The ventures of boone


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The ventures of boone

  1. 1. Welcome to a new legacy by me, ilovereecee/Katie.It‟s been a while since I‟ve played my own family – Ihave a few joint legacies going on, but have beenwanting to start my own new one. So, I had mywisdom teeth pulled out a few days ago and thoughtwhat better timing!? So since I‟ve been sittingaround being lazy on my pain pills, I‟ve decided totake a sim I made a while ago to play throughcollege and start a legacy with him.I hope that you all enjoy the first chapter and thatyou fall as in love with this family as I have.Enjoy the chapter :)
  2. 2. I‟d like to introduce you to Alex Boone! He is the founder ofmy new legacy, The Ventures of Boone. His aspiration ispopularity/family with the lifetime want to become acelebrity chef. He‟s attracted to witches who are goodcooks, but is turned off by a face full of make up. Hispersonality is Which makes him very outgoing,but a total slob!
  3. 3. Popularity aspiration Alex darts outdoors as soon as thefirst passerby appears on the sidewalk. Lucky for him, it‟sthe cute mail delivery girl Dagmar Bertino. Immediately,Alex fulfills his first want to meet a new person and findsthat he is instantly attracted to Dagmar. This could lead togood things!
  4. 4. Alex and Dagmar hit it off right away. My founder already hastwo chemistry bolts for his new acquaintance. They got to chatfor a while and Alex even broke out a few jokes. Dagmar pulledthe whole “the joke has been over, but I‟m still hystericallylaughing” face, which I have personally always found amusing!Do anyone elses sims do this?
  5. 5. Even though Alex and Dagmar have obvious chemistry together,I had Alex call the matchmaker to see if he could find a date whohad more characteristics that he was attracted to. Basically, I‟mon a witch hunt, literally, to find a witch who is a good cook(Alex‟s turn on) who doesn‟t wear a lot of make up (his turn off).
  6. 6. “Four thousand dollars? Oh, dearie, that only leaves you with ahundred dollars in your bank. Well I‟ve got the perfect girl for you.Just hold on tight while I search my crystal ball for her!”Matchmaker Lindsay works her magic and presents Alex with. . .
  7. 7. A young woman named Trina Ying who only meets one of therequests, no make up, Alex made to the matchmaker. Alex spentfour thousand dollars on this blind date and totally got rippedoff. I‟m highly disappointed Alex wasn‟t presented with a witch.Dagmar is already a clear winner when it comes time to choosea girlfriend.
  8. 8. The zero cleaning points arealready shining through for myhandsome founder. A few daysafter moving in, Alex needed toclean the house. Before everychore, Alex made the “do I haveto?” face and stomped off tocomplete whatever task lay ahead.Also, instead of washing the disheslike a normal person, Alex justlicks them clean to be reused at alater time. Sanitary? No. But thinkof the money he‟ll save on thewater bill!
  9. 9. So far, Alex isn‟t having any luck finding the culinary career inthe help ads on the computer or newspaper. He still checkseveryday, but until that day comes I‟ve decided to work on hisrelationship with Dagmar. Now that the house is clean and thedishes are literally spit shine clean, he can invite her over fordinner.
  10. 10. The couple didn‟t do much eating, besides Dagmar stuffing herface full of chips as soon as she got to the house, but Alex andhis crush had a blast playing red hands and especially pillowfighting all of the small house. They are already so cute together!I think Dagmar may be Alex‟s future bride!
  11. 11. “Dagmar, that game of pillow fighting sure put sometension in your back.”“Probably more from carrying this mailbag around all thetime more so than the pillow fighting!”“Here, let me rub out some of those knots in yourshoulders. Feel better?”“Mhm! A girl could get used to this.”
  12. 12. “So can I,” Alex said confidently as he spun Dagmararound to share their first kiss together.I tell you what, no game gets intimately faster than pillowfighting!This was the night that Alex and Dagmar became officialand started to take the serious path as a couple together.
