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Chapter 9

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. The Hues Legacy Chapter Nine “When Life Gives You Limes” by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Hues Legacy, a joint legacy between me, Haleigh/meadowthayer, and Roxanne/Taube. In the last few chapters, you saw Roxy play as Rose graduated college, married Jim, and had four children – Emerald, Forest, Shamrock, and Lime. In this chapter, we’ll find out who Roxy and I have picked to be our heir and see how everyone’s lives turn out. And without further adieu…
  3. 3. Well guys, these were the two possible choices for heir! However, Roxy and I are still unsure who we want to be the heir so we have decided to wait until they are young adults.
  4. 4. Rose and Jim decided to celebrate their move to my computer with a little woohoo.
  5. 5. Rose of course, also decided to celebrate after work by doing the hula.
  6. 6. Rose was very close to her elder birthday, and soon she was blowing out her birthday candles! She aged into a gorgeous elder! And thankfully, as an elder her nose didn’t become gigantic!
  7. 7. The next evening it was time for Jim to become an elder. I couldn’t resist putting him in the island elder outfit I had since he was a beach NPC.
  8. 8. Rose and Jim make a gorgeous elder couple. I really like these guys, they’re a good match for each other.
  9. 9. And of course, just because she’s an elder doesn’t mean that she can’t rock out to her MP3 player. Though, she looks like she wants to murder someone.
  10. 10. Now that Rose and Jim are both elders, it’s time for us to send the kids to university! They all aged wonderfully. Especially Shamrock, who unfortunately isn’t eligible for heir.
  11. 11. I’m sure you guys are dying to know who Roxy and I picked out of Emerald and Lime! Well, the answer is we picked Lime! It was a close call because we had things we liked better about each one. But I think we made a good choice!
  12. 12. As you all remember, we are picking the spouses through the crystal ball. Lime only had two decent looking girls, and I ended up going with Ericka Jayapalan because of her red hair.
  13. 13. Lime and Ericka got along really well so it was no surprise when the couple were soon sharing their first kiss together.
  14. 14. What was maybe a little surprising was the fact that Lime and Ericka got engaged on their first date!
  15. 15. I could tell from during their date that Ericka was a romance sim, so I let them celebrate their engagement with some woohoo.
  16. 16. A few nights after their date, Ericka brought a hot tub to Lime.
  17. 17. Emerald ended up getting to pick a man from the crystal ball that looks quite a bit like Remington Harris. His name is Griff Trimble.
  18. 18. Like her brother, Emerald got engaged to Griff on their first date together. Despite that fact that he was smelly.
  19. 19. Forest’s girlfriend actually looks a lot like the female version of Remington, which is ironic since Emerald is his twin sister. Anyway, Forest and Caryl Dawn are a very adorable couple.
  20. 20. Just like his siblings, Forest and Caryl got engaged on their first date.
  21. 21. The kids are now halfway done with college! Woohoo!
  22. 22. Finally, everyone’s favorite – Shamrock! He ended up getting the gorgeous hobby sim – Cassidy Monif.
  23. 23. Shamrock wanted to be like his siblings and get engaged, but when he proposed to Cassidy, she turned down his proposal.
  24. 24. But not to fear! After some making out, she was convinced and accepted his second proposal.
  25. 25. Lime has pretty much been spending his time floating around in the pool out back. He lives a very exciting life, can you tell?
  26. 26. And finally, the kids have all graduated! Now, for an update on the spares!
  27. 27. Up first we have Emerald and Griff! *Also, I have moved all of the spares into Maxis created homes that I modified.
  28. 28. Since Griff was a romance sim, I had the couple get married right away before he feared it.
  29. 29. Of course, it wasn’t long before the couple welcomed their first child into the world! They had a son together named Ecru. *I have decided to do oranges and yellows for my generation. It’s never really been set in stone that we choose one color, it’s just sort of happened this way. But eventually, we’ll run out of individual colors and have to just have random colors.
  30. 30. Ecru was a very spoiled little boy. His parents were always there to make sure he had everything he needed.
  31. 31. And that’s where we’ll leave Emerald’s life.
  32. 32. Next, we’re going to look at how Emerald’s twin, Forest, spent his life. As it turns out, Caryl is a vacation sim so Forest had to wait a day for her to show up, so he spent the day fishing.
  33. 33. But after she showed up, Forest had her move in with him.
  34. 34. Caryl is a romance sim too, so I had the couple get married before she could fear it.
  35. 35. Forest and Caryl had no trouble conceiving, and soon they too welcomed a son that they named Mustard.
  36. 36. Mustard aged into a very handsome toddler, and definitely was spoiled by both of his parents.
  37. 37. And that’s it for Forest’s life.
  38. 38. Finally, we have everyone’s favorite – Shamrock! I’m really sad he didn’t get the eyes. He would’ve been a great heir! Also, it’s just a coincidence that they’re both wearing stripes. But I think it’s cute.
  39. 39. Even though neither Shamrock or Cassidy were romance sims, I decided to just go ahead and let them have a private wedding.
  40. 40. Soon, Shamrock and Cassidy welcomed twins into the world! First, a girl named Peach* and then a boy named Salmon. *So, I really wanted to use Peach for a main line sim, but then I remembered the dogs name is Peach, but since I still wanted to use the name I used it for a spares daughter!
  41. 41. The twins make very cute toddlers. Peach looks more like her Dad, and Salmon looks more like his mother.
  42. 42. I think both children got the family nose, but it’s not so bad on Peach. Who I absolutely adore.
  43. 43. And that’s where we’ll leave Shamrock’s family.
  44. 44. That concludes this chapter! I hope that you enjoyed it and I’m sorry that it was so short. There’s just not much to write about because the kids really didn’t do much while they were in college. Anyway, stay tuned to see Lime’s life back him with his fiancé Ericka Jayapalan. Until next time, Haleigh/meadowthayer