instagram. NEGATIVE FOOTPRINT EXAMPLE: A negative digital footprint is something that is on the internet that you do not want there. This could be a photo of you which could prevent you not getting into university. Tt could also be information about you that you don’t want family and friends to know.
  5. 5. POSITIVE DIGITAL FOOTPRINTI think you should use social media but you should be careful while using it. Being safe while using social media is simple. Make sure not to give any of your passwords out to anyone. Make sure not to post anything that could get in the way of you not getting into university or getting a future job. Do not many inappropriate comments since they are never actually deleted Respect other peoples digital footprint. Always have their permission when posting a picture of them seeing as they may not want to pos that picture. Before posting a photo or comment, think about if you were to hire a person and found that picture or comment on their digital footprint would you hire them?