Hues Legacy Chapter 6


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Hues Legacy Chapter 6

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Hues legacy, a color-themed joint legacybetween Haleigh/meadowthayer and me, Roxanne/Taube. When welast left off, Sky and Lilly had five lovely red-named children plus Sky’salien daughter, Olive. We saw Scarlet and Ruby, the oldest two, live outtheir adult lives on Haleigh’s computer, leaving the triplets (Carmine,Red, and Rose) and Olive to be taken on by me.
  2. 2. Our potential heiresses are . . . oh dear, looks like they’re ready to fightfor it. Anyway, Olive and Rose here both have the rainbow eyes, butonly one can be heiress.
  3. 3. And that one is Rose, who likes to check herself out just as muchon my computer as she did on Haleigh’s. Despite Olive being alovely alien, we both liked Rose a little better and think she has thebetter nose genes, which had been a problem in the past, nothanks to me, lol.
  4. 4. The five youngest of the family all took turns calling or gettingon the computer for scholarships, then moving to college.
  5. 5. And here’s our three spares. Carmine,in the top left, is a pleasure sim, andRed, in the top right, and Olive areboth fortune sims.
  6. 6. And here’s Rose, our lovely heiress, a romance/family sim ready to breaksome hearts and wearing her extremely combustible heart on her . . . er. . . chest. Rose wants to be Captain Hero.
  7. 7. Rose and Olive waste no timegetting checked in, grabbing a dormroom, and getting started on theirpapers. I’ll only be playing themthrough college, while the boys getto go live life back in Desiderata.
  8. 8. Carmine grows up relatively stylishly and Red . . . doesn’t.Stylish or not, they head back to the home neighborhoodto get started on their adult lives, which we’ll check in ontowards the end of the chapter.
  9. 9. Spouses are picked via the crystal ball in this legacy, and Rose findsherself a tropical looker with whom she has three bolts of chemistry.Olive also went ahead and found her future spouse.
  10. 10. Rose’s new guy is named Jim. I neverremember to write down the lastnames, so he shall be “just” Jim until hebecomes Jim Hues. I think he may be afire dancer because his outfit looksslightly different from the ones in thecatalog. I can’t confirm this, but Ithought I’d mention it. Jim has red hairso if Rose has her father’s hair colorrecessively, we could see someredheads or blonds next generation.Olive’s soon-to-be-boyfriend isValor, the local Mr. Big. He has anannoying habit of primpingall.the.time. but is otherwise apretty okay guy.
  11. 11. Using their brothers’ scholarship money in addition to their own,Rose and Olive renovated Neon’s old one-room college shack into anice little house built for two.
  12. 12. In tribute to Neon, the walls of themain room are still pink, although aslightly darker shade now. Rose andOlive develop their everydayroutines, which, besides meals andschoolwork, means daily smustling(her first want when she wakes up)for Olive, and long phone calls to Jimfor Rose.
  13. 13. Rose had a long hard day of studying and building skill in flowerarranging, and her meter had dipped a bit from a lack of interactionwhile her stomach growled. She desperately wanted her first kiss,but Jim, who she was finally friends with, had to be invited as ahouseguest and wouldn’t be there until the next day. And that, myfriends, is how she ended up having this super romantic first kisswith some random fellow college student.
  14. 14. “Oh, a genie, great. Um, I wish for beauty? Does that even actuallydo anything? I can’t tell . . .”
  15. 15. After a long night of waiting for herso-far platonic friend Jim to arrive,he finally shows up the nextmorning, keeping a close eye out forany appearance of the rare Rose-a-too bird. When he could bedistracted from that, Rose pulledhim in for a long, deep kiss, andcrushes bloomed instantly.
  16. 16. Because of their great chemistryand those long talks on the phone,it didn’t take much for Rose and Jimto fall in love. Jim is also a romancesim, so falling in love was quicklyfollowed by other activities.
  17. 17. Jim quickly feels comfortable, I guess, because he opens up rightaway about two things maybe better left quiet until after the thirddate: first, he’s an absolute slob, and second, he has dumb hair.Keep the headdress on, Jim!
