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Are You The Red Queen?


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Are you feeling crazed trying to keep up with social technologies but feeling like you are sliding further behind? Most of us are but there is another way to approach the challenge.

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Are You The Red Queen?

  1. 1. Are You Moving Forward or…Are You The Red Queen?
  2. 2. “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” - Red Queen
  3. 3. “Continuing adaptation is needed in order for a species to maintain its relative fitness amongst the systems being co-evolved with” - Wikipedia
  4. 4. Technology Keeps Getting Faster… Source:,31813,2048601,00.html
  5. 5. …But People Do Not Source:
  6. 6. Who doesn’tfeel a bit crazy?
  7. 7. People Are The Weakest Link
  8. 8. You can try to keep up withtechnology….
  9. 9. …or you can make theweakest link your competitive differentiator
  10. 10. Money + Meaningful Work Sustainability >Money Flexibility Relevance Empathy Listening Caring Credit: Jessica Jackley, Poverty, Money and Love.
  11. 11. Cost Savings • Loyalty • Forgiveness Great • Time • Peer support Relationships • Issue reportingincrease margins Revenue • Preference • Patience • Advocacy • Competitive lockout • Authentic insights
  12. 12. Identifying Relationship Needs Awareness Awareness Understanding of Contextual Trust ForgivenessEncounter Development Friendship Partnership Recognition Resonance compatibility Contextual Loyalty Advocacy & Piqued interest Contextual Defense Acknowledgement Advocacy Universal Trust of relationship Universal Loyalty Social Media (Content-Based) Engagement Cheap & Fast Community (Relationship-Based) Engagement Cost Effective & Faster (trust-based) Direct Engagement Expensive & Slow
  13. 13. Measurable But Not ImmediateReturn Investment
  14. 14. An Enterprise Relationship Roadmap The Community Maturity Model