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Media as

  1. 1. Mast head- Bold, colour of the font (white) stands out on the background, font style suits the genre of the magazine. Main image- A long shot of the famous artist Chris Brown who does R&B AND hip hop. The clothing is quite casual and cool and he is posing in a cool way. Bar Code Issue number- Identifies the issue number . Main cover line- Is a question which draws you in is a a bold white font which stands out. The writing begins to decrease in size and the colour changes which is quite effective . Cover lines- Smaller then the main cover line, use two different colours (lime green and white) which work well together making the magazine look more effective R&B and Hip hop L eft third- this plays a vital role in attracting to audience to the magazine as when the issue is on the rack it is the part customers are able to see therefore main cover lines are usually put on this side. Pugs- Advertise and exaggerate competitions, or even something being inside the magazine.
  2. 2. Mast head- Classic is in an italic, white and quite simple font which makes it look quite elegant and formal. However music is in straight block capitals which makes it stand out. Main image- A long shot of a man who is dressed quite formally in a suit seems to be enjoying the outdoors. The age of the man and the way he is dresses reflects the target audience this magazine is aiming at (over 40’s) Barcode Price website Main cover line- In a white italic font which then changes to block capitals, clear and looks quite formal . Cover lines- Smaller then the main cover line, use two colours white and blue, again quite formal and a very simple font. Left third- The left third does not contain the main cover line you can see mostly the cover lines, it is quite plain and does not have a lot going on. Classical music Genre Background suits the quite, calm theme classical music is usually associated with.
  3. 3. Mast head- Font is black with a white background which causes it to stand out. The cuts through the font reflects the hardcore type of lifestyle rock represents. Main cover line- In block capitals which causes it to stand out, Starts of in a red colour then Is decreased in size and made smaller. The red and white stand out well on the dark background. Barcode Footer- White black capitals on a brown band causing it to stand out. S mall images- Are on the left third underneath each other, each picture contains a caption which is in capital letters. L eft third- Contains most of the small images and cover lines, this is effective as the images and cover lines can draw the audience in. Main image- A mid shot of a singer who has been made darker , the singer is wearing a black t-shirt which has a picture on it (which you are not able to see properly), also the singer has tattoos which represents the stereotype of a rocker. Genre: Rock Cover lines are underneath each picture they represent, each cover line is a different colour.
  4. 4. Masthead- Bold, clear to see on the black background. Although it is clear to see it is difficult to identify which one is the main cover line and the masthead. Main cover line- Big, blue and stands out. Cover lines are on the right side and are in different types of fonts and colours. Date Main image- Instead of being in the centre of the magazine it is in the corner. It is a long shot of a boy and girl looking in to each others eyes.
  5. 5. Mast head- In the corner in black blocked capitals, very simple, also it is not very eye catching. Main cover line- In the middle of the page in white blocked capitals, not very colourful, only light colours are used whites and very light blues. Main image- The main image is basically the background, there is not actually a main image. Cover lines- Quite small in a white font, the white font is not very effective as it does not stand out on the background.
  6. 6. Masthead- Bold, clear and is placed in the middle of the page. Cover lines- In blocked capitals, all different colours. Strap line-” Aim high and believe you can fly”. Pug- Explains what the magazine is. Competition Date
  7. 7. Magazine Institutions A music magazine is a magazine that is made for the music and music culture featuring many different types of famous musicians. You are able to tell the genre from the famous singer featured in the magazine. For example Rock magazines like Kerrang feature star personas that reflect the Rock genre of music, people are usually reflected as tough, loud and just basically crazy. Usually music magazines focus on only one genre however some contain music that can be the complete opposite although they do use music that are like other genres. For example Vibe has done many magazines using different types of artists who specialise in different music genres, e.g. Vibe has used artists like Eminem who specialises in rap and artists like Rihanna who’s genres are dance, hip hop and soul. These are two different artists who’s music are very different; this is probably why Vibe magazine is so popular as it uses a variety of famous artists who’s music is very different making it more interesting. However other magazines focus on just one type of genre, for example the Classical music magazine which is targeting the older audience uses a more formal approach and features classical musicians like Pierre-Laurent Aimard who’s persona reflects the classical music genre. Music magazines have to relate to the target audience they are aiming to attract, also because of the style of the magazines and what it contains it may have an audience of different ages like “Smash Hits” who could aim their magazine from 7- 13 year olds. The four main magazine institutions are BBC Emap IPC Media Bauer
  8. 8. BBC BBC produces a number of different types of magazines from gardening, cars and cooking to music. Although it has a variety of magazines it produces only a few music magazines they are: Top of the pops BBC Music It’s Hot ( a magazine that is not produced any longer) Top of the pops is a magazine aimed ate the teenage market due to the content, Music artist and articles. It was launched in 1995 and is released monthly. It was linked to the show Top Of the Pops however because this show does not continue it has become a basic music magazine. It has competitions where you are able to win musical related prizes. It’s Hot magazine a magazine produced from 9-13 year olds was closed down by the BBC due to a fall in sales.