  18. 18. “Jim, I know neither of us have ever felt like we’d be the settlingdown types, but something just feels right about this moment – likeall my fears are temporarily absent. I know you feel it too. Let’s strikewhile the iron is hot and get engaged. Jim, will you marry me?”“Oh, Rose, of course I will! I feel so strangely happy about this I feellike I could conjure a blue engagement ring above my head!”“Me too, sweetie!”
  19. 19. While Rose and Jim are being expedient, Olive actually takes hertime with her courtship of Valor. Of course, they also have threebolt chemistry so it doesn’t take them long to fall in love, thoughthey don’t hop into bed right away like Olive’s half-sister and herbeau did.
  20. 20. When the flirting is done and the papers need to be written, Valorcan go home, but Jim is sticking around for three days. Althoughthere’s other things to do in the house, he prefers following Rosearound, staring at her while she does schoolwork.
  21. 21. And then this happened. On the second day of Jim’s stay, Roseaccepted a flirt from the cow mascot right in front of Jim, and worse,it happened in the tiny kitchen where it’s really hard to take a pictureof three different sims. Ahem. Actually worse is that now Jim hasfallen out of love with Rose and is furious with her and the cowmascot.
  22. 22. Jim huffily went to bed in Rose’s bed that night, but I knew there wasno way they were ready to share a bed again, so Rose has to have asleepover in Olive’s room.
  23. 23. “So, honey, I was wondering if we could talk things over and . . . oh,you’re still a little mad, I guess. I’ll, uh, show myself out.”
  24. 24. With some well-chosen socials and generous help from thefriendship glasses, Jim once again falls in love with Rose. Theyeven have time for one more woohoo before he travels home.
  25. 25. They may have parted on good terms,but Jim is still furious. I would havethought taking a plane to Desiderataand back to the island once a day,every day, just to steal newspapers orkick over trashcans might be a bitarduous, no matter how mad one is,but apparently it’s not too much forJim, who is nursing quite a heavy bitof resentment towards his fiancée.
  26. 26. After the third time of spraying forroaches and no sign of abatingfuriousness, I began to get a littlefrustrated with Jim, so I let Rose give into her natural tendencies and cheat onJim. She didn’t really cheat on him inthe first place – it was the cow’s fault,really – but if he was going to be a buttabout it, then by golly we’ll give himsomething to be mad about.
  27. 27. All that sleeping around making friends naturally lands Rose inthe secret society before too long. It happened in the middleof a date, too, and the date was mysteriously over when shegot back, although the guy she was dating was still hangingaround.
  28. 28. The girls continue their lives. Olivelives mostly drama-free, and spendsmost of her time dancing or cooking.Olive does all the food prep and Rosedoes all the cleaning, so it’s a prettyequitable house. This leaves both ofthem plenty of time for dancing orchatting about construction withstreakers. Y’know, whatever floatsyour boat.
  29. 29. Uh oh! Burglar! Luckily we had a burglar alarm, which you cansee going off behind the coat rack, so the police caught herbefore she could take anything. She’s very pretty, though. Ifthis were a regular legacy, she’d go on my list.
  30. 30. Over the next few days, the burglary comes up again andagain in the girls’ thoughts. Even the prospect of anotherconquest can’t distract Rose.
  31. 31. Rose reached her want of 20 lovers. I decided not to gofor the impossible want of 30 because Rose has almostgraduated and it’s time for her and Jim to reconcile.They’ve been talking on the phone some while they’reapart, but they haven’t seen each other since his firsteventful visit.
  32. 32. Olive graduated with her degree in economics and Rose inpsychology. They both graduated with a 4.0.
  33. 33. “We’ve grown so close over the last four years, Olive. I’ll miss you somuch.”“Same here, sis. I’m excited to get on with my life with Valor but it’llbe so strange not to have you around.”“Well, at least we’ll live near each other. And just so you know, I’mnaming my children green names in honor of you, my sister.”“Aww, I’m touched, Rose. Just think – soon we’ll be mothers!”
