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  1. 1. The Cooke Legacy: Chapter Six - Babies, Birthdays & Bubble Blowing A joint legacy between ilovereecee & meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Cooke Legacy! I hope you all remember me, Brennan, I'm the heir to the B generation of my family's legacy. I know it's been a while since you've seen us all, so let me give you a little re-cap of who's who in the house.
  3. 3. These are my parents, Andersen and Jade. My dad, Andersen, was the youngest child in his generation and the generation A heir. Mom wasn't always green and leafy, she has only been a plant sim for a few weeks after being exposed to so many pesticides while tending to her enormous veggie garden.
  4. 4. The lovely lady you see with me is my wife, Cherry. We've been together since our college days and now have four wonderful children together. Oh, and let's not forget to re-introduce you to the family cat Tilly. She's the lime green spotted cat we've had since the first year in our marriage.
  5. 5. This is our oldest child Caroline. Isn't she the spitting image of her mother!? Caroline is a very active child who enjoys jump roping. She's not all fun and games though, she's got a brain underneath those wild, unruly brown locks.
  6. 6. These two rug-rats are my twin boys Clark, in the blue, and Clayton, in the green. They are identical with brown hair and brown eyes from their mother. They both also have extremely similar personalities.
  7. 7. And the tiny girl you see now is my youngest daughter Charlotte. She was born at the end of the last chapter and will be Cherry and I's last child. She has brown hair and eyes like the rest of her siblings and is adored by everyone in the home so far.
  8. 8. The very last member of our family is a parrot named Cupcake. She is Caroline's most recent birthday present. Cupcake is not a very calm bird and has lately taken a liking to escaping from her cage and flying aimlessly around the upper level of the home. Now that you've been reacquainted with everyone, let's start this legacy!
  9. 9. With four children in my home, it seems like there is a birthday every night of the week. As a Popularity sim no birthday goes by without a celebration. This time Clark and Clayton are aging into children and the family including my brothers, sister and their spouses are invited over to celebrate with us all.
  10. 10. Clayton, in the black, and Clark, in the blue, aged into adorable boys. The older they get, the more differences in their facial features are being seen. Clark has the looks of a true Cooke. He has my Grandpa Albert B. Cooke's full lips and wider set nose. Clayton looks more like my wife Cherry than my side of the family.
  11. 11. Cherry and I decided that Charlotte would be our last child. Knowing this made Cherry want to soak up every moment of our infant's time. We both knew Charlotte would be growing up in no time, and she didn't want to miss anything from our daughter's baby days.
  12. 12. Now that my boys are in school they are discovering the wonderful, joyous homework! Everyday they come home and have to sit down to complete homework or work on their skills. The week is dedicated to studying in this house, but our children know the weekend is theirs to do whatever they wish.
  13. 13. As we knew it would, Charlotte's birthday really snuck up on us! I couldn't believe it was already time for my baby girl to grow into a toddler. Cherry, I and my parents all gathered around to celebrate with Charlotte on her first birthday.
  14. 14. Charlotte aged into such a cute little girl. She reminds me of her older sister Caroline when she was this age, because they look so much alike! They both look just like their mother, which I'm not complaining about :)
  15. 15. Immediately after changing Charlotte's outfit, I sat down with her to teach her the essential toddler skills. She learned to talk in no time, and her first word was even “Daddy”!
  16. 16. The boys are having a hard time grasping the concept of studying on school nights and playing on the weekends. I often look outside to see them tossing the football around*. I don't get onto them though, they're just kids after all. *The twins both have a sports predestined hobby.
  17. 17. With four children in the house it seems like we have a birthday every night of the week. This time Caroline was aging into a teenager! Can you believe it!? My first born aging into a teen. . . wow. I'd never felt older than I did at that moment. Nevertheless, Cherry and I gathered to cheer on our sweetheart.
  18. 18. Our little girl, who had always been so sweet, aged into a wild child! She rolled a Romance aspiration with a Pleasure secondary aspiration. I hope she doesn't let that get to her head though. I'm crossing my fingers she stays as sweet and caring as she has always been.
  19. 19. I continued to try to teach Charlotte her toddler skills. She learned how to talk pretty quickly, but she just couldn't get a hold of walking. It was a little more than troublesome for her, but eventually after a few days practice she finally got it!
  20. 20. I'm happy to see that Caroline is staying the same as she was when she was a child. She's a great example for her younger brothers and sister. It's Friday night and instead of partying with her friends, she's at home studying.
  21. 21. The weekend rolled around the my children were very happy to be able to leave the books behind and enjoy themselves outside. Clark didn't waste a minute of the beautiful day and spent the majority of his time jump roping outside.
  22. 22. I was a little more than nervous when I saw the matchmaker stroll onto my front lawn. Immediately I knew Caroline had called her. Well, it looks like her aspirations will get the better of her sometimes.
