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02 evidence of evolution biogeography


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02 evidence of evolution biogeography

  1. 1. Evidence of Evolution: Biogeography Harriet was a tortoise that Darwin took with him when he left the Galapagos Islands in 1835. She spent most of her life in an Australian zoo until she died in 2006 at the age of 175 years old.
  2. 2. Biogeography The study of the geographic distribution of organisms.
  3. 3. Biogeography Closely related species are usually found in areas that are geographically close to each other
  4. 4. Biogeography
  5. 5. Biogeography The behaviour of different species depends on their environment also. For example, those with no natural predators will not avoid humans.
  6. 6. Biogeography While researching at the Galapagos Islands, Darwin developed several hypotheses for a remote island:
  7. 7. Biogeography 1) Only birds, plants, and some reptiles can cross the ocean to get to the island.
  8. 8. Biogeography 2) Animals unable to cross the ocean would not be found on the island.
  9. 9. Biogeography 3) Over time the ancestral species would evolve and diversify in isolation.
  10. 10. Biogeography 4) These uniquely evolved species are related to a species on the nearest continent. These treecreepers are actually 2 different species. Can you see the differences?
  11. 11. How is Biogeography Evidence of Evolution?