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The Social Organization - IBM - The Business Value of Social Software CIO Forum


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Presentation given at the Toronto CIO Forum Keynote. The Social Organization talks about the perfect harmony of social software adoption internally leading to a culture that brings the social culture, IBM values and ideas to the external networks. Our social software platforms are based on Lotus Connections.

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The Social Organization - IBM - The Business Value of Social Software CIO Forum

  1. © 2009 IBM Corporation The Social Organization The Business Value of Social Software Bilal Jaffery, Worldwide Social Media & Competitive Marketing Leader, IBM blog: twitter: @BilalJaffery
  2. © 2010 IBM Corporation By 2014, Social networking services will replace email as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of the business users. - Gartner
  3. © 2010 IBM Corporation3 Business Imperatives for Smart Work IBM Presentation Template Full Version Every week, 42% of people use the wrong information to make decisions 91% of CEOs say they need to restructure the way their organizations workEvery week businesses waste 5.3 hours due to inefficient processes Employees spend 25% of their time just looking for information
  4. © 2010 IBM Corporation4 2009 IBM Study: Global CIOs understand the need for innovation 2,500 CIOs from 78 countries and 19 industries ■ CIOs spend 55% of their time on activities that spur innovation and help the business – Generating buy-in for innovative plans – Implementing new technologies – Managing non-technological issues ■ Successful CIOs are much more actively engaged in – Setting strategy – Enabling flexibility and change – Solving business problems ■ CIOs are increasingly recognized as full-fledged members of the senior executive team ■ Our analysis provides insights into how CIOs can make the biggest impact on behalf of the entire organization
  5. © 2010 IBM Corporation5 CIOs blend three pairs of roles to deliver impact across the business Able Pragmatist Savvy Value Creator Relentless Cost Cutter Collaborative Business Leader Inspiring IT Manager Making Innovation real Raising the ROI of IT Expanding business impact Insightful Visionary
  6. © 2010 IBM Corporation6 Making innovation real: Insightful Visionary and Able Pragmatist Raising the ROI of IT: Savvy Value Creator and Relentless Cost Cutter Expanding business impact: Collaborative Business Leader and Inspiring IT Manager CIOs drive innovation to help build a smarter enterprise
  7. © 2010 IBM Corporation7 Enabling people to work smarter together Unlocking innovation through broad participation Fostering deep insightful relationships Collaboration drives business value
  8. © 2010 IBM Corporation8 IBM social software benefits acknowledged by %of survey respondents 87% 84% 84% 77% 74% 42% 60% 65% 65% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Increased skills Accessed experts quicker Shared know ledge w ith others Reused assets Increased productivity Improved personal reputation Increased sense of belonging Increased sales Improved customer satisfaction Word of Mouth, #1 Influencer in Business Purchasing Behavior The Impact of Social Collaboration *Source: IBM Community of Practice Business Impact Survey completed by approximately 2,300 respondents.
  9. © 2010 IBM Corporation9 Online meetings to reduce travel and improve productivity
  10. © 2010 IBM Corporation10 Social bookmarking/tagging saves time, improve productivity Cost items ■ Development and integration of Connections Social Bookmarking and Enterprise Tagging with Enterprise Search cost IBM US $700K Benefits  Time savings: • Reduced each w3 search by 12 seconds, on average • IBM's enterprise search receives on average of 286,568 search visits per week, yielding a total of 955 hours per week in time reduction  Cost savings: • Saves IBM US $95,528 each week • Saves IBM US $4.6 million annually in potential productivity gain  Additional cost savings: • US $500,000 per year for the dollar value of the information found • US $2.4 million in cost avoidance, thanks to reusability As published in CIO Magazine $7.5M annual savings
  11. © 2010 IBM Corporation11 Quickly find the people you need by searching across your organization using keywords that help identify expertise, current projects and responsibilities Use a weblog to present your idea and get feedback from others; learn from the expertise and experience of others who blog Organize your work, plan next steps, and easily tap your expanding professional network to help execute your everyday deliverables, faster Activities Create, find, join, and work with communities of people who share a common interest, responsibility, or area of expertise Home Wikis Provide a place for groups of people to jointly create and maintain content through contribution and collaboration. Files Share your files with your colleagues. Everyone can store, share, and collaborate on files. Save, organize and share bookmarks; discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests & expertise Blogs Communities Bookmarks Profiles Social Collaboration helps people work smarter Example: IBM Lotus Connections to find people and information
  12. © 2010 IBM Corporation12 Social software adoption in IBM ■ Profiles: 614k profiles; 1m+ searches per week ■ Communities: 4,200 public, 7,410 private online communities with 222k members ■ Wikis: 34k wikis with 471k unique readers ■ Blogs: 80k users; 162k entries ■ Bookmarks: 924k bookmarks; 2.4m tags; 24k users ■ Activities: 105k activities, 1.2m entries; 169k users ■ Instant Messaging: 12m per day
  13. © 2010 IBM Corporation13 Employee profiles show relationships, network activity, status
  14. © 2010 IBM Corporation14 Building networks of contacts is easy with a few clicks
  15. © 2010 IBM Corporation15 Social analysis can identify experts in the network for you personal social network management find expertise in your extended network Is this the‘best’ person to approach and how? organizational social network analysis tool SmallBlue Find SmallBlue Ego SmallBlue Reach SmallBlue Net SmallBlue automates expertise mining and social network analysis to identify experts and the shortest paths to reach them
  16. © 2010 IBM Corporation16 The IDEAL Statement: The Social Organization The whole organization is involved in social collaboration – internally and externally. Graphic: Intersection Consulting on Flickr
  17. © 2010 IBM Corporation17 IBM ConfidentialOctober 17, 2010 “Informal conversation is probably the oldest mechanism by which opinions on products and brands are developed, expressed, and spread.” – John Arndt
  18. © 2010 IBM Corporation developerWorks: Network Engagement Strategy Bilal Jaffery , Social Media & Competitive Marketing Leader Your open and social organizational culture is your competitive advantage.
  19. © 2010 IBM Corporation19  Reasons to participate Responsible engagement in innovation and dialogue: to learn, to contribute IBM's brand is best represented by its people  Rules of the road Be professional – Business Conduct Guidelines, IBM Values Speak for yourself, not IBM Respect copyrights, laws, and other people Add value IBM Social Computing Guidelines
  20. © 2010 IBM Corporation20 Virtual relationships can improve productivity and virtual teams can accelerate innovation ... when the focus is business value
  21. © 2010 IBM Corporation When community wins. We win. Bilal Jaffery