  23. 23. Caroline got a decent young man as her very first date. His name was William and he seemed harmless enough. Still, as Caroline's father, I was a little worried. But Cherry told me it was all a part of our daughter turning into a young woman, she had to date.
  24. 24. I'm glad I didn't see it, but Cherry told me later she happened to catch a glimpse of Caroline's first kiss with William. I guess I just have to accept that my firstborn is no longer a little girl. She's growing up and I have to get used to it and be happy for her.
  25. 25. After her date ended with William, Caroline noticed the mail carrier Pao was delivering the newspaper. She ran over to introduce herself; hoping for another date I guess. She ended up getting his number and promised to call him later.
  26. 26. My daughter certainly was enjoying her weekend and her new found freedom that came with her teenage years. After greeting Pao, Caroline called the matchmaker back for another date. This time she got a funny dressed boy named Ted. He was a Pleasure sim and they hit it off immediately.
  27. 27. Ted and Caroline spent a lot of time in her room. Although their first date didn't last long, they developed a good friendship and enjoyed their time together. Caroline said later she sure enjoyed her Saturday!
  28. 28. While Saturday was a very productive dating day for Caroline, it did not end very well for anyone, especially my father. The Grim decided his time was up and came to collect my father. I couldn't believe my dad was really gone, it was a sad night indeed.
  29. 29. Although we were all mourning our loss, we had to put on brave faces for little Charlotte's birthday which took place the same night as my father's passing. We didn't hold a party, but my oldest three children did gather around the kitchen to watch their sister age into a child.
  30. 30. Charlotte aged into a very active little girl, very much resembling her sister and mother in looks. She has the same personality as her older sisters – mean, although she does not show it, very active and extremely outgoing.
  31. 31. Cherry decided now that all of our children were of school age, she would get a job. She no longer had diapers to change and bottles to hand out, so she decided to fill her days nursing those who needed her as an RN in the local hospital.
  32. 32. Mom was devastated when dad passed away. I felt so bad when I saw her outside talking to her plants. I didn't know how to console my mother with this, so I left her be to move past it at her own pace.
  33. 33. Mom sure did find a way to help herself ease on in life after her husband's death – she grew a plant baby! She named her leafy, green daughter Blossom. It was a little strange, but Blossom put a smile on mom's face so I didn't say anything about the weirdness of it all. Besides, it would be neat to have a toddler in the house again. Cherry would be more than willing to lend a hand to help care of my new sister, I had no doubt of that.
  34. 34. I invited the Headmaster over for dinner in hopes that my children would be accepted into private school. Unfortunately, nobody was thinking along the same lines and everyone was distracted during his visit. Mom showed him around the house, but talked of her newborn all the while. When the Headmaster was shown the entry room into our home, Charlotte was busy laughing at her sister's dancing instead of doing her homework. Luckily the Headmaster thought it was good for children to express themselves thus and not stay stuck in the books all the time.
  35. 35. Cherry and I tackled the dinner part of the evening. I couldn't trust mom not to ruin the meal with horrible stories about dad's passing a few days ago or blabbing endlessly about how intelligent Blossom was. Cherry and I told the Headmaster of our college days and he was impressed with my degree. Thankfully Cherry didn't put in her story of dropping out to get married and have children.
  36. 36. Mom's garden was no longer the center of her attention. After showing the Headmaster around our home, she made a bee line for Blossom to play peek-a-boo. I'm just glad to see she's not moping about the house over dad's passing.
  37. 37. At the end of the night, when all was said and done the Headmaster expressed to my mom that he was more than pleased with our family and home. He accepted Caroline, Clark, Clayton and Charlotte into his institution.
  38. 38. It was sure cute to see the kids all dressed up in their new school uniforms the next morning! I sure am glad I was able to get my children into a higher educational institution. Hopefully it would open up more doors for the four of them in the future.
  39. 39. My wife was especially enjoying her new career. She'd been a stay at home mom for all of her adult life and was now enjoying having a job. She loved nursing the sick and seeing her patients flourish under her care. I was just happy to see her so happy and bubbly after a long day at work. It's nice to see her enjoying her long hours at the hospital.
  40. 40. Pretty soon it was time for my twin boys, Clark and Clayton, to grow into teenagers. My family and I gathered around to celebrate. Even my baby sister Blossom tottered in to see her nephews age into teenagers.
  41. 41. My boys turned into fine young men, indeed! Clark, in the blue, rolled a primary Knowledge aspiration with a secondary Pleasure aspiration. Clayton, in the green, rolled a primary Wealth aspiration and a secondary Knowledge aspiration.
  42. 42. I guess seeing her grandsons age up made my mother realize that time flew by. She began spending more and more time playing and teaching Blossom after Clark and Clayton's birthday.
