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Evaluation2 tauhida

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Evaluation2 tauhida

  1. 1. In America…  America has a number of prestige well known RnB/ Pop magazines like „Billboard‟, „Vibe‟ etc. that are distributed by well known institutions however, in the UK there are very little or none at all.
  2. 2. In the UK…  However in the UK there are very few or none at all of RnB/ Pop magazines being published and distributed that is why Soul would be distributed by Bauer. Bauer is a multi national publishing company that publishes in the UK as the largest and most popular publishing media institution in the UK.
  3. 3. Introducing Bauer  Bauer is described on their website as “The home to some of UK‟s most loved women‟s weekly magazines, touching the lives of millions of women everyday. Our true life magazines focus on providing the best real life stories…”  Not only are they known for a vast female audience and magazines but they publish music magazines like Kerrang!, Mojo, and Q so have good knowledge with music.
  4. 4. So why would they publish Soul?  Soul may be a monthly magazine but it best fits this publishing company as it is aimed at females  It also aims at uncovering the true stories and personalities of RnB/Pop artists  Soul will be their first RnB/Pop music magazine that could win the hearts of the many female RnB/Pop fans in the UK  It will be a monopoly business in the music magazine industry as there is no competition  It will be not only popular to already established Bauer fans but will capture the RnB/Pop music fans in the UK that Bauer lacks  There are so many unsatisfied RnB/Pop fans in many parts of the UK that would bring in great support to this new industry
  5. 5. Bauer as the media institution to distribute Soul would lead to great successes for both Bauer and Soul. Bauer would want to distribute Soul because it is the missing touch that Bauer needs!