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Daniela q1

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Daniela q1

  1. 1. EVALUATION Of My Music Magazine - Question One By Daniela Zaharieva
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Make sure you discuss music magazines specifically. What are the conventions of a music mag? What mags did you look at? To create the realistic and professional look of a magazine I have considered the usage of the conventions that a normal magazine would have, which is the masthead, cover lines and the background which connects to the topic that is being represented and also to the target audience (for the cover of the Magazine Cover). A typical contents page is one with a suitable background and space for all important details inside the magazine which will attract more readers. There could also be an editors letter. The DPS seems to be one of the most important as it is about the star of the issue in the magazine. A DPS most commonly used with a photograph on the left hand side and an interview with the star on the right (or the other way around) I have made it a bit more interesting and added more photos to show the variety in the photo shoot….
  3. 3. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD The lay out of the text is very simple, created into two columns and the most important quotation is in different font in the middle so that it attracts more attention. The variety of photos and the layout created make it more interesting and it gives a bigger range of images to the reader of their idol or at least a star that they are inspired by, or will be by the interview on the left hand side of the DPS. The use of photos on this side of the interview creates more movement to the DPS. It gives it a more interesting look as we see the star in action with modeling and the images are in different sizes so it does not look too ordered and boring. Also the different fonts I have used give it a more professional look and the letter “S” in red is to stand out for the name of the super star.
  4. 4. COVER PAGE The cover page has features which attract audience very easily. In a way the name of the magazine “VIVID” and the style of it contradicts each other as the magazine is “vivid” with its content and photography, rather than with colours. The “free download” at the top left would be one of the first things a customer would notice, never mind it is not in extra large size of the font. Also the price of the magazine is very good as it come with a “free CD”. This magazine doesn’t only contain the “monthly horoscope” or “what to do when you’re alone on valentines day tips”, it is much more than that and it contains a lot more valuable and worth keeping articles.
  5. 5. CONTENT PAGE For the content page I have also decided to use a double page spread as this would be a magazine with a lot of information, therefore a lot of pages needed. I have chosen this exact photo floats very nicely throughout the pages and introduces the style of the magazine. The website to the magazine is added as well, as nowadays some people find it easier to subscribe online. Different fonts are used ones again an the Bold is used only for the information which has to stand out.
  6. 6. Overall, I have made good use of media conventions as I have included all contents of the magazine such as the cover page, contents page and the DPS Cover-professional photograph/model has eye contact with the buyers/ words to attract attention/name of magazine to introduce its style Contents-a double page spread as it is more sufficient for this type of magazine/photograph which floats perfectly through the pages and looks professional/magazine name is on the page DPS-collage of images showing a variety/name of magazine/ layout of text and the content is rather casual, but no taboo language I have challenged forms and conventions in order to make the media product more outstanding and reliable to any buyer. Also to present skills in different departments such as photography, editing and writing (the interview)

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