  13. 13. Alex finally found the culinary career on the internet andaccepted a job making $812 a day as a Sous Chef. Hegets to start out so high because, remember, I‟ve alreadyplayed him through college. Alex hits a lucky streak andimpressed the restaurant owner his first night and waspromoted to executive chef! Now he makes $1208 a nightand gets to be more hands on with the food and menuselection instead of playing babysitter with the kitchenstaff.
  14. 14. Since Alex‟s skills are not maxed out, he needs to catch up inorder to get another promotion at work. Unfortunately for him,he has to work these next few days and has little time to study.He is a diligent worker though and tries to earn the skills neededas quickly as possible. Over the next few days Alex adopted thedaily routine of going to work, coming home to eat and then skilluntil he passed out in bed. Then repeated the pattern the nextmorning.
  15. 15. This left little time to hang out with his girlfriend Dagmar,clean the house or do anything fun really. Alex‟s moods beganto drop at an alarming rate. So he hired Remington Harris,Pleasantveiw‟s favorite maid, to help keep the house clean inturn, keeping him in a better mood because he‟s not living infilth. Also, Remington is proving to be a great buddy. He andAlex chat everyday and are becoming fast friends.
  16. 16. Alex has been working his tail off and finally gets two daysoff in a row. He jumps on the chance to throw a party andinvites his new friend Remmy and, of course, his girlfriendDagmar! Remington stuffs his face with chips while Alexembraces his girlfriend for the first time in many, manydays.
  17. 17. “I didn‟t think it was possible to miss someone this much!I‟m glad I‟m doing well at the restaurant, but let‟s not gothis long without seeing each other again.”“Deal, now come here and kiss me. We‟ve got lots of losttime to make up for!” Dagmar aggressively pulled Alex infor a make out session. . . While Remmy inhales a secondbag of chips.
  18. 18. Alex‟s party is a huge success and his guests arehaving a blast. The night ended with the threesmustling to the radio on the front lawn… if you caneven call it a lawn without any landscaping!
  19. 19. “Dagmar, I was thinking,” Alex said, “I‟ve missed you somuch these past few days. I don‟t know if I can stand to gowithout you that much longer. I know it‟s kind of quick; butwhat do you think about moving in with me? I can‟t think ofanything that would make me happier!”
  20. 20. “Gee, this is awfully fast. I missed you too, but you don‟t think it‟stoo soon for all that?”“Not at all. I missed you, you missed me. So let‟s not have to misseach other anymore. I promise you won‟t regret it, D!”“D, haha, that‟s cute,” Dagmar laughed nervously. Her romanceaspiration side was screaming and holding up a big red sign. Settlingdown had never been in her life plans. “Well, as long as you promiseI won‟t regret it.”
  21. 21. Without further ado, Dagmar Bertino moved in with Alex. I, ofcourse, gave her a makeover which made her look phenomenal in myopinion! She better get over her fear of commitment quick, because Ihave cute babies planned for her and Alex.Dagmar‟s stats are:Aspirations:Romance/PleasureLTW:Woohoo with 20 SimsPersonality: Hopefully those six neat points will keep thehouse a bit more tidy.
  22. 22. When Dagmar moved in, she brought a small fortune of $17,000simoleans with her. Combined with Alex‟s accumulated $5,000simoleans, they were able to expand the small one room home intoa large two story (the second story isn‟t functional yet because theyhave no stairs) family home. It has no paint inside or out and onlyhas two rooms: the bedroom/bathroom and kitchen/living/study.
  23. 23. It‟s a spacious home right now because the couple couldn‟tafford to close off the different sections of the house to useas rooms, but it will work until they get some more moneyto start making it look more like a home. That means,Dagmar has to get a job since she quit being a mail carrierwhen she moved in.
  24. 24. Alex obviously has some pull in the culinary field, so heused his connections to get Dagmar a job as a drivethrough clerk at the local fast food joint. It isn‟t much pay,but at this point every simoleon is going to help make thishouse a home. This same day, Alex got promoted do aRestaurateur and now brings home a hefty $1330.
