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Act 3 scene 2


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Act 3 scene 2

  1. 1. SiMania Admods: The Musical!Act Three, Scene Two – Youre the One that I Want Written by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Hello and welcome back to SiMania Admods: TheMusical! Act 3, Scene 2 – Youre the One that I Want. This is the second chapter written by me, ilovereecee/Katie. I have had a lot of fun playing this generation since we finally get to see who Rolfe chooses for his bride, their marriage and start of their life together!But before we can get to that, we need to check in with the spares, so I hope you can hold your anticipation just a minute longer ;)
  3. 3. First up is the oldest of the third generation, Friedrich! He has justcompleted his lifetime want to become General in the military field. Yay Friedrich :)
  4. 4. Friedrich and his wife Marisa love to entertain guests! So any littleaccomplishment is a great reason for a party. Thus, Friedrichs LTWcompletion leads to dinner with the family, dancing and even some bubble blowing in their condo.
  5. 5. Friedrich and Marisa opted out of having children, but they do havelots of nephews! Twin sister to Friedrich is Lisel. She has three boys with her husband Matthew Hart. Theyve done some growing up since you saw them last. Calhoun is now a teenager, Sonny and Kenickie are children.
  6. 6. Liesl is a knowledge aspiration and has the want for her children tobe accepted into private school. So the Headmaster is invited over for dinner and a tour of the home. The family scored 90/90 points and the three boys are accepted!
  7. 7. Heres a picture of the whole family together. Liesl and Matthewsgenes mixed a little oddly, but I dont think the boys turned out toobad! Lets move on over to Brigittas home and see whats going on there!
  8. 8. Bri and her husband Chuck have twin boys namedEugene and Rizzo. Chuck has been hankering for another baby since the boys were toddlers, butBrigitta has other plans inmind as you can tell by her face lol! Two active boys are enough for her!
  9. 9. Eugene and Rizzo couldnt look any less like twins if they tried.Eugene, on the right, takes after his father. Rizzo got an odd mix of genes and looks like neither of his parents really! And now lets head on over to Kurts house to see how he and Ashlee are doing.
  10. 10. After their wedding, Kurt and Ashlee decided to buy their ownhome. They got a nice little two bedroom bungalow together. Its a good thing they got a place of their own, too! Theyre now expecting their first baby together.
  11. 11. Ashlees pregnancy resulted in twins! She had two girls, yay forgirls! I thought this entire generation was going to be made up of all boys! The girls are named Patty and Sandra Dee!
  12. 12. Sandra Dee is named after a song that Rizzo sings making fun of Sandy Olsen for being such a goody-goody. Patty is named after PattySimcox, the first girl that SandyOlsen befriends at Rydell High. Sandy likes her a lot, but the Pink Ladies (Sandys eventualgood friends) make fun of Patty and run her off.
  13. 13. Patty and Sandra Dee are loved and adored as babies and are about to get even more attention now that they are toddlers! Patty hasblack hair from her Grandpa Mark and Sandra Dee has long brown hair from her parents. Arent they so cute!?And I know everyone is anxious to see who Rolfe is going to marry, so lets head back to the main house and see who he as chosen!
  14. 14. In the main legacy home, things are gloomy. If you remember,when we left the family last, Mark Encore, generation two heir, hadjust passed. His death is still fresh on the minds of his wife Kea and youngest son, and our heir, Rolfe.
  15. 15. Adding insult to injury, the next morning around 11 am, GrimReaper showed up again! This time he came to collect Bernice, theelder family dog. Kea witnessed Bernices passing, which Im sure didnt help her mourning at all.
  16. 16. With all the deaths in the family lately, Rolfe is feeling stressed out!Hes currently working toward his second lifetime want to become an education minister. Thankfully, vacation time is tomorrow morning for this family! Rolfe has already booked the hotel for himself, his future spouse and Kea too.
  17. 17. And speaking of Rolfes future wife, here she is! Marsha Trimble was date number 49/50 1st dates Rolfe needed to complete his firstLTW. In the last chapter the potential spouses were narrowed downto Marsha and Brandi. Rolfe went on identical dates with both, and came out with two chemistry bolts for Marsha and one for Brandi. This was the deciding factor on who would be his wife. Now Marsha is all moved in and looking stunning with her makeover!
