SiMania Joint Duelacy Chapter 12


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SiMania Joint Duelacy Chapter 12

  1. 1. The SiMania Joint Duelacy Sallys Side - Chapter 12 Written by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Hello and welcome back to The SiMania JointDuelacy. This is the 12th chapter of Sallys side. In the last chapter you saw taube/Roxy take onKatherine and Zethamae after their college years. Together they produced the next generation: Eowyn, Mona, Yossarian and Milo. So lets dive right in from there...
  3. 3. Here we have Aurora (who was named by me as she was born into the family when I last played them) and her husband Adrien. Theyre the grandparents of the current generation.
  4. 4. Their daughter Katherine, the blonde in the lovely red sweater, was named heiress and married Zethamae, the red head in the belted black top. Together they had four children: Eowyn, Mona and twin boys Yossarian and Milo. So where are their kids, you ask? Well lets go find out!
  5. 5. Theyre settling into their new place at Sim State! This is Eowyn, the oldest and heiress! Shes got a new do and threads to boot.She is a family/grilled cheese gal with the lifetime want to marry off six kids. She declared a literature major.
  6. 6. This is Mona who also has a new, shorter hair cut. She also hasglasses which match her black headband. I think shes very pretty! Mona is a fortune/romance aspiration with the lifetime want to become a professional party guest. Her declared major isphilosophy... which somehow is supposed to guide her on the right track to party guest!
  7. 7. The oldest of the twin boys is Yossarian. Hes a romance/popularity aspiration with the lifetime want to become a celebrity chef! He is also the only one who kept his original hair cut. Mainly because I didnt have any of his siblings hairs downloaded! So feel lucky, Yoss! Hes declared drama as his major.
  8. 8. Last, but not least, is sweet Milo. He is a knowledge/family guy with the lofty dream to make an impact on young lives as an education minister. His declared major is psychology!
  9. 9. Milo starts working on his academic career right away! Hed barelysettled into his new bedroom when he rolled the want to complete an assignment and write a term paper. Hes very eager to make the most of his college years and pass on his knowledge to his future students!
  10. 10. The girls take more time to relax before they start buckling down for the semester. Theyd better hurry though. I downloaded a modification that makes the college semesters only 36 hours(thanks Haleigh!). This obviously shortens the time my sims spend in college, which is more than fine by me!
  11. 11. Yossarians romance roots are showing! He spends as much timeas possible chatting up babes on campus. Practically every girl thatwalks by, he greets and immediately wants to ask out on a date. At least it keeps him in a great mood!
  12. 12. I think our heiress should have been a primary grilled cheeseaspiration, not family! She constantly has the want to talk aboutgrilled cheese. Even if she talks to each sibling about it, she just wants to make the rounds again to discuss the sandwich.
  13. 13. Eowyn does find time for other hobbies, however strong her cheesy thoughts. Ive been noticing her wandering away fromthings she should be doing (homework, term papers etc) to spends hours on the ballet bar. By the time I realize shes missing, almosthalf the day is gone! I guess its a good hobby for a college student to have though. Much better than binge drinking anyway, which seems to be a popular sport on most campuses!
  14. 14. As the freshman year comes to a close, Milo is still totallyengrossed in his studies. Even when hes reached the tip top of his academic progress bar, he still wants to do group research and complete assignments.
  15. 15. Mona is the first of the four to enter the dating world. She used the crystal ball tofind the perfect match. I toldmyself before I had her look for mates, that if the spares used the crystal ball, they would choose the person they were most attracted to as their future spouse. Andfor Mona, it happened to bethis beak nosed Christopher Davidson. I guess I should forgive him for his nose though... because Mona smiles at him like shes thinking about the best wayto murder and eat him later.
  16. 16. All kidding aside, Mona and Christopher have had a very successful first date! Mona has three bolts of chemistry for him, shocker since she was most attracted to him right?... and at theend of the date they share a first kiss! Right in front of the bubble blower – how romantic!
  17. 17. Eowyn isnt too worried about finding a future spouse just yet.Shes busy enjoying her college years day by day. Between writing term papers and completing homework assignments, our heiress especially enjoys making grilled cheese for all of her siblings toenjoy. And talking about grilled cheese while eating grilled cheese. Shes a very grilled cheesy girl.
