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From the Hart: An OWBC 2.2


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Gen 2, part 2 of my attempt at the OWBC sims 2 challenge

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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From the Hart: An OWBC 2.2

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Part 2.2: Sparks Fly
  2. 2. Hello again! Welcome to another fun-filled chapter! Last time, we watched generation one go through college. Blossom scored herself a girlfriend, Beth Byall, and generally just had a blast whilst somehow managing to achieve a 4.0. Orchid had a few problems, as a bad apple and studying don’t typically go hand and in hand, and fell behind by a semester. And our heir, Onyx, performed the xylophone trick, met the love of his life via his meddling father, and graduated with a 4.0 in Physics. Feel free to catch up if you need to! Oh, and special thanks to Keika (author of Clitheroe: A BaRKC, The White Legacy & Wynter Wonderland: A WYDC) for lending her simself to me as this generation’s spouse.
  3. 3. So we’re back at the Love Shack to start a new generation! And apparently, the best way to begin a new generation is with some snapdragons. I totally forgot Brian had a gold badge in flower arranging. The snapdragons are more for the business than the house, anyway. Got to earn rank 10 somehow!
  4. 4. “Kana, babe?” “Yes, my love?” “You know like, as soon as we’re done ‘hooing, I’m changing back, right?” “Well. If you must.” “Definitely.” With Blossom and Orchid no longer around, Kana seems to have taken to just biting Randy a lot – apparently she doesn’t like Onyx enough to bite him, which sucks as he’s the one who WANTS to be a vampire.
  5. 5. Oh look, a porch full of Harts and familiar faces! So why are they here this time?
  6. 6. “Happy wedding day, Keika, my love!” “We’re getting married today?” “Of course! Didn’t you read my text?”
  7. 7. Oh man, did someone forget to bring a date to the wedding and thought they had time to get one before the ceremony? “I’m not here on a mission of love, it’s way more serious than that.”
  8. 8. “I’m here to pollute the front porch and leave a dusty lamp I don’t need anymore right in the way!” Well. Thanks for the lamp, anyway, even if it did get in the way.
  9. 9. “Um, Kana? Babe? It’s like, two in the afternoon.” “And? The extra-terrestrial offspring of my husband is tying the knot, I should witness this.” “How about I take lots of pictures, and you go back inside for some more groovy napping?” “Fine, I suppose. It is a bit bright out here.”
  10. 10. Only three people made it to the arch, all three of which live in the house, and one who wouldn’t even look in the right direction. “Um, Brian? Wouldn’t it be totally groovy to actually, like, watch the wedding?” “But colourful human, there’s an interesting tree over there.” So where are the other guests? Well…
  11. 11. “Go Pony! Go Pony!” They’re slap-dancing and…
  12. 12. Hot-tubbing. “Do you feel like we’re forgetting something?” “Nope!”
  13. 13. “Oh Keika, we may be ignored on our wedding day, but I couldn’t be happier! I’ll love you until the day I take my last breath!” “That’s so sweet, Onyx! I love you too, always!”
  14. 14. Um, Keika? He’s got $152 to his name. I don’t think that makes him a rich sim. Plus Keika brought in $17,000. I’m not sure Keika understands money. Keika White-Hart Family Have 6 Grandchildren 7/5/1/7/8 (Capricorn) Beards/Blonde hair – Make Up
  15. 15. As Keika is a simself, I can only give her 8 commands a day – like Orchid back at university. So I may have wasted a perfectly good command here by choosing her to cut the cake. But there’s a very good reason for me doing this – I want to know if Keika is a cake shover.
  16. 16. Of course she is! Though she seems to be shoving it through Onyx’s cheek rather than his mouth. Ah, love.
  17. 17. After that, it was time to try and start the next generation. It’s not like their guests were paying them much attention, anyway.
  18. 18. “What an exquisite piece they have hanging over their bed!” Dammit, Orchid! Now you want to spend time with them?!
  19. 19. Anyway, despite everything, the party was a complete success. And there’s nothing more amusing to me than sims dancing in time! Although Beth there, on the left, is letting the team down by being a little bit out of time.
  20. 20. “BEHOLD! I am the genie of the lamp!” “Dude, I’m over here.”
  21. 21. “I swear I was more than just a torso last time I cam out of the lamp.”
  22. 22. “So, you going to wish I had a full body? And for my freedom?” “No actually, I was thinking I might like peace of mind, actually, dude.” “Oh. Well. I suppose that’s okay.”
  23. 23. So it seems people are more interested in birthdays than in weddings. Who knew? Anyway, it’s time for another huge indicator that a generational shift is happening – Randy is about to get old!
  24. 24. “Am I like, still cool?” Um. Let me fix it so that you are.
  25. 25. There! I think he does the aging hippy look well, don’t you? And because the genie made him permaplat, Randy will be sticking with us for a little while yet, which is nice – I love Randy.
  26. 26. I think this is the nail in the coffin of Binaree and Pony’s short romance – after ignoring each other all afternoon, Pony tried to ACR make-out with Orchid, who wasn’t having any of it. Not that anyone but me seems bothered by this turn of events. Oh well. Maybe Pony will bag herself a Hart in a later update. ------ Pony writes The Pokemon Legacy, among other things