  18. 18. Its the morning of vacation for our Encore family, plus MarshaTrimble, and everyone is busy preparing for the three day get-away. Kea is still having a hard time with Marks passing. Im hoping a vacation is just what she needs to start moving forward.
  19. 19. Rolfe is busy making sure Cha Cha and Leo are bathed, fed andloved before everyone leaves them for the weekend. Marsha is busy getting in a last minute workout for her beach bound body.
  20. 20. Its here! Its here! The cab is finally here! Rolfe, Marsha and Kea are off to their fantasy vacation to Twikki Island for some much needed R&R.
  21. 21. “Your nephew Calhounasked if you would like himto pick up some foundationat the drug store to cover up your blue skin Rolfe.” Kea joked over pineapplesurprise. “He said hell haveit all ready for when we get back home!”“That kid is really something else, Mom!” --------------------- Their first day on vacation was spent at Twikki Beach Boardwalk eating the local cuisine and learning fire dancing!
  22. 22. They also got in some shopping, sand castle building and sun bathing. Well, the ladies sunbathed anyway!
  23. 23. So Marsha is a romance aspiration and it definitely shows! All onvacation Rolfe and Kea want to go on tours, build sandcastles anddig for shells. Marsha wants to woohoo with Rolfe, woohoo in the sauna and woohoo in the hammock. Definitely a romance aspiration!
  24. 24. “Well this trip is amazing so far, isnt it!?” Rolfe said while sitting by the fire with his two main women. “Definitely!” Kea agreed. “Absolutely.” Seconded Marsha.
  25. 25. “Since were all having such a good time,” Rolfe shifted to one knee,“Why dont I just go ahead with the rest of my plans for the evening?” “Oh my gosh, Rolfe!” Marsha gasped, cupping her mouth. “Will you marry me, Marsha?”
  26. 26. “Oh Rolfe, of course!” Marsha admired her new engagement ring.“I thought this night couldnt get better, but oh my gosh! Yes, yes Ill marry you!!”
  27. 27. The next morning all Kea wanted to do was soak in the hot springs. So they went to the Ancient Ruins of Numchuck where she could do just that. I think seeing her son propose made Kea miss Mark even more.
  28. 28. “Im so glad you said yes Marsha! Also, I was thinking... what if wewent back to the campfire tonight and got married? Lets skip all the planning and stress. Were already here in paradise! It would be perfect.”
  29. 29. “That sounds perfect, babe. This vacation just keeps getting better and better!” Thankfully, right now Marsha doesnt fear a wedding to Rolfe. Sotheyre going to be married only a day after the proposal to prevent Marsha from going into aspiration failure!
  30. 30. Rolfe and Marsha decided on South End Beach as the perfectwedding destination. Marsha donned a gorgeous short wedding dress, Rolfe a nice suit and Kea a long formal gown.
  31. 31. The wedding was quick and beautiful. The waves lapped at thenewlyweds ankles as they said their vows. Finally came the kiss and Marsha became Mrs. Rolfe Encore!
  32. 32. The last day of vacation was spent on the beach after the wedding, then everyone packed their things and headed back home feeling very rested and blissful. Rolfe went back to work immediately andachieved his second lifetime want of becoming Education Minister.Now his third lifetime want is to become a Professional Party Guest.
  33. 33. A feeling of joy isnt the only thing that was brought back fromvacation! Marsha brought home a full belly too! All those wants to woohoo paid off on vacation. She is now pregnant with her first child, or judging from how many sets of twins have already been born to Rolfes siblings, Marsha is more likely pregnant with her first children lol.
  34. 34. Marshas body does not handle pregnancy very well. At all! She is constantly hungry, tired and has to pee all the time. She sleepspretty much from sundown to past sun up. By the time her sleep bar is full, all the others are in the dangerous red zone!
  35. 35. Kea doesnt care about Marshas pregnancy side effects! All shecares about is the grandbaby inside her daughter in law. Shes been wanting a new grandchild since Rolfe and Marsha married on the beach.
  36. 36. Marsha was taking a shower when she went into labor. So shehopped out and, naked as a new babe in front of the butler, she gave birth to a little girl!! She is named Sandy :)Her namesake is Sandy Olsen, main character of Grease. She is the new, goody-goody, naive Australian girl in town who falls for the high schools bad-boy Danny Zuko.