  25. 25. Dagmar hasn‟t been all thathappy since moving in with Alex.She‟s a romance sim and isn‟tready to settle down just yet, soshe calls over Remington themaid for a little romance whileclueless Alex is away at work.
  26. 26. Alex‟s plan to get Dagmar into the working world was asuccess. Even though she‟d much rather stay at homeromancing anyone who walks by, she turns out to be agood worker and earns a promotion to hostess her firstnight at work. Alex was also promoted tonight! He fulfilledhis lifetime want to become a Celebrity Chef! Maybe nowhe can open his own restaurant? His new lifetime want isto marry off six kids – I have a feeling Dagmar is going tofight me every step of the way with that one.
  27. 27. “I‟m so proud of you for getting a promotion your firstnight, D!”“Well, I do have my hot boyfriend to thank for that I guess.You did get me the job after all.”“About that… I was thinking maybe it‟s time I became yourhot fiancé instead of your hot boyfriend?”
  28. 28. “We‟re both doing great financially for our age, I‟m ready tosettle down and start a family. And I want that with you.” Alexwatched for signs of happiness on Dagmar‟s face. “I promisedyou wouldn‟t regret moving in, and you haven‟t have you?“Well, no. It‟s really not been bad at all.” Dagmar respondedthinking of the long hours Alex is away from home that she‟d getto spend working on her extra marital affairs.
  29. 29. “Then I‟ll make the same promise to you about marriage.You will not regret it! I‟ll make sure you‟re a happy brideand I love you.” Alex dropped to one knee, his heart racing.He knew Dagmar was a romance aspiration, and hoped shewas ready to settle down too despite her aspiration wants.
  30. 30. “I love you too, Alex. You know that. This is a huge stepthough, especially for me!” Dagmar watched as Alexslipped on a huge diamond that took her breath away.She admired the ring and thought surely she can jugglemarriage and still make herself happy too.“Yes,” she breathed, “yes, I‟ll marry you Alex Boone.” Shejumped into Alex‟s arms and they both thought silently ofthe very different marriages they had planned forthemselves in the upcoming years.
  31. 31. The next day Dagmar went to her first day as a hostess in anupscale restaurant. She was surprised when she saw Alexstanding at the hostess booth. He let her know that he hadbought the restaurant, named it D‟s Diner, and told her she couldtake the next step up to waitress if she wanted. Of course, shesaid yes. It was better than hostess and plus she got the addedbonus of tips. The biggest surprise of course was that her fiancébought a restaurant and named it after her! Not too many girlscould say that.
  32. 32. “We have our own business! How freaking cool is that!? I can‟tbelieve a few months ago I was delivering mail and now I‟mengaged to a restaurant owner and I waitress in a diner namedafter me!” Dagmar glowed that night with pride.“If you liked that, just wait until you see the wedding I‟m planningfor us, D. All my old friends and professors from college, all thetop chain restaurant big bosses. It‟s going to be huge!”“Oh,” Dagmar pulled her face into a frown, “I was hoping for asmall wedding. The sooner the better.”“If that‟s what you want sweetheart. Anything for you.” Alex wipedhis wedding vision out of his mind.
  33. 33. “Not getting cold feet are you?” He questioned. He thought it was every girl‟sdream to have a big wedding to make the whole town talk about.“No,” Dagmar lied, “I just think we should save some money. You know, toexpand the house.”“Right, for when we start having children!” Alex smiled, happy at the thoughtof welcoming a baby soon. He pulled Dagmar onto him.“Not exactly what I was thinking, but there is always time to talk about thatlater. Now let‟s just focus on the wedding. I was thinking this weekend?”“Perfect,” Alex smiled and kissed his soon to be bride goodnight.
  34. 34. With only a day until the wedding left, Alex and Dagmarhad to get ready quick. The house had to be cleaned and agarden prepared as the site to exchange the vows. Theyboth split the chores equally, even though Alex is the causeof all the mess in the house. And even though they have akitchen and a bathroom sink, Alex still prefers to wash thedishes with his tongue. Hopefully Dagmar comes behindhim and throws it in their new trashcan!
