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A Sparrow Legacy - 1.01


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A Sparrow Legacy - 1.01

  1. 1. Welcome guys to my brand new legacy! Why have I started this? Because I’m rebuilding the town for a Struggle to Survive and until then I wanted something to do. This isn’t a normal legacy and neither is it a story legacy, I’m not doing it for points but I’m sort of going back on how Legacies used to be like. Right explanations! This Legacy will only go to 7 Generations and each generation has to be named after a letter from the word Sparrow. So one generation of kids will be all named S names, while the next generation would be P and so on. No cheats, no pose boxes and no OSMPs. No college, the kids will grow up straight to adults to save time. The legacy will be completed as soon as the first child of generation 7 is born. Okay? Let’s get started then!
  2. 2. Welcome to Jaggers Way! This little town is something I created so I could play my legacy Sims without the trouble of a story line, so be prepared to see some very familiar faces! Now let’s meet out founder shall we?
  3. 3. This is her started home. I think it turned out great, considering she didn’t start out with much money to begin with. Sally: “I like it! It’s the perfect size for me!” Oh I’m going to enjoy watching over you Sally.
  4. 4. Here’s what it looks like on the inside. Nice right?
  5. 5. With nothing else to do Sally decides to make herself some breakfast. How is it Sally? Sally: “Kinda tastes of cardboard. But at least I’m not going hungry!” She’s one of those glass is half full type of people if you couldn’t tell. Full of optimism, much better than being grump Cough *Jesse* cough.
  6. 6. Lara Ryan soon arrived with the days newspaper and by the look on her face, she wishes there were earmuffs big enough to cover her ears. Lara: “Hey! You can’t read my mind!” I’m right though aren’t I? Lara: “Oh shut up!”
  7. 7. Mr Humble brought the computer round but sadly we don’t have any where to put it so it’s just have to go into Sally’s inventory. Mr Humble: “Oh well that’s nice. Nice to know my money is going to good use.” Well then maybe you shouldn’t buy computers for everybody in town.
  8. 8. The Mrs Big of the town is called Veronica Patch. I was a bit worried that she would start teasing my little founder but they actually got on really well. I guess her innocent charm is enough to charm even Mrs Big.
  9. 9. The welcome wagon soon rolled in and every one of them were playables. One of them though defiantly was more familiar, apparently talking about the Prince of Darkness makes him appear. I would like you all to meet Tara Kat, Robert Kim and the founder of A Struggle to Survive a Legacy Jesse Junior!
  10. 10. Hey there Jesse! How’s the kids? Jesse: “Oh great you again. Why can’t you leave me alone?!” Because your the echo of my founder! I’m going to follow you around until you also leave me for the Grim Reaper. Jesse: “Someone has issues.” You can talk Mr Grump.
  11. 11. Sally was quick to start mixing with the welcome wagon. Despite being so shy she was finding it easy to make friends. Tara was especially friendly to Sally. Tara: “So your Sally Sparrow? It’s very nice to meet you!”
  12. 12. Jesse is someone who laughs at horror films.
  13. 13. Jesse is also someone who thinks schoolyard bullying is the way into your crushes heart. It didn’t work obviously, which is a good thing considering he is married in hood. Jesse: “Did it hurt when I poked your pretty little nose?!” Veronica: “Arg! You jerk! Let’s see if you like it when I pull your perfect locks!” Yeah she also has a crush on him. As the teasing turned into fighting the two of the were heart farting each other.
  14. 14. Sadly the two of them soon became enemies and continued to fight each other until Sally’s morals won over her shyness. In other words she promptly kicked them out. Sally: “Please can you all go home now? I’m feeling kind of tired.” Politely of course.
  15. 15. The next day Sally called up the Matchmaker hoping she would help her find the man of her dreams. I course had my doubts. Sally: “He needs to either be a hard worker or a vampire!” Matchmaker: “Well considering it’s the middle of the day I think we should aim for a hard worker. Let’s see what we can find.”
  16. 16. Oh wow! His face is what I used as a base to make Sally so I think he’s a pretty good match, go for it Sally! Sally: “O-okay. What do I say?” Hello usually works. His name is Kacper Greaves and I guess being an NPC counts as a hard worker.
  17. 17. Sally: “You h-have r-really pretty blue eyes.” Kacper: “Oh! W-well t-thank you. I like y-yours eyes as well.” Aww they’re both shy! This may take a while but the interactions are adorable.
  18. 18. Kacper: “I don’t think I’ve met anyone like you Sally. I’ve had a really fun time today, do you think we can do this again?” Sally: “I would like that.”
  19. 19. The date turned out to be a dream date and in true shy Sim fashion the two of them ended it with a light kiss. Sally I believe we’ve found your spouse. Sally: “That’s great but could you leave us alone for a bit?” Oh sorry.
  20. 20. Seeing as her ideal job wasn’t available yet and we really needed the money, Sally decided to take a job in the culinary track. Well at least it’ll get your skills up. Sally: “I guess.”
  21. 21. And she got a promotion! Good work Sally! Sally: “It wasn’t really that hard. The boss caught me covering for someone and gave me their job.” Oh....
  22. 22. This is the result of seeing if she would have more bolts for a vampire. I can’t remember his name but he showed up furious and then turned and slapped Sally, what the hell you don’t even know her yet! Angry Vampire: “I’m an angry person so I’m going to take it out on you!” He made her cry, so I made him burn up >:)
  23. 23. So I guess were going with Kacper here, Sally doesn’t seem too disappointed by that though. Kacper: “Mmmmpf!” Kacper seems a bit shocked though.
