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Music presentation

  1. 1. Giveaways are appealing to not just the audience of the magazine, but maybe people who also like to attend the Download Music Festival, attracting different buyers. The chosen image shot is a medium close up of the lead singer of the band. This is usually as the lead singer is a more recognisable face. The colour scheme of the magazine is black white and red, this suits the genre of the magazine as it is for rock music. So colours such as blue, yellow or pink may not appeal to it’s attended audience. The proxemics has the lead singer at the front of the magazine, with the guitarist and drummer in the back of the photo. Direct mode of address as the artist is looking directly at the camera. Also the bold text of the word FREE! Grabs the attention of people who may be looking at magazines, this may appeal to them and make them want to purchase it more.
  2. 2. Music Genre Kerrang! magazine is dedicated to the rock music genre.  Kerrang! was initially devoted to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the rise of hard rock acts. In the early 2000s it became the best-selling British music newspaper.  Kerrang! Magazine is closely linked to other music magazines such as Q. 
  3. 3. How is Kerrang! Doing? The magazine has shown not to be doing very well over the last past couple of years with sales slowly falling.  Sales of Kerrang! fell 4.5% period on period and 6.6% year on year to 40,203.  Kerrang! first became published 6th June 1981 and is now a weekly published magazine. 
  4. 4. Magazine Developers etc Editor – James McMahon  Publisher – Bauer Media Group  Founder – Geoff Barton  Country – United Kingdom  Based In – London  Language – English  Website – 
  5. 5. People’s opinions about Kerrang! Magazine vary between different forums.
  6. 6. Magazine Website The top of the page clearly states the typical title that would be found on the magazine, making this recognisable to the audiences. The website helps to promote bands that will often feature in the magazine. The website gives you the option to view certain things that may not appear in the magazine. The colour scheme does not change much throughout the style of the magazines, it sticks to its original dark shades so that it will appeal to it’s rock music audiences.