  35. 35. The day of the wedding arrived! Alex had invited only twoguests, his college professors. Dagmar made it clear shewanted a small wedding, so he didn‟t want to push her. Hestood waiting, looking around at the variety of yellowflowers he had planted for this very day.
  36. 36. Of course whenDagmar walkeddown the petal ledaisle, he was onlylooking at her.She lookedbeautiful in a longsleeve, lacebacked gown witha satin bow inplace of a veil. Itsuited herperfectly. Theyexchanged vowsand Dagmarbecame Mrs.Boone.
  37. 37. The guests, Alex‟s old college professors, clapped as they heardthe newlywed‟s say “I do”, exchange rings and complete theceremony with a kiss. It was a small, quick wedding as Dagmarhad wanted. It fulfilled every want Alex had too, because he gotto marry the girl of his dreams!
  38. 38. After the vows were said, Alex and Dagmar said goodbye to their guests and went inside for a private cake cutting.Alex smashed thecake into his newbrides face, but shedidn‟t mind. Theyeven got a goodlaugh out of it.
  39. 39. Alex had to go into workafter the ceremony and thisleft Dagmar lonely. So sheinvited over their mutualfriend Remington for lunch…and a little extra care. Itmade Dagmar a happywoman and gave her thefirst woohoo towards 20, sothat she can complete herLTW.
  40. 40. It wasn‟t too long after the wedding that Dagmarfound out she was expecting a baby. Alex, of course,as a secondary family aspiration has been ready forthis for a long time! Dagmar, on the other hand, fearsthe birth of the bun in the oven and what changes thelittle one will bring once he or she arrives.
  41. 41. Dagmar isn‟t going to let alittle thing like pregnancyget in the way of achievingher lifetime want, however.While she‟s supposed to beresting on maternity leavefrom D‟s Diner, Dagmarspends time flirting with thetownies and scoping out hernext lover – which will makewoohoo #3 of 20.
  42. 42. When Alex is home from work, however, things aredifferent. Dagmar is careful not to let her faithfulhusband know just how unfaithful she is being. So,Alex thinks his beautiful wife spends her time paintingmasterpieces to help buy baby furniture and chattingon the phone with “friends” throughout the days.
  43. 43. “Can you believe the big day is almost here, D? We‟regoing to have a baby any hour now. Isn‟t it exciting?”“Of course, dear.” Dagmar joked. “You aren‟t going to bethe one giving birth!”Alex laughed, “I know, but just think, once the hard part isdone, we have a baby to call our own! I just can‟t wait!”
  44. 44. “Oh, Dagmar. You‟re so sexy when you cringe in painlike that. Keep going baby!”Alex chooses an inappropriate time to check out hiswife as she goes into labor with their first nooboo.
  45. 45. Well, Dagmar wasn‟t justcarrying one child; she hadthree in that belly! From rightto left, top to bottom: Babyboy Zander, baby girl Zoe andbaby girl Zora. They all havetheir dad‟s black hair and eyeshape. They inheritedDagmar‟s brown eyes,however.
  46. 46. Alex, who has the second lifetime want to marry off six children, ishappy as a pig in mud! Three babies at one time is a dream cometrue for him – and Dagmar‟s worst nightmare! For now things arepretty easy. The new parents team up to take care of the feedings,changing and baths. They‟ve got a nice routine down, but little dothey know the chaos that will break out when the triplets becometoddlers! I, for one, am already to get past that stage!
  47. 47. Zander, Zoe and Zora are pretty easy to care for aschildren. Alex and Dagmar make great parents too.While one of them gets enough sleep to cover theirupcoming baby shift, the other takes care of thetriplets and tries to get a meal and a shower in as welluntil it‟s time to hand off baby watch to the spouse.
  48. 48. Time is flying by and Alex is still over the moon aboutbeing a father to his three new babies. Dagmar doesn‟tmind being a mom, but hates carrying all that excess babyweight now that her children are about to be toddlers. Soshe‟s been working like a madwoman to get her girlishfigure back while Alex pulls double diaper duty.