  27. 27. Just because Pony and Binaree didn’t work out doesn’t mean Pony won’t be around any more – she’s still loved by the family. “Yay Pony human!”
  28. 28. The next morning, and it’s time to get down to business! It’s time Onyx helped out with the family business – and Keika’s money that she brought with her will definitely help with some much needed renovations.
  29. 29. The snapdragons mean customers will spend hours at the poker table, whilst the Harts take it in turns to nap in the tent. For some reason, the business only seems to be able to attract two customers at a time, which is kind of lame.
  30. 30. It’s also a great way to meet witches, which Onyx needs as part of the Monster Mash challenge we’re going for. “I like your sparkles! Don’t you think it would be awesome if I sparkled, too? Green really suits me, you know.”
  31. 31. And because I’m desperate to make some progress with the Monster Mash, the big aspiration reward glasses make an appearance. They always amuse me! No doubt I’ll need them again in the future, when we’re going for werewolves.
  32. 32. “So dudes, it’s been a groovy couple of days, right?” “I’d say so, Dad. The business is rank two now, and we’ve made a nice sum of cash. Plus I made some new friends! And no one complained about Binaree!” “Well then! Let’s go back to the shack for some celebration bubbles, dudes!”
  33. 33. Back at the Love Shack, and the next generation is on its way! I’m pretty excited to see how their genetics mix!
  34. 34. Just another night of biting and supernaturals! Man, I love this family <3
  35. 35. “You know, I’ve been thinking-” “About wishing for my freedom?” “No. I want peace of mind. I’ve got so much going on, with the family and the business and aiming to be as supernatural as possible, I don’t think I have time for a career.” “You guys are so self-centred. What about MY needs?!” Despite this, the genie granted Onyx’s wish, and Onyx is now permaplat.
  36. 36. One step closer to Baby L! Keika’s not too bad as a pregnant sim, really. She just spends a lot of time sleeping or relaxing.
  37. 37. “Onyx? What’s happening? Why is that witch casting a spell on you?” “What witch?” “The one behind you?” “There’s a witch behind me?”
  38. 38. “Isn’t this just the coolest thing, Keika?” “I suppose…but evil?” “I’ll take what I can get!”
  39. 39. And now we have Onyx Hart the Mean Witch, who immediately set about making it rain. Which I don’t think is very good for Binaree, but whatever.
  40. 40. The rain persisted into the night, and turned into thunder and lightening, which wasn’t good for the trees, or Onyx, really. “Being a mean witch isn’t as awesome as I thought!”
  41. 41. Anyway, the portraits for another generation are done. I really like them. I’m probably going to have to put another image of Onyx up somewhere, after all of his transformations are done!
  42. 42. Oh look, someone’s been biting our aging hippy AGAIN. Every single night, I swear. I suppose it’s okay. His needs go down slower when he’s a vamp, so he just spends lots of time sitting around.
  43. 43. “Without Pony, I have lost my mind!” It’s probably not a good sign to have your house robot go crazy. Funny though.
  44. 44. Hooray, it’s baby time! I’m excited, what about you?
  45. 45. “Keika! I can’t get in to view that painting! Why did you give birth in a doorway?!” It’s a little baby boy, who so far looks almost exactly like his father!
  46. 46. “Isn’t he perfect, Onyx?” “He really is. Can we name him Lennon? Is that okay?” “I think it’s a wonderful name.” Welcome Lennon Hart. His arrival means the generation with no promotions is complete! Hurray, jobs for everyone!
  47. 47. Binaree being really good with Lennon inspired me to give her Family as secondary. I think she might need a family of her own some time soon.
  48. 48. So I set about trying to find a replacement for Pony. Onyx knew Jasmine Rai in college, and invited her over, along with a few other people, but it was Jasmine that caught Binaree’s eye. With two bolts, no less.
  49. 49. “OH NO!” I’m beginning to think Onyx’s magic is going to result in a lot of tree fires. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence, I’m not sure. Either way, it’s not doing the family much good, even though the fire went out quite quickly.
  50. 50. “Onyx, dude! We like, survived the fire. We should celebrate.” “What did you have in mind, Dad?” “Vampirism!”
  51. 51. OH MY GOSH. I did not expect his eyes to change! He’s still adorable but even so! Unexpected!
  52. 52. “You’re cute, Jasmine.” “No, you’re cute, Binaree.” I get the feeling Binaree might have moved on from Pony now. She asked Jasmine on a date, and it ended as a dream date.
  53. 53. “Onyx? What happened to you?” “Dad bit me, isn’t it awesome? I’m blue now! And my eyes are red! And I have these way pointy teeth and-” “You look different.” “Bad different?” “No, I can get used to it. I’ll support you no matter what, Onyx.”
  54. 54. “Bleh! Aren’t I terrifying?” Oh Randy <3 Once again, he switched back to human in the morning. Kana didn’t seem to mind, but Onyx loses aspiration points every time, for some reason.
  55. 55. Whenever Onyx and Keika woohoo, their room suddenly becomes the most popular place in the house. Definitely a good spot for a first kiss, right?
  56. 56. And we’ll finish here, with Jasmine Rai growing into a regular adult, so she and Binaree can leave the Love Shack and start their lives together. Basically, the number of sims in the house was beginning to stress me out, and someone had to go. Anyway! The next update *should* be the spare update. See you soon!