  37. 37. When Rolfe got home from working as a free lance photographer,he saw that Marsha was without her usual belly and rushed upstairs to meet his new daughter! Such a good daddy.
  38. 38. Marsha is a primaryromance aspiration and hasmany romance wants, such as: fall in love with two sims, meet someone new and make out with three different sims... Notexactly good wants to havefor a new wife and mother, so to help her stay happy I declared her a secondary family aspiration, whichhelps a little. Also, she and Rolfe go on dates all the time around the home, which keeps them both very happy.
  39. 39. Usually once they get past the usual wants (tell a dirty joke, tickleand slow dance), Marshas wants turn toward woohoo. She wants to woohoo with Rolfe, she wants to woohoo Rolfe in the car. Itskyrockets their date bar and gives Marsha lots of aspiration boost. Win win, in my opinion!
  40. 40. All of us simmers know where lots of woohoo leads! If you said pregnancy, youre right! Marsha is with child again. Last time wasdifficult enough, but with this pregnancy she got morning sicknessas well. Plus being tired and hungry all the time. Here we go again!
  41. 41. Marsha isnt the only one carrying a baby in her belly; after a few tries, Cha Cha and Leo are now expecting their own pups!
  42. 42. With Rolfe working nights and Marsha sleeping through themajority of the day, Kea helps take care of little Sandy as much asneeded. Not that she minds, she actually loves cuddling up to hergranddaughter. Rolfe is a great help too, once he gets home from work, he always checks up on his sweet baby girl.
  43. 43. For Sandys birthday celebration, the entire family is invited over.Of course, the children and toddlers stay home with nannies. Before the candles were light, someone turned on the tunes and it wasnt long before a smustle dance off started!
  44. 44. Everyone stopped dancing in time to support baby Sandy however. OnceRolfe brought the little girl up to her cake to blow outthe candles, all of her aunts and uncles were cheering and tooting horns in her honor!
  45. 45. Sandy aged into quite the cutie! I was a little worried to see howRolfe and Marshas genes would mix together, but their firstborn is gorgeous. She also has a very extreme personality! 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 2 lazy, 10 playful and 1 mean point!
  46. 46. The poor, poor Encores! They cant have a good party without thecops being called, can they!? Once again it looks like one of spares children must have called in a noise complaint. Party poopers!
  47. 47. Marsha, who is very pregnant now, slept through the entire party and half of the next morning! Shes turning out to be quite theabsent parent in little Sandys life! Oh well, well blame it on the rough pregnancy.
  48. 48. Rolfe is moving up the slacker career ladder very quickly. His thirdlifetime want is to become a Professional Party Guest. He is now a freelance web designer, so hes very well on his way.
  49. 49. Kea is very much an involved grandmother to Sandy. Since Rolfeworks a lot and Marsha is constantly sleeping or stuffing her face, someone has to tend to our sweet girl.
  50. 50. Thankfully since Kea has been taking care of Sandy, Marsha wasable to catch up on sleep. Finally, since Sandy was born, she gets tointeract with her mother! And it looks like Marsha is making up for lost time. She taught her baby girl to talk, her first word was high chair, and became best friends with Sandy while teaching her a nursery rhyme!
  51. 51. Sandy is capturing the hearts of everyone in the home. Everyonehas wants that revolve around her. Rolfe doesnt want to teach herthings, he just wants to play games with her! What a true pleasure sim!
  52. 52. Marshas second labor didnt end up with her naked before the butler, but it did result in another little girl! (Yay for girls, I was worried that they were going to have all boys since I was runninglow on boys names due to the spares having all boys). This little girl is named Marty, after Marty Maraschino from Grease. She is the pretty, sassy, flirty member of The Pink Ladies.
  53. 53. When I say everyone in the house loves Sandy, I mean everyone!Even Cha Cha and Leo like to get in some cuddle time with their favorite toddler. At first I thought maybe its just Cha Chaspregnancy hormones, but then Leo started waiting in like to get a snuggle. It just must be Sandys charm!
  54. 54. Sandy has officially mastered all of the toddler skills! The afternoonbefore her birthday, Kea taught the little girl how to walk. She spent the rest of the afternoon toddling around the house getting into everything. And chasing down the dogs for a cuddle.
