Intro To Social Networking


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Introduction to social networking for marketing executives

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Intro To Social Networking

  1. 1. db marketing consulting Community Social Networking Darcy Bevelacqua , Senior Partner Office: 607 796-2445 Cell: 917 520-0261 1 GOODMAN & COMPANY | INTRODUCTION | OFFICE DEPOT | 01.21.05
  2. 2. Why is social networking important to marketers? Weak Economy with more limited funds Media Fragmentation Consumers expect personalization db marketing consulting capabilities 2
  3. 3. What is social media ? Social media is primarily internet mobile based tools for sharing and discussing information. It is word of mouth communications consisting of words, pictures, video and audio that enable us to share our world with our friends, family and others. db marketing consulting –social networking 3
  4. 4. Why are social networks important? ocial networks out-perform other key categories in ALL key metrics Social Networks Current Events Multi-Category Ent. Sports Weather Source: Nielsen Online Netview, August 2008 4
  5. 5. How did we get here? Web 1.0 Web 3.0 Web 2.0 The Hypertext Web The Semantic Web The Social Web One way – information Two way interactions Interactions with the web Words and pictures Words and video Based on knowledge Of the individual. The web Becomes a virtual assistant.
  6. 6. What is this different? Text Web Social Web
  7. 7. The key to social networking is building strong connections. The experience of the interaction is what creates the relationship. Get the User to Your Site Engage the User in a Positive Interaction To build relationships you need to drive multiple positive interactions
  8. 8. How is social networking different? •The model is built on trust, the reputation of the company/person , not the message, becomes the brand . •Marketing becomes the center point for engagement of the customer •Messages are not to be pushed at the customer about products and services •Marketing uses the media tools that are available to engage the customer, with transparency at the core to create shared experiences. •The customer and the company/person are engaged in the co-creation of value and become collaborators. •Customers have the tools to configure and /or customize their personal experience with the company. •Customers and the company encourage each other and mutually define the future directions. Authenticity and trust is what matters – more than even the “consistency” of the message db marketing consulting social networking 8
  9. 9. What are the key Social Media tools today? Blogs –user generated content where entries are made in a journal style and displayed in reverse chronological order. Forums- are places where a group of people come to Contribute their ideas. Discussion groups and support Groups. Example: Wikis –enables users to add, subtract, edit and change Content. All about collaborative authoring. Needs work flow. Video Sharing-video clips that engage people. You need to Invite them to see the videos. Examples:, Social Networking: tools that enable you to connect to multiple people for information. The ability to create your own content, or Respond to others. Examples:
  10. 10. Why Social Networking Media? The four top social networks uses for marketing purposes are Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook, a study has found. The research from Michael Stelzner, organizer of the Social Media Success Summit 2009, also shows nearly 90% of marketers are promoting their business using some type of social media and 72% have just started marketing via social media within the past few months. MediaBuyerPlanner (4/15) db marketing consulting capabilities 10
  11. 11. What are the major Social networking sites we will review today? Viewed as “professional” site Used by some firms as “intranet” 100% of Fortune 500 Firms represented Offers job search capability The “original” social networking tool Fun vs. Work More Users – 70MM+ What we do when we’re not working Used for broadcasting messages .Micro blogger. 140 Characters. Fastest growing.10MM + Interaction, information and frequency Used to promote brands, events, etc.
  12. 12. How to get started: •Marketing leads are manually . transferred to sales via a Country leader •Leads contain prospect’s name and contact info. •Leads are several weeks old by they time they get to a sales rep • Marketing does not track how many leads are converted 12