Will It Blend? Blended Learning and Quality (Online Educa talk)


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A talk about instructional design principles that can be used to increase the quality of learning.

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Will It Blend? Blended Learning and Quality (Online Educa talk)

  1. 1. Hans de Zwart Blended Learning Adviser @ Shell (for now)
  2. 3. What are we going to talk about?
  3. 4. Instructional principles... (based on experience in the corporate world)
  4. 5. This talk really and truly does not have much to do with Moodle This could also be interesting if you are a Blackboard user, or even if you are not using a Virtual Learning Environment
  5. 6. I will talk about quality
  6. 7. So I would like to give you a chance to join a different session...
  7. 8. .... are you sure?
  8. 9. Who am I?
  9. 11. Some audience interaction: What is Blended Learning? Why would you do Blended Learning? What would you like to know about Blended Learning?
  10. 12. How does learning work in our organisation?
  11. 15. Merrill Plus principes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_TKaO2-jXA
  12. 17. Necessary, but not sufficient
  13. 19. One by one
  14. 20. Visual challenge...
  15. 21. Compfight
  16. 22. Compfight
  17. 23. Tag: Decay The next twelve photos have been licensed under a Creative Commons license. Please check the Flickr stream of the user to read the complete license.
  18. 24. Business Anchoring Photo via Flickr gebruiker 96dpi
  19. 25. Activation Photo via Flickr gebruiker slobjob
  20. 26. Demonstration Photo via Flickr gebruiker iboy_daniel
  21. 27. Application Photo via Flickr gebruiker iboy_daniel
  22. 28. Integration Photo via Flickr gebruiker LaPetra
  23. 29. Collaboration Photo via Flickr gebruiker wakalani
  24. 30. Knowledge Sharing Photo via Flickr gebruiker country_boy_shane
  25. 31. Reuse Photo via Flickr gebruiker Яick Harris
  26. 32. Differentiation Photo via Flickr gebruiker jurek d.
  27. 33. Supervisor Involvement Photo via Flickr gebruiker tanakawho
  28. 34. Technology Design Photo via Flickr gebruiker country_boy_shane
  29. 35. Assessment Photo via Flickr gebruiker country_boy_shane
  30. 36. A measure of quality
  31. 37. Questions/remarks/ brutal criticisms?
  32. 39. Our Moodle use cases <ul><li>As „pre-work“ for Face2Face
  33. 40. As a non-facilitated e-learning course (an alternative to the LCMS)
  34. 41. As a classroom tool: assessments/forum discussions
  35. 42. The mythical true online course </li></ul>
  36. 43. Finally, stay in touch: Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/hansdezwart Twitter: hansdezwart Blog: http://blog.hansdezwart.info LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hansdezwart