  24. 24. It didn’t take them long to turn it into a make-out session.
  25. 25. Well this didn’t take long to appear that’s for sure. I guess it’s safe to say that Kacper is a keeper.
  26. 26. ACR then kicked it but, lucky enough, Sally rolled to high so there was no lullaby. We’re not quiet ready for a baby yet guys. Kacper: “You’re so beautiful Sally.” Sally: “Oh Kacper.”
  27. 27. Sally celebrated her new found love by painting a picture in a towel. What are you painting there Sally? Sally: “I think it’s Tara Kat but I can’t remember.”
  28. 28. Ah! Another familiar face has appeared, meet Elijah Junior! He is the 2nd Generation Heir from A Struggle to Survive a Legacy. How’s life Elijah? Elijah: “Not bad. The kids are a bit of handful.”
  29. 29. Sally decided to take Kacper out on a proper date, this time taking him out to the newly opened diner down the road. Sally: “Are you enjoying yourself?” Kacper: “It really is lovely here, Sally.” Sally: “There was a reason I brought you here.”
  30. 30. Sally: “These past few days I’ve really come to love spending time with you Kacper. I never want our time together to end, so I’m wondering if you give me the honour of spending the rest of your life with me?” Kacper: “Sally, are you asking me what I think your asking me?”
  31. 31. Sally: “Kacper Greaves, will you marry me?” Kacper: “Oh my god Sally! Yes! Yes I will.”
  32. 32. These two are so adorable together. I was kind of worried he wouldn’t accept it but I guess the two of them are perfect for each other.
  33. 33. Kacper and Sally soon head home together where the two decided to make their love official. With only a little bit of money between them they couldn’t afford a such fancy affair but it didn’t make it any less special. Sally and Kacper: “I do.”
  34. 34. ...What’s the matter Sally? Sally: “This uniform smells funny and I’m working for a bunch of teenagers. I hate this job!” Well until a carer in Education appears this is all I can do, you need to the money. If you hate it so much then work towards a promotion. Sally: “Fine!”
  35. 35. O_O. Sally: “Can I quit now?!” Not until the Education track becomes open!
  36. 36. Sadly Kacper wasn’t having much luck looking for a job either. Nothing in the Adventure track had come up so instead he decided to take care of the house for Sally while she works. Kacper: “What the? Is that a broken spanner, why is still attached to the dial?!”
  37. 37. Damn it! We are not ready for a baby yet you two, there’s no room and you defiantly don’t have enough money. “Did you hear something, Sal?” “Just ignore it Kacper and go back to sleep.” Well thanks to ACR generation 2 is arriving a bit earlier than planned but I can’t wait to see what it looks like .
  38. 38. Kacper: “Sal?” Sally: “Yes dear?” Kacper: “Does the house seem more....liveable to you?” Sally: “No. Why?” Because I added another room for you Sally. Maybe you should tell your husband why I had to do that. Sally: “How’s you cereal, Kacper?” Kacper: “It’s kind of tastes like cardboard actually. Do we have anything else?” With the money you two have left? I doubt it.
  39. 39. Bet you’re regretting not using protection now, aren't you? Sally: “Shut up! Ugh. That cereal just isn’t sitting right, maybe the milk was gone off?” What happened to my optimist founder? Sally: “She got pregnant!” Don’t you blame that on me! That’s all on you, Sally!
  40. 40. I love it when shy sims try and dance, their smiling but you can tell they rather be doing something else.
  41. 41. Yes! Finally something has opened up in the Adventure track, now Kacper can actually go to work and bring back money. Kacper: “There’s something in the education track as well, so Sal can finally do what she wants.”
  42. 42. Having jobs mean that friends are needed, so Kacper got to work on making friends with the small amount of people in his relationship panel. One of them was Nathaniel James, a werewolf townie that I created when I first built Jaggers Way. Kacper: “So Cody Mace got married? I never thought that would happen.” Nathaniel: “Married? Kacper the dude now has four kids! Where have you been this whole time?”
  43. 43. Sally on the other hand stuck to the random wallabyes she managed to say hello to. Her most recent friend is a woman called Beverly Byall, who lives downtown.
  44. 44. When she wasn’t busy making friends Sally was cleaning the house. Without the money to afford help keeping the house clean fell into Sally’s hands. Kacper would much rather live in a pigsty. Sally: “How can someone make so much mess just by making a simple sandwich?”
  45. 45. Of course the cleaning had to be put to a stop when she popped into her first trimester. I must admit I wasn’t aware that outfit had a pregnancy mesh but there we go. Sally no more cleaning. Sally: “But the house would get dirty!” Then you better start saving up for a maid.
  46. 46. Of course with Kacper around we have no need for repairmen. He’s very good at fixing the plumbing but he has yet to test his skills on something electronic. Kacper: “I fiddle with electronics for a hobby.” That’s true.
  47. 47. I have to admit though, I’m looking forward to seeing the new baby just as much as these two are. Wonder what it’s going to be? Sally: “I don’t mind, as long as it’s healthy.” There’s my optimistic founder.
  48. 48. “Sal, I think you’ve got something on your face.” “?” - And that’s where I’m going to leave it now. So tell me what you guys think and with how much I’m enjoying playing the Sparrows, the next update shouldn’t be long. Happy Simming!