Social Media and the Job World


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Social Media and the Job World

  1. 1. Social Networking Tools and CareerSocial Networking Tools and Career Development
  2. 2. Who Are You? Mike Schaffer Social Media and Online Marketing Manager Background in Sports/Restaurant/Entertainment PR PR and Social Media Blogger Among PR Pros on Twitter: Top 100 Top 30 #21 Most InfluentialAmong PR Pros on Twitter: Top 100, Top 30, #21 Most Influential Twitter: @mikeschaffer
  3. 3. …And What Do You Do? • Advertising agency with digital, branding and design teams • Offices in Washington, DC; Nashville, TN (HQ); Hawaii • Agency in-house resources - Brand campaign development - Online advertisingg - Website development - Social media management - Photography and video production Custom publications- Custom publications - Contact center - Chats, comments, calls and emails with client prospects
  4. 4. Our Agenda • What Is/Isn’t Social Media? • The Major Networks• The Major Networks • The Six Rules • Social Media and the Job World • Questions welcome at any point!
  5. 5. If You’re Tweeting The Session My Twitter Name: @mikeschaffer Hashtag:Hashtag: #MRADORS10#MRADORS10
  6. 6. What Is/Isn’t Social Media?What Is/Isn t Social Media?
  7. 7. What Social Media Is and Is Not Social media is a necessary tool in your existing communications toolbox--not the only tool, or the most important tool, but a valuable one. Social media is active and mutually-beneficial engagement with relevant audiences through the use of content development, digital thought, Social media is not talking about what you had for breakfast. leadership and proactive/reactive one-on-one dialogues. Social media isn't the savior to everything that ails a company It's one part of an entire media mix and - Bonnie Upright company. It s one part of an entire media mix and effective public relations/marketing campaign. - Keith Trivitt Social media is a place for news, knowledge, sharing and connectingp , g , g g Social media isn't a place to talk about what color underwear you're wearing. Veronica Brown- Veronica Brown
  8. 8. What Social Media Is and Is Not Social media is the biggest cocktail party you've ever been to. Social media isn't anything you haven't already done,y g y y , it's just happening somewhere else. - Peter Cognoscenti Social media is an answer. Social media isn't always the right answer. - Niki Murray Social media is a great way to enhance your networking and businessSocial media is a great way to enhance your networking and business development by creating online relationships with people who begin to care about you, your business, and your life. Social media isn't a quick answer to making money or doubling your bottom line. - Gini Dietrich
  9. 9. What Social Media Is and Is Not Social media is: a way to reach people you may not know. Social media isn't: a place to blindly post messages/thoughts without thinking about your audience and what they might beg y y g interested in. - Lisa Pagano Social media is: a great way to stay in touch with friends and familySocial media is: a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Social media is NOT: meant for people to beg for attention and air their dirty laundry (although some do!). - Melissa Daddio Social media is changing how we interact. Social media isn't changing why we interactSocial media isn t changing why we interact. - David Spinks
  10. 10. What is Social Media? Social media is a universe of online networks that allows people around the world to connect with each other every day. “Social media…is a category of  online media where people are  talking, participating, sharing, y y Each network has different audiences and features. ta g, pa t c pat g, s a g, networking, and bookmarking  … [encouraging] discussion,  feedback, voting, comments,  d  h i   f i f ti  f  and sharing of information from  all interested parties.”   – Ron Jones, Search Engine Watch
  11. 11. Staggering Stats! • Over 600 million people access social media sites daily. (laptops, desktops, mobile) • Facebook alone has over 200 million unique visitors every day. • People will spend 700 BILLION minutes per month on Facebook. • 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks. • As of February 2010, Twitter reported an average of 600 Tweets per second. • LinkedIn: Growing at roughly one new member per second. • 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and YouTube clocks 2 billion views per day. • 70,000 new blogs go onto the web every day., g g y y
  12. 12. The Major NetworksThe Major Networks
  13. 13. The Profilers Facebook: Share status updates, photos, videos, links; play games…The Super Network LinkedIn: “Online Resume,” best professionalLinkedIn: Online Resume, best professional networking platform MySpace: Similar to Facebook, but much smaller, and users skew younger
  14. 14. The Specialists Flickr: Online photo albums YouTube: Video uploading and sharing Twitter: Microblogging/short messages FourSquare: Geo-location
  15. 15. Other Online Avenues • Bookmarking (Delcious, Digg, etc.) • Blogs (Wordpress, Blogger) • SlideShare • Other geo-location (GoWalla, BrightKite, etc.) • EventBrite (tickets) • (local group and event mgmt.) • • Evite • And even email!