  9. 9. Bauer The Bauer publishing group was founded in Hamburg 1875 by Johann Bauer. It is basically a multi-platform UK- based media group consisting of many companies connected around two main divisions magazine and radio. Bauer ( a family business) has been under the management of four generation of the Bauer family has come along way from its humble beginnings as a printing house into a world wide publishing empire made up of 282 magazines in 15 countries with 6,600 employees world wide and annual turn over 1.79 billion Euro. It also Bauer began its reign in the UK in the year 1987 combining previously unseen real life editorial with exciting service features with a unique blend of real life and competitions. The title was so popular that it quickly sealed its place on top of the market. Bauer is now the largest magazine that covers a broad interest and is directed to the general public in the UK. Playing a role in the Women Weeklies, Womens interests, Women's Lifestyle, TV listings, Puzzles, Mens Life style, Music, film and specialist magazine markets. Bauer media owns eighty influential media brands spanning a wide range of interests including heat, Grazia, Closer, FHM (for him magazine), Parker’s, Match, Kerrang. Bauer produces to music magazine Kerrang ( the name is a word of onomatopoeia as it is used to represent the sound of a chord on a guitar) and Mojo. Kerrang is a Rock magazine aimed at people who enjoy loud, rock music. Mojo was published initially by Emap, and since 2008 has been published by Bauer. It falls in the category of classical rock and caters or classical rock lovers. Mojo was first published on 15 October 1993; in keeping with its classical rock theme the first issue had Bob Dylan and John Lennon as its first cover stars. I believe Emap chose this genre because it was something that was not already out there and catered for this unique genre of music lovers.
  10. 10. IPC Media IPC is one of the world leading consumer magazines and digital publishers computers. IPC produce over 80 iconic media brands, with their print brands alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 44% of UK men, this adds up to about 27 million UK adults. Their mens portfolio consists of many magazines including Country Life ( an English magazine representing the perfect example of class), Horse and Hound ( UK’s leading brand of a magazine related to horses and horse men), Rugby world ( voice of global rugby and the biggest selling rugby magazine anywhere), Decanter (Quite simply a “wine bible”, a wine magazine, it is read by both experts and enthusiasts alike in over 90 countries), mouse breaker ( reflects easy to play but difficult to master flash games reflecting the taste of the male UK target audience) and NME (NME reaches over one million music fans every week. coverage of the very best in contemporary music, including award winning features, the latest releases, live reviews, the definitive guide to the best new bands in its Radar section, as well as a regular look back through the magazine's incredible 58 year heritage). As well as a mass market women’s division IPC has an upper market women’s division. The mass market women’s division consists of famous women’s weeklies including Look (fast-paced, glamorous, glossy high street fashion and celebrity weekly for young women), Now (Now is the UK's best-loved celebrity magazine. It's packed with the biggest celebrity news, the latest gossip and the coolest styles), Chat (cheeky, irreverent and fun – a variety pack of 100% true stories, puzzles, irresistible fashion, bargains, bonuses and surprises), Woman (Modern family woman magazine) and more.
  11. 11. MUSIC TRIBES… Indie R&B Hip Hop Rock Alternative Rock Jazz Soul Rap Pop Classical Heavy metal Emo’s Goths Classical