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How to Use OnEdu Forms?


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More information on OnEdu Learning Management System for business and educational institutions: and

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How to Use OnEdu Forms?

  1. 1. How to Use OnEdu Forms? In English (in Swedish, in Estonian) October 2015 Matleena Laakso Twitter: @matleenalaakso Blog: Slides: Pictures above: © Mobie Ltd
  2. 2. OnEdu slides Learning Environment, Forms and Zine publications OR
  3. 3. When to use forms? • Performance evaluation • Customer surveys • Registration forms • Pre-enquieries for trainings • Feedback forms • OnEdu course tasks/exams for open questions • NB: includes no tool for commenting Forms can be added to OnEdu Learning Environment and from there also to Zine publications.
  4. 4. Quick guide for creating forms 1. DASHBOARD  FORMS  ADD NEW 2. Where from and who can view the answers? – As presumption the answers are sent to the administrator (Mobie Ltd). – Open FORM SETTINGS and take off the NOTIFICATIONS. You can view the entries from OnEdu (which Empower Group calls eSmart). – If you wish to get an email notification on each answer, do not take the notification off but edit it and replace {admin mail} with your own. 1. Start by asking for the respondents name! Add more questions by choosing and editing fields. 2. Add the form to your course environment. Do it by editing a lesson or topic and choose: Define it as a sample lesson/topic if you wish persons without OnEdu account to fill it in.
  5. 5. Adding a form Dashboard  Forms  New form Dashboard  Formulärer  Nytt formulär Töölaud  Forms  New Form Estonian translation will be published this autumn!
  6. 6. Adding fields (fält)
  7. 7. Edit fields in three tabs Add your guestion here
  8. 8. Two ways to ask for the respondents name 1. Advanced field: Name 2. Standard field: Single line text Give a field name (”What is your name?”) – Advanced settings: Choose the default value like in the picture. – You can hide the visibility.
  9. 9. Post fields (Inläggsfält) • Needed when you want a persons without admin rights of OnEdu (online course participants, customers,..) to be able to send article drafts to Zine publications. • With these fields drafts can be added and you can then remove, edit or add them to publications. – The drafts can be found: Dashboard  Site  All posts Panel  Plats  Alla inlägg; Töölaud  Site  Kõik postitused
  10. 10. Form settings • Form settings: You can add a descpition or save & continue etc. • Confirmations: You can add a message such as ”Thanks for your feedback.” Do it by editing the default confirmation. • Notifications: (see the next slide) • Entries: view the answers. • Preview: you can test your form by answering it yourself.
  11. 11. You must edit the notifications! The default setting is that the answers are sent to the administrator Mobie Ltd. You need to choose whether you want them (1.) to be sent to your own email or (2.) to be viewed from OnEdu (eSmart). 1.Edit the notifications by replacing {admin mail} with your own email address. 2.Take the notifications off. – Click to icon so that it turns from green to gray. GREEN color means the Notifications are on
  12. 12. How to send a copy of the completed form to the respondent When you want to automatically email a copy to the respondent (e.g. a performance evaluation), do the following: 1. Add email field to your form. Go to the advanced settings and choose user email as default value (and visibility admin only). 2. Form settings  Notifications  Add new –Send to: Select the field Send to Field: Email –Choose from the very tiny icon whick fields are included in the email, for example {all_fields} TINY ICON: Choose the fields you want to be copied
  13. 13. How to share the forms • You can share the form in the course environment in a lesson/topic. Just edit it and choose: You do not need to change the settings. • If the respondent does not have an account to your OnEdu, make the lesson/topic a sample lesson/topic (Excempelkapitel/avsnitt, Näidispeatük/osa).
  14. 14. Entries Forms  Import/export  Export entries • Select a form and fields and then download a file. You can then edit CSV-file in Excel or other spreadsheet program. • You can view individual entries from the list of forms  Entries
  15. 15. Matleena Laakso’s slides english.html Empower Group/eSmart HR-Coordinator Ms. Sanna Pirhonen, Helsinki Any questions? Picture: Made by Matleena Laakso at
  16. 16. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0) • CC-licensies: • CC BY-SA (these slides): • You can contact to get more rights.