Strategiskt arbete med informationskvalitet ger ökad styrprecision


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Master data är den stabila grunden i företagets samlade informationsmassa. Det krävs aktivt arbete och en bra styrmodell för att säkerställa kvaliteten på master data.

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Strategiskt arbete med informationskvalitet ger ökad styrprecision

  1. 1. Strategiskt arbete med informationskvalitet ger ökad styrprecision© Acando AB
  2. 2. HOW Account Financial account, ageements, contracts WHERE Product Party Product, parts, bundle, Customer, supplier, services, assets partner, employee, organisation WHAT WHO1 © Acando AB 2011-12-02
  3. 3. Master data is the foundation for all decisions2 © Acando AB 2011-12-02
  4. 4. © Acando AB
  5. 5. Problems that can be solved through MDM are foundeverywhere • Unreliable Master Data is harming the Business business • Data consolidation problems • Several optional sources for the same master data IT • Expensive & time consuming implementation projects • Multiple and inefficient master data Master Data maintenance processes Maintenance • Lack of incentives for cleaning data © Acando AB 2011-12-02 4
  6. 6.  An MDM program demands more than just the implementation of technology. The greatest challenges will not be technical, but governance- related.  Creating an appropriate, well-functioning governance mechanism is essential for MDM program success.  Strong alignment with the organizations business vision, demonstrated by measuring the programs ongoing value, will underpin MDM success. Gartner 20095 © Acando AB 2011-12-02
  7. 7. Presenting the Acando MDM Operating Model6 © Acando AB 2011-12-02
  8. 8. There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we dont know we dont know. Former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld7 © Acando AB 2011-12-02
  9. 9. The purpose of Acando MDM Operating Model is to ensurehigh Master Data quality over time Acando’s MDM Operating Model structures a way of working according to best-practice It is not a description of the area, more a template how to create structure in your MDM initiative Should be used as a checklist when defining and evaluating the over-all capabilities of a company’s Master Data Management Used as base when delivering a pre-study or when suggesting how to develop Operating Model by Acando existing MDM governance structures © Acando AB
  10. 10. Customer example – Services in a MDM CoE Data stewardship Monitor data quality and master data landscape alignment to principles. Propose activities and projects. Data cleansing and import Either activities that are part of the annual plan or activities that are decided during the year. Data import includes information analysis. Information architecting and modeling support Support the Information Architect or projects regarding master data, e.g. data quality project proposals, changes to information model, modeling support in prioritized projects etc. MDM strategy and landscape governance Analyse the master data system landscape and drive improvement of master data use in the landscape. Support Information Architect in MDM strategy development. Train and support the business in master data issues Train and support Information Owners, Registrars etc mainly via MDM Operative Forum in how to use the attributes, why the processes are needed etc. Harmonize way of working Implement and improve processes and roles. © Acando AB
  11. 11. Fyra perspektiv på ägarskap och ansvar för information Konsumtion av information Kravställa sina Definiera informationsbehov och datakvalitet använda information Övergripande Säkerställa att ansvar för alla information konsumeras Säkerställa Lagring av information Informationsmodellen informationsmodeller på rätt sätt datakvaliteten i systemet Säkerställa att sin informationsmodell uppfyller behoven av information Utse källsystem för information och Säkerställa att datamodell säkerställa ett bättre överensstämmer med Avgör om applikations-landskap informations- informationen i modell systemet är korrekt Uppdaterar informationen i systemet och säkerställer att all information fylls i Produktion av information10 © Acando AB 2011-12-02
  12. 12. Thank you11 © Acando AB 02/12/2011