  49. 49. Dagmar shed her extra pounds in time to celebrate Zander,Zoe and Zora‟s toddler birthdays! I can‟t even begin to tellyou how much I am dreading raising these three as toddlers.The math just doesn‟t add up when you have two parentswho need a full eight hours sleep and two meals a day towatch over three toddlers who can run on four hours sleepand need to be potty trained and fed constantly!Here we go!
  50. 50. Top to bottom, left to right:Zander,,, is a mean slob, Zoe is alazy baby and Zora got a goodmix of both parents and isextremely outgoing.
  51. 51. While all three toddlers and both adults are in a goodenough mood, Alex sends Dagmar off to rest while hetakes the first toddler shift. First things first: break out thesmart milk! Zander is potty trained in a flash andZoe wastalking before Alex could even blink. Unfortunately, I don‟tthink the fly infested dishes are sanitary for little Zoe to besitting right next to while she learns to talk, but hey… shedoes come from a father who will lick two day old platesclean!
  52. 52. “Arg! I‟m losing my mind over here!”Well that didn‟t take too long. And just think, he wantsthree more of these adorable little things! Hopefully heand Dagmar will spread them out a little next timethough. I‟m already having a hard time handling thesetriplets as toddlers, I don‟t want to go through thisagain.
  53. 53. “I just had to marry him! Now I‟m living in this filthyhouse swarming with flies and crawling with stickytoddlers who pee on themselves. I could be single andliving the easy life. Why did I say „I do‟?”
  54. 54. My favorite time of day is when Kaylynn the maidcomes and for a few short hours after she leaves, thehouse is spotless. That is until the toddlers get fedand into the toilets and drag out all their toys. I dohave to say though, there are short moments hiddenin the madness that are pretty cute. Like when Alexgets to teach his baby girls to talk, or Dagmar helpsher only son take his first steps! So sweet.
  55. 55. Alex may throw a temper tantrum to rival his toddlersevery day or so, but don‟t let him fool you! Hewouldn‟t trade this messy house and sleepless nightsfor anything in the world. He‟s a natural born father!
  56. 56. This used to be the garden that Alex and Dagmar exchangedvows in. Now it‟s just a weed patch that lets all the neighborsknow what a dump I‟ve let the house go to. If the Boone familyhad the money to hire a gardener or the time to weed itthemselves, it wouldn‟t look like this. But alas, the triplets comefirst.
  57. 57. Woohoo! It‟s birthday time for Zander, Zoe and Zora. Bothparents are on the brink of starvation and can‟t make it tothe kitchen because they keep passing out fromexhaustion, so it‟s up to these little tykes to grow up all ontheir own.
  58. 58. The toddler days are over,woot woot! These last fewslides don‟t even begin tocover how hectic it‟s been inthe house. Not one bit! Butthat‟s all over now and thekids are… well just that, kids!And aren‟t they cute!? I haveto say, they favor Alex withtheir slanted eyes andchunky cheeks.
  59. 59. Okay, maybe now you can grasp just how bad it‟sbeen for Alex and Dagmar. I wasn‟t kidding when Isaid they were on the brink of starvation. That‟sDagmar dead on the floor from starvation and to addfuel to the fire, she‟s pregnant again. Luckily, herfaithful husband was there to beg the Grim Reaper notto take her away!!
  60. 60. “Oh, sure you can have her life back. And the babytoo, yes. If you can guess which hand I‟m holdingtheir very mortal lives in! Ha!”“Oh geez. Eenie, meenie, minee, moe!”Alex… maybe this isn‟t the best time for games!
  61. 61. Or, maybe it is!“Boo-yah! Take that Grimmy! Give me my wife andbaby back.”
  62. 62. So after a near death experience, Dagmar is back safe andsound. The baby lets us all know he or she is alive andkicking too! Hopefully now all will return to the good olddays when nobody was starving to death or passing out allover the house.
  63. 63. After such a near death experience, Dagmar has alease on life and has decided that having 20 differentlovers proves nothing about who you are. But havinga large family to care for and love you means theworld! It‟s what saved her very own life. Dagmarused the aspiration changer to reset her aspiration tofamily/romance. Just in time too! It looks like thebaby is on the way!