  55. 55. Sandy isnt the only ray of sunshine in the house anymore! Now that Marty is here, the attention is divided. This time Marsha actuallyinteracts with her newborn! Rolfe continues to be an attentive father as well.
  56. 56. Marshas mother of the moment award may be taken away soon.Shes pregnant again, and we all know what that means! Endless eating, vomiting and sleeping seventeen hours a day.
  57. 57. Kea was just on the phone inviting over the entire family tocelebrate Sandys birthday when the Grim Reaper showed up and ruined the party... literally!
  58. 58. In light of recent events, Rolfe and Marsha decided not to throw aranging party. Instead, they quietly celebrated Sandys birthday with just the immediate family. Kea would have enjoyed a big bash, but Rolfe is torn up about losing his mom and is in no mood to entertain.
  59. 59. Even poor Sandy is remembering her Grandmother tonight! Its abittersweet night saying goodbye to Kea and seeing Sandy grow into such a cute child on the same evening.
  60. 60. To celebrate Sandy growing older, I had Marsha make a yummy cheesecake! Okay, the real reason is because Lydia suggested Icheesecake twins into the family for better chances of getting the blue skintone into this generation! Heres hoping!!
  61. 61. When Sandy went to sleep, Marsha tucked in her and kissed her onthe head. Rolfe took a moment to grieve the loss of his mother. Poor guy, being so strong in front of his wife and daughter while his heart is breaking.
  62. 62. Like father, like daughter! Both Rolfe and Sandy are mean and cheat at chess. Theonly difference is, Rolfe sucks at it and gets caught everytime. Sandy gets away with it. Poor, dumb Rolfe ;)
  63. 63. Marshas belly is getting bigger and bigger every day! Im getting excited and hoping for a baby with blue skin this time. Maybe Marsha will be nice and give us just that?
  64. 64. Marty is now a toddler! Andwhat a cutie she turned out tobe. She inherited the Encore eyes, yay! I couldnt get agood picture of her, becauseshe kept pouting about being tired. Shes just like Marsha during pregnancy ;)
  65. 65. We have puppies!! Cha Cha had two black male puppies and one white female puppy. They are named Doody, Putzie and Frenchy.Doody and Putzie are members of the T-Birds and friends with Danny.Frenchy is the dumb “beauty school drop out” Pink Lady who wants todrop out of school to go to beauty school. She ironically tries to dye her hair, and it turns out pink!
  66. 66. Marsha is being a much more hands-on mother this time aroundwith little Marty. When Sandy was born, Marsha didnt touch heragain until she was a toddler. Now Marsha is already best friendswith her little girl and even rolls wants to teach her the necessary toddler skills.
  67. 67. Sandy is a fantastic big sister to little Marty. They are building agreat relationship because Sandy interacts with her quite frequently throughout the day. She even passed along her knowledge of nursery rhymes.
  68. 68. Rolfe has completed another lifetime want! He is now a Professional Party Guest, yay Rolfe! Sweet Sandy runs out tocongratulate her daddy with a big hug. Rolfes new and fourth LTW is top the entertainment career.
  69. 69. School is coming quite naturally for Sandy. She only had to bringhomework to the house once or twice before she stopped bringing it home (I have a hack that allows kids to not bring homework everyday if they have a high grade in school). Shes going to be a smart girl, I can tell already!
  70. 70. Sandy is not only smart, but super friendly too. She loves her family and that includes the dogs. Right now she wants to befriend ChaCha, so they spend tons of time together. I love both of their faces in this picture! Cha Cha is so excited, and Sandy is just... Im speechless lol. Her face is hilarious!
  71. 71. Doody, Frenchy and Putzie get lots of attention too! When Martyisnt playing with her arts and crafts table, the pups line up to get in some cuddle time!
  72. 72. Having three puppies in thehouse, means quite the mess! But I did notice something, when Rolfe was scoldingPutzie... he got the blue mask from Leo!! :)
  73. 73. Rolfe was teaching Marty to walk one evening while Marsha wassnoozing on the couch. She woke up from her nap and gave birth to twins! I was really hoping for a baby with blue skin, but alas... Danny was the first born of the twins and Viola is the youngest twin.
