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#FlipMyFunnel with Account-Based Marketing


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Presented at Dreamforce 2016 at InsideView's Open Lounge, #FlipMyFunnel with Account-Based Marketing by Sangram Vajre, Terminus Co-Founder and CMO, discusses how to take an ABM approach to ramp up B2B demand generation, sales velocity, and improve closed-won rates.

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#FlipMyFunnel with Account-Based Marketing

  1. 1. #FlipMyFunnel with Account-Based Marketing Sangram Vajre Terminus CMO & Co-Founder @SangramVajre
  2. 2. • Why B2B Marketing & Sales Teams Need ABM Now • Flipping the Funnel on Lead-Based Marketing • Introducing the 7 Stages of the ABM Customer’s Journey • Q & A The Account-Based Marketing Framework @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  3. 3. @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel #FlipMyFunnel with Sangram Vajre • Head of Marketing, Pardot (now Salesforce) • Co-founder and CMO of Terminus • Founder of the #FlipMyFunnel community • I am now an author (by accident)
  4. 4. 92% of B2B Marketers think Account-Based Marketing is extremely important to their overall marketing efforts.” —SiriusDecisions | April 2015 Why B2B Marketing & Sales Teams Need ABM @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  5. 5. Flipping the Funnel on Lead-Based Marketing @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  6. 6. @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  7. 7. Lead Based People as numbers Broad at the top and narrow at the bottom @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  8. 8. It’s Personal @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  9. 9. @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  10. 10. Account based Start with the end in mind Map tools to strategies @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  11. 11. Traditional Funnel (Lead Based) Customer Experience Funnel (Account Based) @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  12. 12. Real-World Account-Based Marketing Use-Cases7 @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  13. 13. STAKEHOLDERS Marketing, CMO, Demand Gen STRATEGIE SEvents/webinars, campaigns (inbound & outbound) CONTENT Blog post, ebook, infographic (un-gated) SUCCESS METRICS Increase in MQLs, Increase in SDR Appointments, Increase in Contact activities, Increase in Account Awareness Stage 1: Demand Generation @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  14. 14. STAKEHOLDERS “Smarketing”, Sales Development STRATEGIE S MQL to SQL, SQL to Opportunity CONTENT Video testimonial, case studies, webinars SUCCESS METRICS Increase in SQAs, Increase in Opportunities, Increase in Marketing- sourced pipeline, Increase in Pipeline velocity Stage 2: Pipeline Velocity @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  15. 15. STAKEHOLDERS “Smarketing” team, C-suite execs STRATEGIE S Opportunity to Evaluation to Negotiation to Closed/Won CONTENT “How to” content, ROI, competitive analysis SUCCESS METRICS Increase in Closed/Won deals, Increase in Engagement in opportunities, Increase in Sales velocity, Increase in Deal size Stage 3: Winning Deals @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  16. 16. STAKEHOLDERS “Smarketing” & customer success STRATEGIE SWorkshops, training, events, webinars, customer reviews CONTENT Implementation guides, tutorials, “how to” SUCCESS METRICS Increase in Product usage, Increase in retention, Decrease in churn Stage 4: Customer Adoption @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  17. 17. STAKEHOLDERS “Smarketing” & customer success STRATEGIE SNew products, upgrades, features, outbound contact CONTENT Product webinars, case studies SUCCESS METRICS Increase in New business, Increase in revenue per account, Increase in deal size, Increase in engagement in accounts Stage 5: Upsell/Cross-sell @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  18. 18. STAKEHOLDERS “Smarketing” & customer success STRATEGIE S Personalized messaging to new departments, outbound CONTENT Video testimonials, case studies, ROI SUCCESS METRICS Increase in current customer revenue, Increase in engagement within accounts Stage 6: Land & Expand @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  19. 19. STAKEHOLDERS CEO, CMO, CSO STRATEGIE SEngage with partners, analysts, influencers, investors, etc. CONTENT Quarterly reports, newsletters SUCCESS METRICS Increase in Awareness (more impressions), Increase in Engagement (traffic to site) Stage 7: “Always On” Air Cover @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel
  20. 20. Account-Based Marketing Framework
  21. 21. @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel Terminus Cloud for ABM • The blueprint to building a complete account-based marketing technology solution • 35+ best-in-class ABM providers that integrate and work seamlessly with Salesforce CRM • Align technology to the 5 core components of an ABM strategy: Identify, Expand, Engage, Advocate, and Measure
  22. 22. @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel ABM Stack Grader Evaluate your existing tech eco-system for account-based marketing. Determine what resources to buy, replace, or repurpose to create a best-in-class ABM tech stack. How does your stack “stack-up” for ABM?
  23. 23. @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel Get your FREE copy at tonight’s book signing 5:00PM - 6:30PM | Open Lounge Come get a free copy of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies. I’ll be signing books over cocktails and snacks! Then meet us at the astounding SF Museum of Modern Art 8:30 PM - MIDNIGHT Modern ART Magic
  24. 24. Thank you And let’s start flipping funnels with account-based marketing! @sangramvajre #ABM #FlipMyFunnel