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Getting Real About Enterprise 2.0

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Getting Real About Enterprise 2.0

  1. Getting Real About Enterprise 2.0 Oscar Berg & Henrik Gustafsson, Acando
  2. At first we used computers to help us COMPUTE things Photo from:
  3. Then we used them for creating, storing and exchanging INFORMATION Photo from:
  4. Now we have an escalating information management problem to address Photo credit:
  5. To address it, we need to see PEOPLE as the platform Photo credit:
  6. The web has become social Home E- Social pages commerce Media 1.0 One-way & static 1.X Dynamic & interactive 2.0 Two-way & social E-mail Dynamic Websites Blogs Social Software Static Websites Portals Wikis Discussion forums Communities RSS Instant Messaging Agents Mashups Chat Rooms Video Conferencing Pod- & webcasts Web services Social Networks Collaborative filtering Social Bookmarking VOIP Folksonomies Social search Micro-blogging Video sharing …and much more
  7. “ But in truth, social software isn’t really about the tools. It’s about what the tools let users do and the business ” problems the tools address. Jakob Nielsen, Usability Guru
  8. The social web emerged because it reflects basic HUMAN NEEDS © Acando AB Photo credit:
  9. Creating Handcraft, home movies, jewelry… Connecting Love, mating, friendship, alliance, collaboration, career advancement… Broadcasting Likes, dislikes, style, thoughts… Sharing Gifting, commerce, barter, courting, goodwill… credit:
  10. Connecting & Sharing in a business context Find and Rapidly share connect with Social Network and find ideas, people across experiences boundaries and knowledge Become aware Tap into the of what others knowledge of are doing and your informal get context network
  11. Creating & Broadcasting in a business context Communicate Collect feedback efficiently within in an efficient the team – and and transparent with others Blog way Avoid Introduce new information people quickly to being locked in the team email inboxes
  12. If you are interested in TOOLS and TECHNOLOGIES, then check out these videos… 11
  13. “ Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s the ” people who are in control. Rupert Murdoch, Global Media Entrepreneur
  14. “ All businesses are media businesses, because whatever else they do, all businesses rely on the managing of information for two audiences - employees and the world. Clay Shirky, author ” Photo credit:
  15. The Internet = power to the people Reach Anyone can reach a global audience Accessibility Anyone can create and distribute at little or no cost Usability Anyone can operate the means of production Recency Technologies enable instantaneous responses and dialog
  16. #1 The cost of communicating has collapsed
  17. #1 The cost of communicating has collapsed #2 The cost of organizing has collapsed
  18. #1 The cost of communicating has collapsed #2 The cost of organizing has collapsed So how does this affect a business?
  19. 97 “ Work is not a place but something you do. Laurie Heltsley, Proctor & Gamble ”
  20. Definition of social capital The active connections between people that make cooperation possible. 20
  21. The great promise of Enterprise 2.0 is to uncover and tap into the hidden talent of your organization’s employees by letting and encouraging them to enter the stage.
  22. Graphic credit: Jessica Hagy “ There's a huge opportunity to leverage skills and expertise you already have in ” your company, but the problem is finding it. Rick Hutley, VP Internet Business Solutions at Cisco
  23. “ At the very least, our systems should help us find ” each other. Ross Mayfield, SocialText Photo from:
  24. If we happen to find someone, this is often all we find Photo credit:
  25. How can that possibly communicate the richness of people – such as personality, knowledge, experiences, connections…? Photo credit:
  26. We need to be able to meet and get to know each other. Virtually. Only then can we begin to build the trust which must exist before we will do things together.
  27. “ If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times as profitable. Lewis E Platt, former CEO of HP ”
  28. Old school knowledge management focused on a burocratic and reactive knowledge extraction and metrics Photo from:
  29. People don’t give away their knowledge unless they feel they get something in return, if only it is to be seen. 29
  30. Knowledge must flow… and be captured in the flow. Photo credit:
  31. The application is not the goal…it is an obstacle between the user and the goal. Photo credit:
  32. “ Email is where knowledge goes to die. Bill French ” Photo credit:
  33. Who knows what? Anything new? How to share? How to collaborate? When to contribute? Where to find stuff? Photo credit:
  34. “ 71% agree that it is easier to locate "knowledge" on the web than to find it within their ” internal systems. AIIM Industry Watch Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0, 2009
  35. How did this event happen? Its just a typical example of collaborative knowledge work...
  36. It all pretty much started here
  37. Atle Lennart Skjekkeland Hagberg Hanns Köhler- Oscar Krüner Berg Henrik Gustafsson Onno The social network grew, Hektor trust was built and we were ready for action.
  38. We had plenty of free tools at our service
  39. We connected and formed a collaborative space Quickly form a workspace Invite external parties Share existing content Start collaborating.. within minutes
  40. We created together and shared using a Wiki Easily co-author information Findable body of knowledge Track and get notified about changes
  41. We shared ideas and built awareness using a blog Publish ideas and actions Time-stamped and accessible Collect feedback
  42. We had conversations using IM, talk and video chat and micro-blogging See the presence of your coworkers Send a quick message or chat Video, talk and sharing for virtual meeting Conversations can be captured for later reference
  43. We discovered new things using a feed reader Monitor many sources efficiently Read in a consistent format Bookmark what you find valuable Share information with collegues Perfect thing to do when mobile!
  44. Lessons for business Embrace the principles and practices from the social web and empower your knowledge workers Photo from: 44
  45. Lesson for IT Embrace the web as a platform and start facilitating the organisation in its Enterprise 2.0 transformation Photo from: 45
  46. The Acando Approach Think big, act small Measure, don’t predict Deliver quick value Photo from:
  47. Direction Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Foundation Transformation Proof of Concept Photo credit:
  48. “ The largest enemy of change and leadership isn't a “no”. It's a “not yet“…Change almost never fails because it's too early. It almost ” always fails because it's too late. Seth Godin, Author
  49. Thank you!