  74. 74. Dannys namesake is Danny Zuko, leader of the T-Birds andresident bad boy of Rydell High. He falls for good-girl Sandy Olsen and struggles to continue to look cool and impress Sandy at the same time. Violas namesake is the waitress at the Frosty Palace who wisely advises Frenchy not to drop out of high school to go to beauty school.
  75. 75. The Headmaster was invited over for dinner the night after Danny and Viwere born. Marsha showed him around the spacious home, which he didntseem impressed with at all! …. That is until we got the bathroom. Then he loved it! What a weirdo!
  76. 76. Rolfe was in charge of cooking, since he has maxed cooking skillpoints, and he completely flubbed up the lobster. It was too late tocook another dish, so the Headmaster and Rolfe chatted over burnt lobster the color of charcoal. Thankfully, the Headmaster didnt seem to mind and Sandy was accepted into his instiution.
  77. 77. Rolfe and Marsha are now the proud parents of four since the twinscame into the family. Without the help of Mark and Kea, things are a bit chaotic! Someone is always crying, hungry or dirty. Rolfe works nights, so this leaves Marsha alone to deal with four young children. Like I said, chaotic.
  78. 78. And to top things off, Marsha is preggers again! Maybe I shouldhave waiting a little while longer before having them try for a baby. Oh well, were all going to cross our fingers for a blue baby this time! I dont want the skintone to die out just yet.
  79. 79. Rolfe and Marsha are really coming together as a team to parent all four children. Rolfe is home during the day, so he helps Marshawith the twins. Marty is pretty much always content in her nursery, thanks to the snapdragons. Sandy goes to school during the day, which helps things a little too.
  80. 80. The butler attempts to helpduring the times that Rolfe isnt home and Marsha is sleeping. But, bless his poor heart, he is horrible with the kids. No matter what the problem is, healways feeds them a bottle! So if they are dirty, tired, need a bath, etc... his solution is to always feed them a bottle!
  81. 81. Its time for birthday! Tonight Marty, Danny and Viola are aging. Marsha invited over the aunts and uncles, but (surprise) it wasnt long before the copsgot called. Even though, they werent doing anything!!
  82. 82. Marty aged into a very pretty young lady. She inherited her fatherseyes, which are the family eyes. So maybe if we cant get the blue skintone to carry on, we can at least get the eyes!?
  83. 83. Danny also got the Encore eyes! He and Viola aged into cute toddlers. They have striking features, Im hoping they grow into them a bit more as they get older. Dannys personality is 7 neat, 8outgoing, 2 active, 8 playful and 1 nice. Vis is 10 neat, 7 outgoing, 9 active, 5 playful and 4 nice. She is the first and only child right now to have more than 1 nice point. Shes still mean however.
  84. 84. Now that Danny and Viare toddlers, their parents team up once again to tackle the toddler skills!It didnt take long before the little ones were walking all over the place and using their words. The two older children are learning too. Theweeknights are dedicated to studying for Sandyand Marty. They are both smart, but I have to say Marty is quite the fast skiller! She knocked out three skills in one night.
  85. 85. Rolfe and Marsha were upstairs playing with the twins when the labor pains struck! This time just one little baby was born. A girlnamed Betty. Her namesake is Betty Rizzo. The sassy, say-anythingleader of the Pink Ladies. Rizzo is reluctant to accept Sandy into the group at first, even making fun of her for being so “Sandra Dee”, but in the end approves.
  86. 86. The puppies are all grown up! From left to right is Doody, Frenchy and Putzie. The boys got longer hair and Frenchy looks a lot likeBernice, to me! I still love that Putzie got the blue mask from Leo.
  87. 87. After talking with Lydia and Roxy, we have all decided thatMarsha should get pregnant one more time in hopes for a bluebaby. Thus, Marshas montage of morning sickness!
  88. 88. The more kids Rolfe and Marsha have, the more they interact with their babies. When Sandy was born, Marsha didnt touch her from right after birth until she was a toddler. Now both parents arecompletely involved in their kids life. Maybe they were just nervous about being first time parents with Sandy?
  89. 89. Not only are the kids spending lots of time with their parents, butthey also spend quite a bit of quality time with each other as well. Danny and Viola naturally spend a good chunk of their day with each other, them being twins and all. It wasnt long before they became best friends! So cute.
