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Transparency - The Double-Edged Sword


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Presentation from Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT in Frankfurt October 28th 2010 on how transparency both enables value-creation and decreases risk for organizations, but also how potential privacy, compliance and security risks need to be managed.

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  • @ Stephan: unfortunately, the slides don't cover all aspects of my talk. Transparency is a double-edged sword because you have to balance transparency against risks related to privacy, confidentiality, information accuracy etc. But you are right about the key message - increasing transparency leads to increased trust and also better security because we are more prone to act responsibly when we are trusted to do so. As individuals, we also need to gain more knowledge about how to act in a responsible way and how to deal with potential risks associated with sharing information with others. That is why we also need governance that guides and helps people to make the right decisions about what to share and how in every situation where they share information. It is not enough with telling what people should do and what they shouldn't do with policies and rules. Reality is much more complex than that, and people need help in how to think about sharing and how to deal with privacy etc.
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  • Thanks for sharing. Why is transparency a double edged sword? From just looking at the slides this does not become clear to me - seems more transparency leads to trust leads to better control!
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  • Great presentation, thanks for sharing.
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  • Some great visuals - love the glass toaster :)
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Transparency - The Double-Edged Sword

  1. Transparency Transparency The double-edged sword Oscar Berg Acando
  2. Twitter: @oscarberg ●Management Consultant at Acando, Sweden ●Enterprise 2.0, Collaboration and Content Management ●Strategy, concept development, requiremens, architecture and change management ●Blogging at: (Personal) (AIIM) Oscar Berg
  3. Problem: The black boxes
  4. Increasing transparency decreases risk and enables value-creation
  5. Oops, too late!Everything’s under control Transparency enables better decision-making
  6. Transparency workspace awareness Transparency enables workspace awareness
  7. Case: workspace awareness
  8. My Team ? ? ? ? What’s up? From information silos…
  9. Blog BlogBlog BlogBlog …to need to share
  10. Case: information sharing
  11. Who’s expert at Excel? From expert search…
  12. I can drop by and show you some tricks Check out the blog Look at the Microsoft web site How do I make great diagrams in Excel? …to asking questions
  13. There legal issues are the same now as when email was introduced
  14. Emails easily get wings
  15. The biggest risk is not in the technology itself; it is in how we use it.
  16. Failing usability makes us go for workarounds.
  17. Common workarounds Share with sticks Email everything Label everything as Copy to ensure access
  18. Lesson: A real challenge is finding a balance between security and privacy. Do not disturb
  19. Lesson: Transparency must go both ways
  20. Lesson: Governance failure
  21. Empower employees! Trust Tools Training Control Restrictions Policies Control Empowerment
  22. A culture of trust is more secure than a culture of control.
  23. Photo credits ● ● ● ● ●
  24. Information (spoken, printed, electronic) Confidentiality Integrity Availability Information security is always a balancing act