  18. 18. Just like his big sis Mona, Yossarian is enjoying a little romancehere and there as well. Hes hooking up with Christy Tsang as often as she agrees to come over for a date and it keeps Yoss in a verygood mood. Right now he has no desires to settle down, so Im not sure where this relationship will lead. I have a feeling that since Christy is a romance aspiration too, she wont be too disappointed these hook ups dont end in marriage vows.
  19. 19. So Milo has taken a fancy to Jessica Leelaporn... who was almost a spouse in The Ventures of Boone (a legacy that I really need topick back up). I decided I really didnt like her radical facial featuresand would save her for something else. Well if all keeps going well with her and Milo, her chance to marry into a legacy may have finally arrived!
  20. 20. By the looks of things, shes got a very good chance of marryingMilo! Right after meeting, Jessica went up to the bedroom Milo andYossarian share to read a book. Definitely Milos type! And judging by the fact that they were sharing a kiss just a few hours later, Id say Milo thinks shes pretty swell too.
  21. 21. Mona has taken up a new hobby. Shes a fortune aspiration whichmeans she is completely money hungry. She loves painting. Not because she loves painting, but because it leads to at least five hundred dollars each time she sells one.
  22. 22. In between selling masterpieces, Mona is still going strong withChristopher Davidson. Theyve fallen in love and Mona even took abreak from painting to pop the question! Lucky man! He of courseagreed and they make the first engaged couple of this generation.
  23. 23. Sharing a room with your twin brother can be awkward at times.Although, Im not sure which brothers feels the awkwardness more. Milo for walking in on his brother woohooing with a woman, or Yossarian for getting caught then realizing his brother was turned on by the scene. Hmm...
  24. 24. Yossarian isnt always romancing the ladies. Sometimes I find him doing cute stuff like hanging out just talking with his sister. Andthen I realize shes in a very skimpy nightie and probably shouldnt be sitting so unlady-like in it... especially in front of her brother!
  25. 25. Eowyn is really enjoying being a literature major. In between classes and term papers, shes been working on a novel forchildren. She managed to get it published and even made a pretty penny for it! Over two grand! Way to go Eowyn :)
  26. 26. I decided that Eowyn is only one year away from graduation, so its time to buckle down and find a spouse! I tried using the crystal ball, but only terribly hideous males were available. So then I tried the matchmaker and got two sims with the same nose Monas fiance Chris has. Or beak Ishould say. While that maycut it for spares, I definitely dont want to introduce it into the main legacy line!
  27. 27. Jessica and Milo are having a much easier time in their own dating worlds. In fact, theyve fallen and love and gotten engaged!
  28. 28. Reading on the way to class... yep, definitely a literature major!
  29. 29. One good thing about Eowyns secondary grilled cheese aspiration, is that she constantly has the want to talk about grilled cheese. Just two chats with one of her siblings and shes platinumfor the rest of the day! Its a good thing her brothers and sister dont get tired of hearing her talk about her favorite food... because she bothers them constantly!
  30. 30. So the panic is starting to set in! Eowyn only has one semester left before she graduates and she still hasnt found a suitable futurespouse. I give the matchmaker one last try and she comes up with this...
  31. 31. So Im taking it old school! I used the college directory and sortedall of the students by who Eowyn would have the most chemistrywith. I told myself I was going to pick the first person on the list so that I wouldnt just choose a face one hottie and have clone kids the next generation.
  32. 32. Thankfully Eowyns first choice lady isnt horrible looking! Shesactually pretty, but has some small eyes. Overall, much better than anything the matchmaker has presented! Eowyn and Ichelle Alamassizadeh (no I didnt just have a seizure on my keyboard, that is her last name) have already become friends by talking on the phone and now its time for their first date. Which needs to hurry up because Eowyn has her final in six hours!
  33. 33. Eowyn and Ichelle went to dinner at Bernards BotanicalRestaurant. They didnt actually eat though. They had more fun dancing together and pillow fighting.
  34. 34. They even took some romantic pictures in the photo booth so theycan always remember their first date! Nothing risque happened, Im saving all the good stuff for the wedding night for these two!
