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Bringing More Into Your Online Course

Handout for presentation at Sloan-C 2010

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Bringing More Into Your Online Course

  1. 1. Bringing More into Your Online Course Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich Instructional Technology Specialist Adjunct Instructor Yavapai College The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online  Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich 2010
  2. 2. Meebo Meebo is browser based and includes a widget for synchronous chats which can be embedded into the online classroom. A Meebo Notifier ( can be downloaded providing notifications of messages (PC Based). 1) Register for an account – fill in the email field under ‘register now’ and then fill in ‘full name’. Click on ‘Register’. 2) Choose your new Meebo id and password. Fill in your gender and age. 3) (Not Mandatory) Fill in the account information for one of your instant messaging chat programs If you have more than one, click on ‘Save and Add Another’. Otherwise, click on ‘I’m Done’. ~2~
  3. 3. Embedding the Meebo Widget: 1) Click on ‘Preferences’ then ‘Meebo me widgets’ 2) Select ‘Add A New Widget’. Name your Widget and choose your widget size. Click on ‘Create a New Widget” ~3~
  4. 4. 3) Navigate to the ‘Widget embed’ field and copy the code listed and then paste it into the class using the html carets. If you want to modify the look of the widget first, click on ‘Modify’. ~4~
  5. 5. Classroom Chats for students: 1) Select Meebo rooms – Create a new room 2) Provide a room name, select settings and click ‘Next’ 3) Select ‘Create New Room’ 4) Select the ‘Embed on your Site’ ~5~
  6. 6. 5) Copy the Embed code and then paste into your course via the html carets Possible ideas for use in classroom‐ ‐ Office Hours ‐ Direct Contact with Students for tutoring Cost ‐ None Positive Aspects‐ ‐ Students can instantly see when the instructor is online ‐ The instructor has control as to how visible or invisible he/she is online ‐ A ‘Meebo Notifier’ tool is available so a webpage does not need to be open (PC ONLY) ‐ Classroom Chats are archived Shortcomings‐ ‐ Private chats are not archived ‐ Other people may come into the room not related to the classroom ~6~
  7. 7. Video Video can assist with many different learning styles within the course. Users can start and stop these at their own leisure. Each of the following video examples can be embedding into the online course by using the html code carets. Big Think ( How is technology changing the way we live?‐technology/the‐internet/1539 1) To embed a Big Think video into your course, Copy the Embed Code ~7~
  8. 8. YouTube ( Terri Sjodin: PowerPoint Presentations - Better Life Coaches 1) To embed a YouTube video into your course, Copy the Embed Code Fora.TV ( Why Women Should Run the World 1) To embed a Flora.TV video into your course, select Share 2) Copy the Embed Code ~8~
  9. 9. National Geographic ( Kent State Protest channel=1804&category=5567&title=5139 1) To embed a National Geographic video into your course, select Share 2) Select Get Code 3) Copy the Embed Code ~9~
  10. 10. Additional Resources The following are more video sites! Graspr ( Howcast ( BBC ( Associated Press ( Ted Talks ( Online Video Guide ( Google Video ( Teacher Tube ( MSNBC ( Blip TV ( Metacafe ( Possible ideas for use in classroom‐ ‐ Discussions and Critiques ‐ Essay Topics Cost ‐ None Positive Aspects‐ ‐ Students can instantly see video ‐ So MANY to Choose from! Shortcomings‐ ‐ Hosting Site Down ‐ JAVA and Flash Player not updated ~ 10 ~
  11. 11. Toon Doo Toon Doo is a unique way to get your point across; in comic book fashion! Create, share and embed features are available. 1) Register (Note: This is only necessary if you wish to create your own. If you prefer to not register, move on to step three) 2) If registered…then Login ~ 11 ~
  12. 12. 3) Search for a Topic (NOTE: Education used here) 4) Select “Go to Page” 5) Select the html carets ~ 12 ~
  13. 13. 6) Select which Embed option you prefer Moves with Mouse Control ~ 13 ~
  14. 14. 7) Paste into your course via the html carets It’s that simple! Possible ideas for use in classroom‐ ‐ Clarification ‐ Discussion ‐Student assignment to create their own Cost ‐ None Positive Aspects‐ ‐ Students can instantly see what the topic is ‐ Aesthetically Pleasing Shortcomings‐ ‐ Host Provider Down ‐ Java/Flash Not Updated ~ 14 ~
  15. 15. RSS Feeds Have you found a blog or wiki that you’d love to share with your class? Why not add the RSS feed? This is as simple as clicking and posting! To add an RSS feed, copy the RSS address of the feed you want to include in the online course. To do this, go to the website with the RSS feed and a button ( ) should be seen. Right click on this button and select “copy shortcut” (Internet Explorer) or “copy link location” (Firefox). NOTE: You can just click on the RSS button and copy the resulting address from the browser’s address bar. 1) Go to and click on the “Build” link. Paste in the address copied in the first step. Make your selections. 2) On the right, click “Preview” to see how the feed will appear. ~ 15 ~
  16. 16. 3) When the appearance is right for you, click the “Generate JavaScript” link just below the Preview. Copy the code in the box. 4) Go to the online class and choose an area where you want the RSS feed to display. Select the html code carets in the text editor options and paste the RSS JavaScript code here. You now have a blog or wiki in the online course! ~ 16 ~
  17. 17. Possible ideas for use in classroom‐ ‐ Topic Readings ‐ Class Blog Listings Cost ‐ None Positive Aspects‐ ‐ Students can instantly see when something is added ‐ The instructor has control as to how topics are shown in class ‐ Easily Updated Shortcomings‐ ‐ No control over topic – If not your site Special Thanks: Catherine White (The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online – Full‐Time Faculty…Meebo) Stacey Hilton (Yavapai College ‐ Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning Services – Adjunct Faculty…Video) Iain Davidson (Yavapai College – Academic Technology Specialist…RSS Feeds) ~ 17 ~