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Stacey savrasova

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Stacey savrasova

  1. 1. Evaluation How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. The cover page is mainly the reason why people buy magazines as it attracts readers with image or cover lines and is in a way the “face” of the magazine. My cover page also has most important features to attract the clients such as:  eye-catching masthead  attractive photo  interesting coverlines  pleasant price
  3. 3. This is the masthead of my magazine. It does not just mean “voice of people” or “public opinion” but also is a song, so there is a chance that some people will associate the song and the magazine and will be willing to buy it. There is a textured light blue background for the masthead and the idea is to change colours from issue to issue so they match the main image, but keep the layout and writing the same – as a unique part of the magazine. In one of my drafts I had both words in one line, but than creating my own original masthead specifically for the “Vox Populi” I’ve put “vox” side ways. This looks more creative and unusual and so awakes interest in people to look at it, buy it, read it.
  4. 4. MAIN IMAGE The main attraction of the magazine and cover page is an image. My magazine attracts the readers because I’ve placed the photo of young pretty “new-born” artist right at the centre of the page. I’ve used a medium shot and chose the shot where my model is looking straight into the camera as almost looking in the eyes of the potential audience and in this way attracts the reader. The image is “talking” to the audience, making them interested in the product and wanting to buy it.
  5. 5. My cover lines address to the reader in a very common for them way – as my audience is mainly 18+ teenagers. I also used some well known phrases, for example, “on the go” is a general name of the playlist on the iPhone 4, so people aged 18-19 would be well familiar with this phrase. I’ve included a question as one of my cover lines. This rises reader’s interest even more, as they would want to know more about the artist.
  6. 6. The last way to attract more readers is a good price, which is not too expensive, as my audience are mostly students, but still is enough for a good magazine. the biggest attraction of the audience is the cover page, but inside the magazine, I’ve also used language which is common for the teenagers, it has some media and music terms, but generally very common, easy and sometimes even slang. Also, the magazine contains something for both genders. Men will be interested in news, gadgets, even pictures of female artists. Equally women would be interested in news, articles and fashion shown in the photoshoots.