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Who would be the audience for your media honica


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Who would be the audience for your media honica

  2. 2. Since my target readership would typically be online a lot, I decided to create a Facebook page for my typical reader…
  3. 3. Male London August 29th 1995 Single Concerts, skateboarding, band practice Music, VOLT magazine, social networking Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Of Mice And Men, Bring Me The Horizon, Never Sh… Music channels “Wrists are for bracelets, not for cutting” – Kellin Quinn I like going to gigs and meeting new people who like the same music as me. I read VOLT magazine every week. I’m in a band. I like being different. Unemployed Single London August 29th 1995
  4. 4. “…teenagers who like to be different from others and not fall into the mainstream category.” In my treatment sheet, I described my typical readership as: The sort of music my audience will listen to is most likely to be pop punk and rock. They will not be from a wealthy background, so will have to buy the magazine themselves from the money they earn, rather than their parents. Examples of bands my readership will be interested in: Music will be a big part of my target readerships’ lives, so they will not mind using their money to buy my magazine.
  5. 5. They will be very much involved in the music side of the magazine, they will want to know about upcoming gigs and concerts first, and will go to a lot of concerts in their spare time. Here is a description taken from my treatment sheet: This means they will probably spend a lot of time online talking to people who are like them, as the majority of people are into mainstream music. They will have accounts on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. My readership will not be interested in television shows such as Celebrity Big Brother, X- Factor, The Voice or anything else considered mainstream. They will not have much interest in television, so will spend most of their time listening to music channels such as Scuzz or Kerrang! whenever they are watching TV. My reader is probably not very confident with people but enjoys to look different. They will not have a lot of friends in school but may interact with a lot of others outside school, such as at concerts or gigs, where they share common interests. They will rely mostly on music and social networking to occupy their time.