Socialise your business insights final


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Socialise your business insights final

  1. 1. Socialise your Business InsightsMike Handes @mikehandesMary-Jane Goddard03/15/2012
  2. 2. 3 Agenda An introduction to Social Business IBM Connections Collaborative Business Intelligence Summary
  3. 3. The Fifth IT Era: The era of Social Social Internet PCs DepartmentalMainframe What’s your Social Business Agenda?
  4. 4. Social Media vs. Social Business Social Media Social Business Nimble Engaged Transparent Encompasses organizationPrimarily marketing and PR and business processes
  5. 5. The breadth of Social Collaboration Profiles Find the people you need Home page See whats happening across your Communities social network Work with people who share common roles and expertise Social Analytics Discover who and what you don’t know Files via recommendations Post, share, and discover documents Micro-blogging Wikis Reach out for help your social network Create web content together Activities Bookmarks Organize your work Save, share, and discover bookmarks Forums Exchange ideas with, and benefit Blogs from the expertise of others Present your own ideas, and learn from others
  6. 6. Break Down Silos Lowes Sharing selling best practices and contributing over$1M in additional revenue - Serendipity Happens, Dachis Group
  7. 7. Driving User Adoption – Put It In front of their eyeballs!Put It In Front Of Their Eyes: In context Integration 30
  8. 8. Why Collaboration & Business Intelligence? “I need to easily connect with people who are relevant to the decisions I make.” “I need to better understand the perspectives of my colleagues.” “I need to easily access decision history in order to learn, reference and create best-practices.”
  9. 9. What is Collaborative BI? connect WHY IMPORTANT? Share information people Share insights understand the perspectives of my colleagues
  10. 10. Sharing InformationExample: The “Inbox Fire Drill”Situation• An urgent request for information is received from your Vice- President via emailPain Points• How to find the information?• Who to contact?Solution• Find related information as a starting point • Define a single point for all stakeholder input, to-do’s, and final deliverable • Search and engage relevant contributors • Deliver the final presentation on time!
  11. 11. What is Collaborative BI? Share information Share insights Engage Act decision history to create best-practices
  12. 12. Engage and ActDemonstration: Customer EngagementSituation• Declining lead conversion for a sales regionPain Points• Identify successful sales regions• Who to contact?Solution• Establish a public community to share ideas• Turn ideas into action• Monitor impact on business
  13. 13. What is Collaborative BI? Share information Share insights connect WHY IMPORTANT? Engage people Act performance empower
  14. 14. Summary: Collaborative BI • Share information to establish common perspective – Email, IM, Expertise, Activities, Communities – Documents: PowerPoint, Excel, Word • Share insights to capture input to decision process – Comments in context – Activities: Threaded discussions, Actions, Notifications • Engage to make ideas “sticky” and establish mind share – Internally & Externally – Ideation / Innovation – Share and repeat successes + avoid repeating mistakes • Act to align execution to plans and strategy – Sections; Tasks; ToDos;
  15. 15. Collaboration Extends to Discussionswith IBM Connections Provides users with the ability to quickly find the people and expertise you need. Discuss and refine ideas, data, and information with colleagues, partners, and customers. Did you know that IBM Connections is part of Cognos 10 BI*? *Enhanced Consumer role or higher
  16. 16. Demonstration: How we use Connections @ IBM
  17. 17. Questions? 問 Ερωτήσεις 題 Fragen Vragen 问 Preguntas 题 Cwestiwn Domande Perguntas 質 問 Questions?
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