  64. 64. And thank goodness this time it is just ONE baby. LittleBoone number four here is a boy with black hair andbrown eyes. He is named Zack. This is also the firstpicture where Dagmar is actually smiling while holdingher newborn. Looks like her aspiration change did somegood!
  65. 65. It‟s been a few years since Alex had to care for a newborn,but it all came back to him in no time. Baby Zack is theperfect addition to the Boone family. He is still to small toplay with his three older siblings, but once he ages into atoddler I think he‟s going to have three great play pals!
  66. 66. Dagmar loves spending time holding Zack andmaking sure he is a content little fellow. She neverpaid this much attention to Zander, Zoe or Zora whenthey were babies. Now she‟s trying to make up forlost time by doing things right this time around.
  67. 67. It isn‟t long before the family is singing happybirthday to little Zack. Pregnant Dagmar brings herbaby boy to the cake and helps him blow out thecandles so that he can age into a toddler!
  68. 68. Zack aged into a handsome little tyke! He has hismom‟s eye color, but dad‟s hair color and slanted eyeshape like all three of his older siblings.
  69. 69. “Alex, I just can‟t tell you how grateful I am that you foughtDeath so that baby Zack and I could live.” Dagmar is still inawe at her second chance to be a good wife and mom.She‟s definitely made a one-eighty!“You know I‟d do anything for you. Didn‟t I promise youbefore we even moved in together, „You won‟t regret it‟?”
  70. 70. And shesure hasn‟tregretted itlately!Dagmargave birthto her fifthchild. Thistime a girlnamedZeena. Shehas blackhair andslantedbrown eyeslike hersiblings!
  71. 71. Zander loves being a big brother to a little boy. Zoe andZora are best friends, so they tend to stick together.Thankfully little Zack is a great addition to the family andZander just adores him. He loves teaching him how to usehis toys and even talks about all the things he can‟t wait todo when Zack gets just a little bit older.
  72. 72. “How do you feel about being a big sister again, Zora?” Dagmarquestioned her youngest triplet daughter. “Daddy and I are goingto have another baby!”“Momma, really?” Zora questioned. “Don‟t you think you haveenough babies already?”Little Zora is right. There are already five kids in the house, andbarely enough room for them! Luckily, Alex only wants to marryoff six kids, so this will be the last baby for him and Dagmar.
  73. 73. “Hello in there little one! Are you ready to come out and meet your family? We are ready for you sweetie!”“Alex, the babycan‟t understandyou silly.” Dagmarlaughed, but pulledher husband in fora hug anyway.
  74. 74. I wasn‟t happy when Dagmar died, but her being broughtback to life by Alex really did the girl some good. She‟s hada complete change of heart. She loves playing with Zeenaand is even excited for the new baby to get here.
  75. 75. Alex, of course, has always loved being a dad. He isfriends with every one of his children from Zander,the oldest, all the way down to little Zeena. As acelebrity chef, Alex only works Tuesday throughThursday, so he has plenty of time to stay at homewith his wife and five children. This means he gets towatch them learn and grow.
  76. 76. Zander, Zoe and Zora are in school now. They‟re doing prettygood. They all have above a B average in their classes. Dagmarwants better for her kids though, so she‟s invited theheadmaster over for dinner and a tour of the home to see if shecan‟t get the kids into private school.
  77. 77. Headmaster Korey greeted pregnant Dagmar outside oftheir home and was immediately offered a tour of thehome. Thankfully, I got the flowers fixed from thedisastrous mess they used to be, so the Boone‟s made agood first impression.
  78. 78. Dagmar only showed the downstairs to the headmaster –the upstairs consists of one nursery for little Zack and asparsely furnished bedroom shared by the triplets.Thankfully, Headmaster Korey was impressed with thefew rooms he did get shown.
  79. 79. “Gas prices are on the rise again, Mrs. Boone. I notice thatyou and Mr. Boone do not own any cars. How will thechildren get back and forth to my institution?” HeadmasterKorey questioned over his hamburger dinner.
