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Jane Marsh's powerpoint presentation from the June 27 webinar from People Management magazine – People power: Sourcing brilliant ideas using social media.

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  • Engaged - A Social Business connects people to expertise. It connects individuals – whether customers, partners or employees – as networks of people to generate new sources of innovation, foster creativity, and establish greater reach and exposure to new business opportunities. It establishes a foundational level of trust across these business networks and thus a willingness to openly share information, developing a deeper sense of loyalty among customers and employees. It empowers these networks with the collaborative, gaming and analytical tools needed to engage each other and creatively solve business challenges. Transparent - A Social business is always learning and therefore believes that it should remove unnecessary boundaries between experts inside the company and experts in the marketplace to allow your people and culture to reflect your brand and your values. It embraces the tools and leadership models that support capturing knowledge and insight from many sources allowing it to quickly sense changes in customer mood, employee sentiment, or process efficiencies. It utilizes analytics and social connections inside and outside the company to solve business problems and capture new business opportunities. Nimble - A Social Business leverages these social networks to speed up business, gaining real-time insight to make quicker and better decisions. It gets information to customers and partners in new ways - faster. Supported by ubiquitous access on mobile devices, new ways of connecting and working together in the Cloud and on open platforms, a Social Business turns time and location from constraints into advantages. Business is free to occur when and where it delivers the greatest value, allowing the organization to adapt quickly to the changing marketplace.
  • Because of the shifting landscape, where real power comes not from knowledge hoarding but knowledge sharing, it is increasingly in the informal structures and personal relationships of the enterprise's social network where opportunities for innovation and growth lie. This isn't new – great leaders have always leveraged personal relationships, and workers have always leveraged the “softer” business relationships nurtured at the water cooler or business dinners or social outings. What IS new, is that in a globally integrated world, the water cooler is no longer just down the hall, nor the business dinner just down the street at the club: it's across the world. Organization charts are not necessarily the best indicator of how work gets done. Top performers are often overlooked or unidentified in formal structures. Senior people are not always central; people at the peripheral of formal structures can actually represent a direct line to top management and untapped knowledge. Increasing network visibility by improving social collaboration makes untapped knowledge actionable. Your employees are already collaborating this way today, whether your systems and processes acknowledge it or not. IDC estimates that 57% of US workers use social media for business purposes at least once per week, and 15% use consumer social tools instead of corporate-sponsored sites. Ironically, IT are the largest users of social media for business. Done the right way, and within the organization's cultural context, extending the support for informal networks can have a market positive effect on the organization's agility and productivity. And groom the next generation of leaders who, by growing up in this net environment, are better able to lead them to newer heights.
  • PM webinar People power - Jane Marsh slides

    1. 1. Social Business for Business ExecutivesHuman Resources and Workforce Transformation • Click to add text © 2011 IBM Corporation
    2. 2. A Social Business embraces networks of people to create business value At its core, Engaged a Social Transparent Business is: Nimble© 2011 IBM Corporation
    3. 3. This new environment increases the importance of informal social relationships A Social Business Understands employees formal and informal networks -- and optimizes them to drive greater business insights, increase employee A Traditional Business effectiveness, and improve outcomes. Relies on outdated means of interaction, treats employees in a one-size-fits-all manner, and allows organizational silos to limit knowledge sharing. S o u r c e s : (1 )Cross, R., Parker, A., Prusak, L. & Borgatti, S.P. 2001. Knowing What We Know: Supporting Knowledge Creation and Sharing in Social Networks. Organizational Dynamics 30(2): 100-120. [pdf]; (2) IBM 2010 CHRO Study© 2011 IBM Corporation
    4. 4. IBM Connections 3  social software, designed to meet the needs of business.  ...empowers business professionals to be more innovative and productive, by helping them identify and build networks of subject matter experts.  ...facilitates the creation of vibrant communities of employees, business partners, and customers where creative ideas can be exchanged that can foster increased business growth.  ...helps teams accomplish their business objectives, whether they are located locally or distributed geographically.© 2011 IBM Corporation
    5. 5. Integrated Capabilities that comprise IBM Connections Profiles Home page Find the people you need See whats happening across your social network Communities Work with people who share common roles and expertise Social Analytics Discover who and what you don’t Files know via recommendations Post, share, and discover documents, presentations, images, and more Micro-blogging Wikis Reach out for help your social network Create web content together Activities Bookmarks Organize your work and tap Save, share, and discover bookmarks your professional network Forums Blogs Exchange ideas with, and benefit Present your own ideas, and learn from the expertise of others from others© 2011 IBM Corporation
    6. 6. HR Jam Sessions – 3 days long “live” HR-wide onlinediscussions Jam participation by the numbers© 2011 IBM Corporation
    7. 7. Findings suggested a new HR function will emerge by 2020 driven by IBM’s focus on social business, HR Strategy and ThinkFuture vision HR Jams & ThinkFuture HR Hub ThinkFuture Concepts© 2011 IBM Corporation
    8. 8. Social Business in Action For IBM, becoming a social business means sharing thinking on strategic HR topics© 2011 IBM Corporation
    9. 9. Social Business in Action For IBM, becoming a social business means using social recruitment to attract the best and brightest Goal: Attract top and Social Recruiting diverse talent to IBM • University Students: engaged through Communities, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube • Experienced hires: targeted through and engaged via IBM and public social media • Potential Interns and Co-Ops: engaged through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other "local" social media to Brand IBM, driving them to social media activities Campaign: Multiple collaborative platforms to target different sources of talent© 2011 IBM Corporation
    10. 10. Social Business in Action For IBM, becoming a social business means using social learning for skills development, collaboration and innovation Goal: Continuously Social Learning develop a spread out • Informal Learning Exchange (ILX): identify, workforce harvest, and share dispersed informal learning content • W3 Communities: accelerate skills development, build expertise, collaborate, innovate • Virtual Social Worlds: 3D immersive technologies create highly interactive on-line experiences that engage the learner in an immediate and personal manner with content and peers. • Accelerated Acquisition Onboarding - integrated Campaign: Multiple and secure communities for acquisitions and new collaborative platforms to hires - accelerates time to performance, increases support employee learning awareness and collaboration, enhances digital presence, and decreases attrition.© 2011 IBM Corporation
    11. 11. Social Business in Action For IBM, becoming a social business means using social recognition to highlight day-to-day contributions Goal: Recognize the best Social Recognition and brightest • Blue Thx allows IBMers send virtual thanks to colleague globally to recognize contributions, building professional reputation within the company Campaign: Collaborative platform to recognize high performance© 2011 IBM Corporation
    12. 12. Copyright IBM 2011 All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only. References in this document to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in every country. Trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both can be found on the World Wide Web at Prices are suggested U.S. list prices and are subject to change without notice. Contact your IBM representative or Business Partner for the most current pricing in your geography. Customer examples described are presented as illustrations of how those customers have used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performance characteristics may vary by customer. Information concerning non-IBM products was obtained from a supplier of these products, published announcement material, or other publicly available sources and does not constitute an endorsement of such products by IBM. Questions on the capability of non-IBM products should be addressed to the supplier of those products. Some information addresses anticipated future capabilities. Such information is not intended as a definitive statement of a commitment to specific levels of performance, function or delivery schedules with respect to any future products. Such commitments are only made in IBM product announcements. The information is presented here to communicate IBMs current investment and development activities as a good faith effort to help with our customers and business partners’ future planning.© 2011 IBM Corporation