  43. 43. The very morning post-birthday party celebrations, Clayton, a Wealth sim, decided to look for a job online. After searching a while, he found one that sounded fun and interesting – a job at the local aquarium feeding the dolphins.
  44. 44. I had hoped that Clayton would set an example for his older sister Caroline. I crossed my fingers once Caroline saw her younger brother bringing home his own spending money, that she would want to do the same. But it looks like Caroline is determined to hold onto her wild dating life. I guess I can't blame her – you're only young once.
  45. 45. Clark, a Knowledge sim, could almost always been found with his nose in a book. He was working on gaining eight points in all of the skill categories so he could earn the most scholarships possible. While Caroline and Clayton were also working on this, they were a little less dedicated than Clark. Cherry, needing a few more skill points for her next promotion, found this a great time to bond with our oldest son.
  46. 46. Because Mom was spending so much time with Blossom, her garden was beginning to look a little neglected. But, a few hours in the vegetable patch worked wonders and her plants were back to thriving in no time!
  47. 47. It's a good thing Mom got in all her alone time with Blossom – pretty soon she was aging into an adult. It was a little weird that my baby sister would skip the child and teenage stages, but this was the way for plant sims and so it must be. Mom and Cherry were there to see my sister age into an adult.
  48. 48. Blossom aged into a bright, beautiful woman. She rolled a Family aspiration and announced that she was off that very day to pursue her own life and adventures. I thought Mom would be hurt by this, but she was excited to see my sister on her way. After all, she still had four grandchildren to love and spoil
  49. 49. Charlotte's teenage birthday was approaching quickly. This would also be the night that all scholarships would be earned and my family will be passed back from Katie to Haleigh. So my oldest children crammed in study time and also made sure they had their homework done every night so they could earn the most money possible.
  50. 50. It was so hard to walk out into the backyard and see the Grim Reaper and his Hula Girls. Caroline and Clark were also there to witness the passing of my mother. I couldn't believe that now both of my parents were gone. At least my Mom had enjoyed the rest of her days and was enjoying herself in her garden when the Reaper came to collect her.
  51. 51. My twin boys were the first to finish their necessary skilling. Clark completed his skills, then Clayton quickly followed. They both earned a great load of scholarships to help them in their college life that was approaching quicker and quicker with each day.
  52. 52. The next day, the day before Charlotte's birthday, Caroline was able to call up the college and collect her hard earned scholarships as well.
  53. 53. Without my mom's constant care, the garden was looking very dreadful. Cherry dedicated her entire day off to reviving the dying vegetables and when all the work was done, the garden was looking well again. It would never be as beautiful as my Mom kept it ever again though.
  54. 54. Friday night was the last night Charlotte would be a child. My wife felt sad by this and spent as much time cuddling with our little girl as she could. Pretty soon our kids would be moving out and into college. I couldn't believe how quickly they had all grown up!
  55. 55. Caroline kept up her string of dates. Unfortunately she'd dated just about every teen in Cooke City and was getting to the bottom of the barrel. The matchmaker was running out of dates for my eldest and soon Caroline ended up with such young men as this vampire-wanna-be.
  56. 56. Saturday morning rolled around and the matchmaker made her rounds to our home. This time it wasn't for Caroline though. . . Clark had called her asking for a blind date! Rosemarie Vu was the young lady Clark had his first date with. She was also a Knowledge sim and they had much in common. They talked a lot about science, school and upcoming college days.
  57. 57. While Clark was on his first date, his twin brother was headed off to work. Unfortunately the weekend didn't bring leisure time for everyone in my family. But, Clayton enjoyed working because it brought him a nice fat paycheck. So I was happy for my son as he strolled off to another day feeding the dolphins and cleaning their large tanks.
  58. 58. As Clark's date progressed, they still held conversations about school and skilling. Clark bragged about his most recent accomplishment – maxing his body skills. Luckily, Rosemarie was more than interested because she was a knowledge sim too. Otherwise she might be bored by Clark's conversation topics.
  59. 59. I thought my son would talk endlessly to Rosemarie about skills and science all day, but the date ended on a more romantic note :) Clark mustered up the courage when the date ended and he and Rosemarie shared their first kiss together. I was so proud of my son for finally making the move.
  60. 60. I wish I had taken the night off from work, and looking back I greatly regret missing my youngest daughter's birthday. Without me though, Cherry, Caroline, Clark and Clayton all cheered on little Charlotte as she left her childhood behind her and spun into a teenager!
  61. 61. My daughter turned out to be a beautiful young lady. She rolled a primary Knowledge aspiration and a secondary Fortune aspiration. She didn't achieve as many scholarships as her older siblings, but she would manage without the rest. And now that my youngest is a teen, it's time for my family to be passed back to Haleigh. I hope you enjoyed reading about my children this chapter. Look back to see who becomes the heir and how they all manage in their college years :)