  80. 80. “Well, of course they will ride a bus.” Dagmar answered. “Yousee, gas prices are high, but also Alex and I prefer to carpooland let the kids ride a bus together so that we do not pollutethe air more than necessary. Were all about saving the planet.”The real reason why the Boone‟s don‟t have a car is becausethey can‟t even afford a crib for their upcoming child yet, butDagmar‟s answer sounds better than the real reason!
  81. 81. Headmaster Korey was impressed with Dagmar‟s tour,dinner and little white lie about why the Boone‟s don‟town a car. He accepted Zander, Zoe and Zora into theprivate school. When he left, Alex pulled out a birthdaycake for Zack and helped him grow into a child.
  82. 82. I think Zack grew up to look more like Dagmar than Alex.He sure is a cutie! Zack didn‟t grow into a child beforeHeadmaster Korey left, so he will be attending publicschool alone until Dagmar sets up another visit.
  83. 83. The night after Zack‟s birthday, it‟s time for four more of the Boone children to grow up! This time Zander, Zoe and Zora are making birthday wishes as they age into teens!Baby Zeena is alsocelebrating hertoddler birthday.Dagmar and Alex helpher up to her cakewith just a fewcandles on it.
  84. 84. Zander, the oldest Boone triplet, aged into a handsomeyoung man. He rolled a knowledge/family aspiration withthe lifetime want to become a criminal mastermind. Thatdoesn‟t seem very logical, or family oriented to me. But,hey, to each his own!
  85. 85. Zoe, the second born triplet, looks a lot like her fatheras a teenager! She rolled a fortune/knowledgeaspiration with the lifetime want to max all seven ofher skills. That should be easy enough!
  86. 86. The last triplet, Zora, looks a lot like her father aswell. Zora rolled a fortune/pleasure aspiration andhas the lifetime want to become a celebrity chef likeher dear old dad!
  87. 87. And rounding out the birthday update is little missZeena. She certainly got the chunky cheeks of herfather and those slanted eyes. Her personality is6.
  88. 88. The Boone family is still living paycheck to paycheck, sosweet Zander got a job working as a nursing homeassistant as soon as he was old enough to go to work. Itisn‟t much money, but every extra little bit helps.
  89. 89. Dagmar hasn‟t set foot in D‟s Diner to waitress since thetriplets were born, but she‟s still collecting maternity leavemoney since she‟s been pregnant pretty much ever sincehaving the triplets. This works out well because Dagmarcan stay home while pregnant with baby number six andlook after Zeena while everyone else is at work or school.
  90. 90. Looking after Zeena, keeping money in the houseand keeping the house clean has now become afamily effort. Since the triplets have becometeenagers, it has gotten easier. Zander helps bring inmoney, Zoe mostly works on her lifetime want tomax all seven skills, but also helps out with thecooking and cleaning. Zora likes to make sure herlittle siblings Zack and Zeena are taken care of.
  91. 91. Things have been going so smoothly in the houselately. This is the perfect time for baby number six,the last baby, to make a debut! Dagmar goes intolabor on Alex‟s birthday of all days. A great birthdaypresent if you ask me!
  92. 92. A sweet little girl is welcomed as the last family member intothe Boone home for this generation. Alex immediately rolled thewant to have ten kids, but that will not be happening! LittleZelda here just completed this large family. She has brown eyesand black hair, of course, like the rest of her big brothers andsisters before her.
  93. 93. With Zelda settled into her nursery, it‟s time for Alexto bid his younger days adieu! His cake is topped withso many candles, if he leans over any farther I‟m surehe‟ll get burned!
  94. 94. Alex makes a handsome old man. He‟s still very cute and nowthat he is older, his second lifetime want to marry of six of hischildren makes more sense. But, you‟ll have to wait until nexttime to see all that, because it‟s goodbye for now! Thanks forcoming to read the first chapter of my new legacy. I sure hopeyou enjoyed and are looking forward to more from the Boonefamily! See you next time :)