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Understanding College Student Life Online and What it Means for Social Media Engagement

Originally presented in May of 2017 to the staff at University of Texas San Antonio. Discusses college student learning and development online and provides examples around how to engage students around issues of digital education.

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Understanding College Student Life Online and What it Means for Social Media Engagement

  1. w/ Dr. @PaulGordonBrown CollegeStudentLifeOnline andWhatitMeansfor Understanding SocialMediaEngagement
  2. @paulgordonbrown
  3. myth the of the Digital Native
  4. Just because you use social media… doesn’t mean well. you know how to use it @paulgordonbrown
  5. Moving Engagement BEYOND
  6. 1 2 We’re Going To Explore Two Topics Today Digital Identity or Reputation Digitized Development @paulgordonbrown
  7. Digital Identity @paulgordonbrown@paulgordonbrown
  8. Digital Identity @paulgordonbrown Or more accurately, digital identities, are the personas, data, and actions we take online as well as the reputation of those identities and how they are viewed by others. @paulgordonbrown
  9. @paulgordonbrown
  10. digital stamp @paulgordonbrown
  11. FROM THE WOMB! We even have digital stamps @paulgordonbrown
  12. Your Name @paulgordonbrown
  13. Your Name What is the first thing that comes up? Is it you? Is it someone else? What do you want to come up?
  14. BE AWARE! @paulgordonbrown
  15. We need to educate each other on digital reputation.
  16. TheInternetIs Forever @paulgordonbrown
  17. Yourparents willprobably postan embarrassing pictureasa #TBT. @paulgordonbrown
  18. Mistakesand embarrassing photoscan followus forever.
  19. THINK POST beforeyou @paulgordonbrown
  20. collegesandemployers arelistening @paulgordonbrown
  21. of recruiters use or plan to begin using social networks/social media for recruiting 94% Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2013
  22. @paulgordonbrown
  23. PrivacyIs YourProblem @paulgordonbrown
  24. You assume RESPONSIBILITY! When it comes to privacy… @paulgordonbrown
  25. raiseyour privacy settings @paulgordonbrown
  26. BUT @paulgordonbrown
  27. itlowers yourpotential impact @paulgordonbrown
  28. PUBLIC PRIVATE @paulgordonbrown
  29. @paulgordonbrown
  30. BeA Digital Change Agent @paulgordonbrown
  31. clicktivism go beyond How do we define “meaningful” participation? Adam Gismondi, Ph.D. @AdamGismondi / @TuftsIDHE Institute for Democracy & Higher Education
  32. social media and civic engagement… Allows fast, customized information gathering Facilitates information sharing Drives civic learning and organization Adam Gismondi, Ph.D. @AdamGismondi / @TuftsIDHE Institute for Democracy & Higher Education
  33. but it also… Lead to an avoidance of civil debate Adam Gismondi, Ph.D. @AdamGismondi / @TuftsIDHE Institute for Democracy & Higher Education Create an intimidating environment for early-stage development
  34. Digital Identity @paulgordonbrown@paulgordonbrown
  35. Digitized Development @paulgordonbrown@paulgordonbrown
  36. Digitized Development @paulgordonbrown is the underlying developmental processes that inform how we understand ourselves and our behavior in digital spaces. Digitized development can carry unique properties from offline development. @paulgordonbrown
  37. It’s A Psychological Process! @paulgordonbrown
  38. eRezLife Digitized Development
  39. MarciaBaxterMagolda’s TheoryofSelf-Authorship
  40. Student explores and experiments openly with social media. This is strongly influenced by authorities (parents/guardians) through access and peers through peer culture. Student does not understand how online and offline interactions can impact each other or possess a sophisticated understanding of context. Student makes conscious choices about social media usage and how it fits into life desires, outlook, and goals. Student realizes that one’s online life requires constant renegotiation as one’s goals, needs, contexts, and circumstances change. @paulgordonbrown
  41. Pursuitof Likes @paulgordonbrown
  42. “HowmanyLikesdid yourpostget?” “Whatdoesthatmean?” Addie
  43. “Thatnumberinitself doesn’tmeananything unlessyoucompareitto otherposts.” -Addie @paulgordonbrown
  44. “Thenyougetinthatwhole thingwherepeoplestart comparingthemselvesto otherpeople.Thatreallyisn’t thebestroutetogodown.” Addie “You’rethinkingaboutit toomuch.”
  45. IMAGE: CHOMPOO BARITONE Curating Perfected Images
  46. “…inthebackofmy mindthere’sacertain standardofinteraction thatIgetoneverysingle tweetthatIwantto makesureIdon’tdrop below.” -Mesut
  47. IMAGE: CHOMPOO BARITONE Selective Viewof Reality
  48. Higton Bros: What’s On Your Mind
  49. “…weusesocialmediaasa highlightreelofourlivesand howmanytimesoutoften wouldyousaythatyou wouldn'tpostsomething becauseit'snotahighlight.” -Hallie @paulgordonbrown
  50. There'salotoftimeswhenyouthinkthat peoplehavethebestlifeeverbecauseof whatthey'reposting. Wheninreality they'regoingthroughalot,andprobably manysimilarthingsthatyouare,but becausethey'repostingallthisfunstuff, youthinkthattheirlivesareperfect.” -Hallie
  51. masks adance outfits
  52. “…it’salmostlikedoinga dancethatyoucan’tbe toomuchofsomething.” -Liam @paulgordonbrown
  53. games playing
  54. “I'vegottokeepup.” -Annie @paulgordonbrown
  55. “Yeahit’sexhausting… it’swhatcausesmy unhappiness… thecomparisonsget sointense… IfeellikeI’mjusta constantfailure” -Logan
  56. IMAGE: CHOMPOO BARITONE Consuming Perfected Images
  57. “That’swhat,Iassume,[is] causingmygreatest dissatisfactionat[college]. Seeingmylifeincomparison toothers.” -Logan @paulgordonbrown