  35. 35. Aw isnt Ichelle the sweetest? Eowyn invited her over for agraduation celebration and Ichelle decided that when the line ofcommands I gave her ran out, she wanted to rub Eowyns back.
  36. 36. It looks like thats all the persuasion Eowyn needed to decide topop the question! Ichelle of course said yes and they moved out of the college home and back home to Pleasantview.Everyone graduated and theyre all back home now. Lets catch up with the spares before we see what happens with Eowyn and Ichelle.
  37. 37. First up is Mona – she and fiance Christopher Davidson movedinto a nice sized two bedroom three bathroom home together after Mona graduated. She took a job in the slacker career as a free lance photographer and Chris joined the athletic career as a mascot.
  38. 38. Mona became Mrs. Davidson in a quick ceremony in their sideyard. I was going to set up the whole scene, but then I thought ehh.. one tree is enough of a backdrop right?
  39. 39. Right after their wedding, Chris started working out to move up the athletic career ladder. While he was shedding the pounds, Mona was picking them up because shes pregnant! And isnt she so cute!? I love when pregnant sims rub their bellies.
  40. 40. Their first baby is a little girl named Rowan. She, as I feared, gother fathers hook nose. But other than that shes a pretty cute littlegirl. Rowan isnt named after anyone in particular. I couldnt think of a “favorites” theme for the generation (other than Disney, which I did last time) so Im going to use my favorite names left over from my list of names I didnt get to use in other legacies. Rowan was on my R list for a girl in The Cooke Legacy with meadowthayer/Haleigh.
  41. 41. Rowan is a complete joy in her parents lives. They love being around her and helping her learn and grow.
  42. 42. As Rowan aged into a child (a child who looks like she got all hergenes from her father!) Mona kept working and working toward her lifetime want. Finally she got the final promotion to professional party guest!
  43. 43. Thats it for Monas happily ever after. So now lets jump onto over and hang out with the next spare Yossarian.
  44. 44. Yossarian has no wants to ever get married or havechildren. Such is the life of a romance aspiration. So hebought a small two bedroom home just comfortable enough for himself and the occasional lady friend.He accepted a job as a sous chef immediately and also started inviting guests over right away. He seldom spends a night alone. Whether he be romancing old flames from college orserving delicious dinners in hopes of hooking up withsomeone new, Yossarian is quite the social butterfly.
  45. 45. He is quite the romancer! With every promotion he gets, Yossarianbrings home a new lady friend from work. Apparently nobody has ever told him dont mix business with pleasure!
  46. 46. Just because Yossarian doesnt want to settle down doesnt mean he cant commit to raising is own small family. He adopted two kittens from the adoption agency – Anastasia and Drisella. . . soyes, Im not completely leaving the Disney names behind. Im still going to name pets after Disney characters. I just cant help myself :)
  47. 47. Yossarian zipped through his career and soon was promoted to Celebrity Chef! Of course he had to bring home a fellow female coworker to celebrate the completion of his lifetime want. And nowthat Yoss is all wrapped up, lets go see our final spare Milo and his fiance Jessica.
  48. 48. Well here they are! Its time for Jessica and Milo to get their happily ever after. They moved into a two story three bedroom house together after graduation. Milo accepted a position as university guest lecturer and Jessica decided to stay at home.
  49. 49. They had a quick ceremony on their front yard. It actually turnedout quite pretty with the bushes and the weather was really nice for their big day.
  50. 50. Milo started working right away and Jessica got pregnant very quickly.
  51. 51. It only took two promotions before Milo reached his lifetime want tobecome Education Minister! Guess all his college studying paid off!
  52. 52. Jessicas first pregnancy resulted in an adorable little girl namedJane. Now that Milo has achieved his lifetime want, he also made the choice to stay at home and be with his baby girl as much as possible.
  53. 53. When Jane was a child, she got a new sister and brother! Twins Jude and Lily are adorable additions to the McMania family.
  54. 54. Here they all are all grown up! Well thats all I have for you for now. Check back next time to see Eowyn, the heiress, and her fiancee Ichelle move back home and start their lives together! Thanks for reading :)