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  1. 1. I looked at Bauer Media and the type of magazines theydistribute. With regards to their music magazines they distributeQ and Mojo
  2. 2. Q is an all-rounder magazine which looks at the mostcontemporary artist no matter which genre they are, thisappeals to all music lovers everywhere. ROCK SOUL/POP RAP
  3. 3. Whereas, Mojo is a specialist magazine which appeals to peoplewhom enjoy reading about classic bands and musicians of alltime. It also gives the reader iconic high quality photographs andinterviews and is more of a musical archive.
  4. 4. This made me think that Bauer Media would be good choice todistribute my rock orientated magazine, however, Bauer Media alsodistribute Kerrang magazine.
  5. 5. They are distributing to a huge part of the male community who arepassionate and the music that Kerrang feature in their magazine and they aredoing this on many platforms part of a sister programme, whether it is on TVor radio, the house style continues through all mediums and we know it’sKerrang.
  6. 6. As Bauer Media already have a rock orientated magazine I decided tolook at IPC Media who distribute NME. NME write articles on the mostcontemporary artist and appeal to lovers of all genres everywhere.ROCK POP INDIE
  7. 7. IPC’s NME is the rival magazine of Bauer Media’s Q magazine
  8. 8. However IPC Media do not have arival for Kerrang and this is why Ifeel IPC would distribute tomagazine as it would be a goodchallenge for Kerrang because I amaiming my magazine at passionate,loyal rock lovers but from bothgenders, not just male and thusexpanding their market to thewomen of the rock world too.