  58. “Idefinitelythinkaboutit morethanIshould.” -Ashley @paulgordonbrown
  59. Authenticity IMAGE: CHOMPOO BARITONE and community
  60. a: worthyofacceptanceorbelief asconformingtoorbasedonfact b: conformingtoanoriginalso astoreproduceessentialfeatures c: madeordonethesameway asanoriginal
  61. “Mymom’sfriendswithme onFacebook…Shedoesn’t knowaboutmyboyfriendso Ide-tagallpicturesofhim.” -Logan !
  62. “Differentmasks,orthe differentfacesI'llputonfor differentsocialmedia platforms.It’snotnecessarily thatI'macompletelydifferent person,butit'sjustdifferent.” -Meghan
  63. “Ihavethisoneidentitybutit kindofmoldsalittlebittomatch whatisnecessaryforeachsocial network.Notnecessarilylying aboutmyselfit’sjustthatIkindof fitmyidentityintothatspecific oneIguess.” -Logan
  64. “It'slikeapieceofyouand eachsocialmediaoutletisa differentpieceofyou…” -Grace
  65. Weneedtolearn toown,rather thanbeowned by,technology. @paulgordonbrown
  66. social media can be used for so much MORE
  67. be a good partner in learning
  69. 2016 ISTE Standards for Students
  70. Reputation Literacy Citizenship Communication Collaboration Digital Learning Outcomes for College Students Digital
  71. Digital Reputation One’s digital reputation is how one is viewed by others based on the information that can be found online. Digital reputations can be curated and actions can be taken or avoided in order to craft a desired reputation. • Describe their current digital reputation. • Describe what they want their digital reputations to be. • Explain how actions and posts can influence one’s digital reputation. • Analyze how their current digital reputation is reflective (or not) of the reputation they want. • Develop a plan for crafting a desired digital reputation. • Repeatedly critique and adjust their digital reputations as necessary.
  72. Digital Literacy Digital literacy is the ability to consume and apply critical thinking skills to information and news found online. It entails the ability to identify and evaluate the credibility of digital content. • Identify and evaluate reputable and accurate sources for online news and information. • Identify phishing and other online scams and questionable activity. • Investigate the veracity and sources of digital information, news, and rumors. • Evaluate one’s own role in consuming and sharing reputable information. • Produce and share digital content that is researched and vetted.
  73. Digital Citizenship Digital citizenship skills include the ability to interact with others civilly, and towards productive ends. Digital citizens respect the rights of others, understand issues of ethics and privacy, and laws governing online behaviors. • Apply social media skills for activism and the public good. • Identify and intervene when individuals are indicating self-harm or damaging behaviors online. • Produce and share digital content that respects copyright and enhances dialogue. • Explain the nature of privacy online and the types of information that is collected and shared online. • Change one’s privacy settings and modify behaviors to fit one’s desired level of engagement online.
  74. Digital Communication Being able to successfully communicate on digital platforms includes the ability to engage in dialogue with others in a constructive and mutually beneficial way. •Recognize civil behaviors online and the effects of uncivil behavior. •Use and post to social media in a reflective and responsible way. •Demonstrate how to engage in dialogue across difference online and employ strategies to manage conflict.
  75. Digital Collaboration Collaboration online requires an awareness of appropriate tools, how to use these tools, and how to set goals and tasks that allow for all to participate. •Identify collaborative online tools that enable one to accomplish tasks. •Demonstrate the ability to use collaborative features of software to achieve personal and shared goals. •Apply information and engage others in the wider digital world to group tasks, problems, and solutions. •Plan and organize teams and teamwork online.
  76. Reputation Literacy Citizenship Communication Collaboration Digital Learning Outcomes for College Students Digital
  77. Career Services Departments/Schools of Communication University Marketing Information Technology Alumni Unique Partnerships
  78. Everyone on campus can get involved…
  79. Digital Skills Workshops
  80. Digital Skills Workshops •Using design software •Developing a LinkedIn Presence •Using collaboration tools •Presentation software and delivery
  81. Educate for Digital Reputation
  82. Educate for Digital Reputation •Invite speakers •Offer professional headshot services •Encourage digital portfolio creation •Infuse concepts into the common read
  83. Create spaces for application
  84. Create spaces for application •Host TEDx style talks •Engage with students online through official channels •Employ students as digital marketers and ambassadors
  85. integrated marketing team managers Kath Bukis Print Shop Manager Chloe Corsi Manager Catherine O’Malley Editor in Chief Jessica Laudati Design Team Manager Emily Cohn Video Team Manager Laura Lawton Social Media Manager 5 5 7 5 6 2 Ed Cabellon, Ph.D. @EdCabellon
  86. Ed Cabellon, Ph.D. @EdCabellon
  87. Final thoughts…
  88. teacheachother inunderstanding thesetools @paulgordonbrown
  89. Involve your whole team.
  90. Stay current ontech trends.
  91. don’t lead fearwith @paulgordonbrown
  92. don’t lead with shame @paulgordonbrown
  93. vulnerable be @paulgordonbrown
  94. It’sokay…andevenadvised… totakeabreakfrom technologyonoccasion.
  95. @paulgordonbrown