  90. 90. Its offical now! Marsha is expecting her last child with Rolfe. I really, really hope this baby has the blue skintone!
  91. 91. We havent seen much of this big guy since Brigitta last was livinghere. She wanted to befriend him and become a werewolf. I wanted to give it a go, but Balin the wolf never showed back up after hisfirst encounter with Bri. Ive read somewhere that wolves show up more frequently when children are living on the lot. Maybe thats why he is back – he wants to come in and get to the five kids!
  92. 92. Its birthday time for four of the five kids in the home! Sweet Marty cheers on three of her siblings as they are about to age. First up isSandy aging into a teenager. Then, Danny and Viola are going to be children!
  93. 93. Sandy aged into such a lovely teenager. Its too bad she didntinherit the Encore eyes, she is so pretty and would make a great heiress! Maybe shell have the recessive blue skin? ;) Sandy rolled pleasure as a primary aspiration (like father, like daughter once again) and wealth as a secondary aspiration.
  94. 94. Danny and Vi aged into cute kids! I really like Dannys eye shape and color. I kept trying to figure out why the twins looked a little different from their siblings, and I realized they have much fullerlips than the rest of the Encores born into this generation. Especially the top lip!
  95. 95. Birthday time isnt over just yet! Weve still got the littlest member of the family to age. Baby Betty is now a toddler. I think sheresembles Viola quite a bit. With one differing factor, Betty has the Encore eyes. Her personality is 5 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful and 1 nice.
  96. 96. Right away, Rolfe gets a couple of “awesome parent points” by teaching Betty out to walk and talk. Marsha took care of Betty themost when she was little, so there was a significant difference in herrelationship with both parents. Rolfe teaching her both skills really helped them to bond.
  97. 97. Ghost Kea is kind of a major jerk! The night of everyonesbirthdays, she was roaming around the house. She wasnt botheringanyone until the kids went to sleep. All of a sudden, I see Vi get outof bed, even though she is still tired, and Kea jumps out and makes a mean face at her! Very un-grandmotherly, shame on you Kea.
  98. 98. Mark on the other hand is a friendly ghost. He doesnt make meanfaces or scream in the horribly paranormal sounding voice like Kea.When he jumps out, he is always smiling and making silly gestures with his hands. Of course, it still scares the family members (Id be scared if I saw a ghost even if they were just petting a dog). But at least he isnt being intentionally mean in the afterlife.
  99. 99. “Thanks for coming over for dinner again, Headmaster! Sandy lovesyour school and we were hoping that Marty, Danny and Viola could be accepted as well. They love school, dont you kids?”“Oh yeah! I really like math! Its my favorite subject right now. I even help Danny and Vi with their homework when I know how.”
  100. 100. “I like birds!” …...* face palm * Really, Danny, really? Youre supposed to just agree and say you like books or something. Way to pick up on the conversation there, buddy.Overall, the night went well despite Dannys bird comment. The three children got accepted with a score of 90/90.
  101. 101. Unless you looked at Marshas aspiration, you wouldnt have a clue she is a primary romance aspiration. She loves to spend time withher children and rolls the wants to be best friends with the ones she isnt with already. She also rolls various wants to play, talk and snuggle with different kids throughout the day. So cute!
  102. 102. Marsha really has come a long way from ignoring her first newbornto now when she rolls wants all revolving around her children. Nowshe is best friends with Danny! I dont see how though, Danny takesadvantage of his mother while playing chess and cheats pretty muchevery other move. In fact, pretty much every child does this. It runs in the family.
  103. 103. The final baby is here! He doesnt have blue skin, but his big sisters dont seem to mind! They all ran to their mom whenshe went into l labor and cheered when Tom was born. Tom is named after athletic superstar Tom Chisum who likes Sandy and he also managed to catch Sandys eye. When Danny realizes this is when he decides he needs to step it up to impress Sandy and get her back!
  104. 104. With that, dear readers, we are going to say goodbye to the family for now. I hope that you enjoyed the chapter, Ive been having so much fun playing them this turn! Look back next time to see how Sandy,Marty, Danny, Viola, Betty and baby Tom continue to grow. As always, thank you so much for taking the time toread. Especially this time since it was a pretty lengthy chapter! See you next time! ilovereecee/Katie