  16. 16. Know The Twitter Lingo @ Reply (prounounced “at reply”) – When you use someone’s Twitter handle or name in a message. When used correctly, the other person will receive this message in a separate column. Also called “mention.” # Hashtag – A hashtag or # sign helps users maximize Twitter’s functionality. When a word starts with a #, users can click on it to see ALL of the messages with that Hashtag. Very helpful during events andg g y p g for specific causes or themes. RT (pronounced “ReTweet”) – When someone copies and pastes a Tweet (Twitter post) it is proper etiquette to start it with an “RT” to showTweet (Twitter post), it is proper etiquette to start it with an RT to show it’s their’s. Example: FakeAccount RT @mikeschaffer I love #SocialMedia!
  17. 17. The Six RulesThe Six Rules
  18. 18. Be Bulletproof Online The Following Six Rules Will Help Protect Your: 1. Right to Privacy 2. Money 3. Friendships/Relationships 4. Employment Status4. Employment Status 5. Computer 6. And more!
  19. 19. Rule #1 – There Is No Privacy Act as if everyone can see everything you do online. Even if something SAYS it’s private, act as if it’s 100% public. This goes for words, videos, photos, EVERYTHING you post on a social network. Act as if you can’t delete anything after it’s been posted.
  20. 20. Rule #2 – Breathe Before Posting Are you really sad or really excited about something and want to share it with your online world? Take two deep breaths Type it in Take two more deep breaths beforeTake two deep breaths. Type it in. Take two more deep breaths before clicking send/enter/post. Make sure you REALLY want to share that information.y It’s OK to write something, then delete it before you post. Taking an extra second to re-read and breathe can really prevent mistakes.
  21. 21. Rule #3 – No Job Talk Keep anything related to your professional life to a minimum, if you must include it at all. Yes, this rule protects your company or agency, but most importantly, it protects YOU.p y p Maybe you heard a whisper in the hallway about budget cuts or office moves but if you put itoffice moves, but if you put it online, YOUR name is attached to that rumor. Have fun with that!
  22. 22. Rule #4 – Wash Your Keyboard With Soap! Don’t use dirty language! You are representing yourself to the world on every post And inthe world on every post. And, in some cases, you are representing your company, your family and more.y y Use language that you want next to your name and photo foreverforever.
  23. 23. Rule #5 – Avoid Scams The most personal information you need to give a social media network is your email address. If someone asks you for a credit card Social Security number mailingIf someone asks you for a credit card, Social Security number, mailing address or anything you are uncomfortable divulging, it’s probably a scam, or even a virus. Do not respond unless it’s a secure site you trust, like PayPal, or a government portal.y g p With emails, check the actual email address the message came from. Many times, scammers make a message look authentic, when it’s VERY fake and can harm your computerfake and can harm your computer.
  24. 24. Rule #6 – Treat Friends Well Be careful what you post on your friends’ Facebook walls! They have the same right to privacy you have. You may be comfortable posting a photo from a weekend party but yourYou may be comfortable posting a photo from a weekend party, but your coworker may not be too happy that he or she is in the background. On Facebook, you can tag friends in photos. Friends can untagy g p g themselves if they don’t like the photo or want to be linked to it.
  25. 25. Social Media and the Job WorldSocial Media and the Job World
  26. 26. Job Seekers LinkedIn 1. Post your resume, but it won’t look like it! 2. It’s a good idea to join LinkedIn BEFORE your job search, so you can build a network of connectionsbuild a network of connections. 3. Use “Groups” function to connect with others in your field. All Networks 1. Never post about your job dissatisfaction or the fact you are looking. 2. Don’t be cryptic during the interview process. 3. Watch what photos you have uploaded.
  27. 27. Employees 1. Pay attention to your company policies about social media usage on company time – and don’t break them! 2. Use your judgment when connecting online with coworkers, bosses, staff partners vendors etcstaff, partners, vendors, etc. 3. You can create strong bonds with coworkers online…but be careful what you share! 4. Assume you are being followed by people who influence youry g y p p y employment status.
  28. 28. Employers A 2009 study showed that 45% of all employers screened applicants’ online profiles. Know your rights: Check with your HR department to see if you are legally able to take a peek at applicantsa peek at applicants. Be cautious that what you post doesn’t undermine your position of management. That is a different standard for every group of people.
  29. 29. The Bottom Line For Everyone Be the best version of yourself. Use your best judgment.y j g H th t fHave the most fun.
  30. 30. Questions? Mike Schaffer Twitter: @mikeschaffer Website: