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Otts retail overview 03 15

Using big data to improve investment ROI in the hospitality industry.
Geographic targeting

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Otts retail overview 03 15

  1. 1. Slide 1 OTTS Local: Powerful on-trade data for site specific competitive advantage New technology for on-trade retailers from The Oxford Partnership
  2. 2. oxford-partnership.com2 Introducing OTTS Local – improving site ROI Whilst outlets may follow identical retail templates their performance will vary. Their success is a function of the trading dynamics of their local market – the number and type of competing offers and the demand characteristics of their catchment. OTTS Local quantifies these dynamics and when integrated with your own data, provides a powerful competitive tool; identifying the drivers of performance and enabling micro-market strategies to be created. March 2015sharper thinking for retail mapping
  3. 3. oxford-partnership.com3 OTTS Local: Bespoke geographic analysis targeting data March 2015sharper thinking for retail mapping See the data on Google Maps: Make geospatial data more accessible so that anyone in your workforce, from the office to the field, can find it. Overlay OTTS Local data: To understand the competitive dynamics of supply and demand within the micro-trading environment Integrate your data: Incorporate your own data including sales data, performance data, sales trends, etc. Your assets: View the location of your assets and their key commercial metrics
  4. 4. oxford-partnership.com4 Building OTTS March 2015sharper thinking for retail mapping Base data of 130,000 outlets Audit outlet websites for c2,300 offer-specific phrases OTTS Catergorise outlets according to pharase occurence and client aims Refresh each quarter using both digital and human resources
  5. 5. oxford-partnership.com5 The scale of the OTTS Database – growing eightfold in just 15 months March 2015sharper thinking for retail mapping We have collected data from 95,949 on-trade websites We have counted these phrases & words 107,436,256 times We have audited 4,972,351 web pages We have collected 39,789,564 key phrases and words
  6. 6. oxford-partnership.com6 OTTS Local – Mapping the competitive dynamics of micro-markets March 2015sharper thinking for retail mapping Extract OTTS data from the cloud to YOUR criteria Map the data | Identify patterns | Compare & Contrast | Evolve the offer
  7. 7. oxford-partnership.com7 Exploiting OTTS Local March 2015sharper thinking for retail mapping 1. Site acquisition Identify micro-markets where success can be replicated or where competing offers are undifferentiated or outdated. 2. Performance diagnostics Compare the performance of different assets and understand how variations in the profile of competitors and/or the demographic characteristics of the catchment are driving these differences 3. Offer development Identify the scope for extensions to the core offer – is there scope for a premium variant of the offer in certain locations, or for the development of a value proposition? 4. Micro-Marketing Create marketing programmes which reflect the individual competitive strengths of offer and which better meet the expectations of local consumers.
  8. 8. oxford-partnership.com8 sharper thinking for retail mapping Demographics Overview – Key Features • Unpretentious • Reasonably good quality homes on estates • Over index 46 – 55 yr olds • Below average income • Low skilled occupations • Open to new experiences • Value shoppers • Pub visits – 3 times a week • Deal driven and value conscious top_id Web Address Outlet Name PC_out PC_in Pub emphasis Offering 32189 Glass DY8 1EL NA 157981 chequers-inn The Chequers Inn (JD Wetherspoon) DY8 1EQ drink Mainstream 15543 Old Crispin Inn DY8 1LT NA 9901 The Swan Inn DY8 1QH NA 184259 Moochers Bar DY8 1PH drink Mainstream 158086 edward-rutland Edward Rutland DY8 1DX drink Mainstream 58166 Chicago's DY8 1HJ drink Mainstream 207228 The Duke William DY8 1EP drink Mainstream Digital Presence No web presence except a Facebook Entry (as a person) with no external consumer access ( .stourbridge) OTTS Local: Example site specific analysis 25% 31% 23% 21% AB C1 C2 DE March 2015
  9. 9. oxford-partnership.com9 Accessing OTTS Local – 3 options Subscription to the service is via an annual contract of £10,000 per quarter. The database will be customised to conform to your criteria and definitions Site specific analysis using generic data can be conducted at a cost of £50 per site Data licences for online 24/7 access are available at £100 to £125 per month according to numbers issued Analysis and support resources are available as required at pre-agreed daily rates. March 2015sharper thinking for retail mapping