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John conventions

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Masthead The key makeup for a music magazine front cover always contains a masthead that is the name/title on the front cover. Every magazine has a name. Usually the name has something to do with the content however there are some anomalies. My magazine isn’t an anomaly; it sticks with the usual trends. The magazine is called Clubmag, the reason for this is because it’s a magazine about clubbing. Masthead
  3. 3. Magazine Features Other features magazines always have are cover lines. These lines give an idea of what’s in the magazine without giving the story away.  The cover lines are there to entice reader to continue or start to read the magazine.  My magazine followed this conventional idea by containing a variety of cover lines; some are more dramatic than others.  Coverline
  4. 4. Brand Identity Every magazine should have brand identity. My magazine does have this.  My brand identity is the “Clubmag with the pulse rate going through it.  This will be presented on the majority of pages throughout the magazine and will be on the front cover of every issue. 
  5. 5.  All magazines contain an image on the front cover. My image on the front cover does follow the conventional idea. Not all images on the front page go with what you would expect for example when you think of DJ you at no point think of someone in a suit , my magazine follows this pattern of having a smartly dressed person on the front cover suggesting the magazine is sophisticated and going to be a read that’s worth it.
  6. 6. Colours  Features that the front cover contains are a good colour contrast my magazine follows this with some vibrant colours standing out making the magazine more eye-catching.
  7. 7. Strapline My magazine has a strapline above the main heading encouraging more readers stating how amazing the magazine is.
  8. 8. The type face I use on my front cover is rounder giving a vinyl feel, going with the DJ theme. Typeface Variety of Typefaces I used a range of typefaces and colours but tried not to let the colours overpower it. My magazine I would say is very conventional containing lots of interesting facts and images
  9. 9. Contents page All contents pages state what the content of the magazine is. I designed my contents page so it has and image-text balance so neither is over powering. Like all contents pages sectioned the lists into groups depending what topic they are covering. My contents page I consider to be very conventional. It has a cocktail in a glass continuing the night out fun theme but it is more of an upper-class kind of drink.
  10. 10. Mass Marketing While creating the magazine I have tried to make the magazine for a mass market with content for music, club & dance lovers. By doing this the magazine should be more saleable.
  11. 11. Double Page Spread  The double page spread for Clubmag has good image-text content used 4 columns as I decided like many other magazines that is looked more balanced using 4 columns, and even number, compared to 3 columns.
  12. 12. Background & Image The page has a subtle background so it isn’t over powering but yet it isn’t plain white have used a few images on this page of my model as I thought when I took them that they would be ideal for this kind of thing as it gives a clear sense of what my DJ does.  I cropped the image so the person is more central because the human is the thing everyone wants to see 