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CWC Social Story Business & You Web 2.0


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A Presentation given to the CWC Strategic Digital Leadership Accelerator, OCADU, Nov. 2, 2012, Toronto

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CWC Social Story Business & You Web 2.0

  1. 1. Social, Storytelling, Business & You:How to Adapt to a Web 2.0 WorldCWC  Strategic  Digital  Leadership  Accelerator Siobhan  O’Flynn,  PhD.          OCADU    Nov  2  2012
  2. 2. concept to story Narrative / Story Experience Theme
  3. 3. great storytellers - why? • personal anecdote • emotional resonance • connect with audience • themes are memorable • describes an experience
  4. 4. great storytellers - why? Here? 2000 ??? Or here? 2006
  5. 5. concept to story Narrative / Story Experience ThemeKey? story in context
  6. 6. context... is now social
  7. 7. Context is now Multiple Screens • consider context of use • design for one or many • design for distinct affordances
  8. 8. Context is now Multiple Screens • consider context of use • design for one or many • design for distinct affordances WHICH IS FIRST SCREEN?
  9. 9. context... we expect interactivity
  10. 10. concept to story Narrative / Story Experience ThemeKey? story in action = experience
  11. 11. context... we hope to be surprised
  12. 12. context... we expect to create
  13. 13. The Best Job in the World$1.2 million budget The quantifiable measures also illustrate the phenomenal success on the US$1.2 million shoestring budget;• Estimated media coverage is valued at US$165 million. Global news coverage was from CNN stories to BBC documentaries, and Time magazine articles and everything in between.• The campaign has reached a global audience of over 3,000,000,000 through online and offline media coverage.• 34,684 one-minute video job applications from 197 countries were uploaded. At least one person from every country in the world applied.• Over 475,000 votes were cast for Wild Card applicants.• Website stats of 8,001,900 unique visits, 53,889,455 page views with an 8.25 minutes average time spent on the site demonstrate the stickiness of this concept.• A Google search for “best job in the world island” achieves about 43,603 news listings and generates 231,355 blogs.• A multitude of independent social networks have been established carrying masses of new digital content on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.
  14. 14. 6 lessons 1. make it believable 2. It’s not how much you spend 3. Focus on content, not traffic 4. Create an inherent reason for people to share 5. don’t underestimate the power of content creators 6. Give your promotion a shelf life
  15. 15. Web 2.0Context is now M2M & DIWO • networked intelligence • communities of interest • sharing vs. commercial economies • participatory media social connectivity...
  16. 16. social connectivity...
  17. 17. M2M & DIWO‘Kotex first looked through thousands of women’spinboards in search of 50 power users with a largenumber of engaged followers on Pinterest who could befuture Kotex customers. They then studied the 50women’s boards to get a better understanding of some ofthe things they are passionate about. After the analysis,they created custom gift boxes for each woman filled withgoodies they believed would resonate with them. I wouldestimate they invested between $50 and $100 per giftbox.The surprise gifts created the response Kotex had aimedfor in almost all 50 women. They chatted online aboutKotex and shared images and stories about theircustomized and unexpected gifts on Pinterest, which thenfurther extended the campaign into a wider community.When the case study video was posted on YouTube,Kotex had 2,000 interactions between the 50 women andtheir friends and almost 695,000 generated from thecampaign.’
  18. 18. M2M & DIWOThe surprise gifts created theresponse Kotex had aimed for inalmost all 50 women. Theychatted online about Kotex andshared images and stories abouttheir customized and unexpectedgifts on Pinterest, which thenfurther extended the campaigninto a wider community.When the case study video wasposted on YouTube, Kotex had2,000 interactions between the50 women and their friends andalmost 695,000 generated fromthe campaign.
  19. 19. design as invitation to engage...
  20. 20. what’s is your company’s story?• define the essence of your story in one sentence• define the core values of your company• what does your company stand for?
  21. 21. what’s is your project’s story?• define the essence of your story in one sentence• define the core values of your project?• what does your project stand for?• now flip this story and think of it from your user/client/ audience’s pov• how can you design an experience that could communicate this story & values?
  22. 22. Digital Natives & the Myth of ADHD
  23. 23. Attention Fragmentation? Or are we looking for good stories?
  24. 24. HBO IMAGINE ...scarcity
  25. 25. Transmedia stories are thosewhich ‘unfold across multiplemedia platforms with each newtext making a distinctive andvaluable contribution thewhole.’Henry Jenkins, ConvergenceCulture 2006
  27. 27. multiple points of entry
  28. 28. 5D Design Transmedia Design story/ integrated experience engagementstoryworld platforms design strategy Transmedia Strategy
  29. 29. dimensionsofdesign 2d: lives in the x-y axis including 3D: lives in the x-y-z axis with products & platforms 4D: adding human engagement adds systems, interactivity & experiences 5D: designed over time = 5D design Sami Nerenberg
  30. 30. Transmedia Experience Mappingentice enter engage exit extend Conifer Research
  31. 31. planning for human behaviour transmedia & foresightingexperience design: variables future unpredictabilitypastpredictability
  32. 32. Western Narrative Structure, Robert McKee’s ‘PLOT” is a system of warnings.
  33. 33. TransmediaSystem of Invitations
  34. 34. TransmediaDesigned for Participation
  35. 35. TransmediaDesigned as a System of Possibilities based on Assumptions of Predictive Human Behaviour
  36. 36. design for what people do...& what you think they may do...
  37. 37. In interactive design,people are your medium Susan Gorbet UX Designer
  38. 38. a new normal participatory many to many gifts not viral collaboration philanthropy shared value civic engagement vs. slactivismChoco-locate Case Study
  39. 39. KISSKeep it Simple Stupid
  40. 40. Less is MoreLess should be Beautiful Surprising Memorable
  41. 41. Siobhan O’Flynn, PhDCFC Media LabUniversity of thank you