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Evaluation question 1 honica


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Published in: Education
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Evaluation question 1 honica

  2. 2. FRONT COVER The front cover is the face of the magazine so it’s very important because it’s the first thing people see and it’s always on display. Readers must be able to tell instantly by a glance if the magazine is for them. Magazine producers must make a stereotypical assumption about their audience by creating content the audience is likely to agree with. Typically, a front cover will consist of a mast head, coverlines, the barcode, price, issue number, date and a cover photo. Many magazines will also include straplines, a lure and celebrity endorsements.
  3. 3. FRONT COVER OF KERRANG! Taglines/straplines Masthead Cover photo Coverlines Celebrity endorsement Barcode, price, date, issue number
  4. 4. FRONT COVER OF MY MAGAZINE Taglines/straplines Cover photo Barcode, price, date, issue number Masthead Celebrity endorsement Coverlines Lure
  5. 5. CONTENTS PAGE A contents page of a magazine will usually consist of the page numbers and titles, a page title, pictures, graphics, the magazine logo and sometimes an editors letter. Normally, magazines would like to add their website address somewhere on the contents page or even every page of the magazine. The contents page will be visited a lot when a reader is reading a magazine, as they will be searching for page numbers, so it’s important that the contents page is visually pleasing and easy to read.
  6. 6. CONTENTS PAGE OF Q MAGAZINE Logo Page title Graphics Page numbers and titles Website Pictures
  7. 7. CONTENTS PAGE OF MY MAGAZINE Page title Logo Pictures Editor’s letter Page numbers and titles Website Graphics
  8. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Typically for a double page spread, there will be a dominant photo in which usually takes up a whole page, or a large majority of a page. There must be a clear masthead which tells us the title of the article, the article itself. Lots of magazines like to bleed over pages, so the whole double page spread would be treated like a piece of A3 paper. It can also include the logo of the magazine, the website, any other graphics and many magazines like to include a quote.
  9. 9. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD OF NME MAGAZINE Quote/ heading Dominant photo Article Website
  10. 10. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD OF MY MAGAZINE Logo Heading Quote Dominant photo Article Graphic Website
  11. 11. MY MAGAZINE In my magazine, I have included all necessary conventions that must be included in a music magazine. I’ve pushed the boundaries by making my magazine very visually orientated, including lots of graphics to make my magazine look more appealing. Background (The arrows point to different graphics I’ve included in my magazine.) Boarder Black background Different colours Logo Avril Lavigne’s logo
  12. 12. I’ve also included lots of colours in my magazine. Most magazines stick to a strict colour scheme, but I want my magazine to be very visual and busy, without going over-the-top. I’ve mainly used dark blue, black, yellow, red and white throughout the magazine, and I’ve used pink on my double page spread as that is Avril Lavigne’s signature colour.