  34. 34. Just like that, Rose and Olive made their way back to Desiderata.Now let’s catch up with the spares.
  35. 35. Olive took a small lot near the beach(not an actual beach lot) that’s nextdoor to her brothers and one housedown from Rose and her parents. Sheimmediately invited Valor over, whoimmediately checked himself out.Jim must have rubbed off on Olivesome because she went for a verytropical look for her and Valor’shouse. You probably can’t tell, buthe’s primping again on the frontporch. Sigh.
  36. 36. Valor and Olive had kept their relationship moving pretty slow, but itwas finally time to put things in motion.“Olive, you are my world, my inspiration, my passion. Will you also bemy wife?”“Oh, Valor! Of course I will, silly.”
  37. 37. Valor is another fortune sim and together they make a very nice-looking power couple in black and white, ready to take on thecorporate world.
  38. 38. I had really grown to like Olive quitea bit, so I made sure that she andValor had a beautiful wedding,looking out over the ocean. Theirtropical living room made theperfect setting.Vows were said, rings wereexchanged, and the petals fellbefore Valor drew Olive in for a longkiss. They were now man and wife.
  39. 39. As good little fortune sims, they filled up their early days working onpaintings and begging me to buy them expensive statuary. They werenearly always together when they weren’t working, but still the housefelt a little too big for just the two of them.
  40. 40. That would change soon, however.And yes, Valor is primping autonomously again.
  41. 41. Valor! Pay attention! Your wifeis going into labor! Now is notthe time to admire yourdazzling white teeth!Once he could be distracted,he was there for the handoff asOlive had twins – one of whomcarried her skin color!
  42. 42. The twins grew into very adorable toddlers. The boy with the greenskin is named Khaki, and his sister is named Sienna. They both gotthe rainbow eyes!
  43. 43. And here’s Khaki and Sienna as children. Sienna takes afterher father quite a bit, except for her eyes, while Khaki hasmore of the fuller Hues features.
  44. 44. And that’s the story of Olive and Valor’s life together.
  45. 45. Meanwhile, next door, Red and Carmine had moved into a doublehouse also along the beach.
  46. 46. While Olive and Rose were in college, Red and Carmine foundtheir own sweethearts and courted them. The day they moved in,they both invited their sweeties over and proposed. Carmine, apleasure sim, proposed to Molly, a romance sim, right after theyhad finished blowing bubbles, his favorite activity. Meanwhile,Red proved his fortune sim roots by proposing to knowledge simTracy right in front of his latest big buy.
  47. 47. Both Carmine and Molly and Redand Tracy moved in together intotheir separate houses andstarted trying for a baby.Molly conceived right away, butRed and Tracy seemed to behaving problems gettingpregnant.
  48. 48. Before Molly’s pregnancy had progressed too far, Red and Carminedecided to make honest women out of their blonde-tressedfiancées. Both had quiet ceremonies, just the couple.
  49. 49. Molly and Carmine were onceagain blowing bubbles whenMolly’s pregnancy began toshow. Carmine was excited tobe a father, even if it wouldtake away from his bubbletime.
  50. 50. Meanwhile, Red and Tracy were still having issues with infertility, sothey spent their time doing what they loved best, but always beingnearby each other.
  51. 51. Molly soon gave birth to the family’s second pair of twins in thisgeneration.
  52. 52. Beige, on the left, and Tan, on the right, grew into cute little boyswho favored their mother quite a bit.
  53. 53. While Tan and Beige were growing, Tracy finally realized she waspregnant! She was overjoyed and both she and Red couldn’t wait to meettheir little one.
  54. 54. Beige and Tan soon grew into monochromatic children,brown from head to toe.
  55. 55. That’s the story of Carmine and Molly’s family. They now hadtwo wonderful sons who followed in their father’s footsteps.
  56. 56. Soon after the boys grew up, Tracy gave birth to her son, Umber.
  57. 57. Umber had his grandfather andmother’s hair color, but hismother’s dark skin. He was astriking toddler who soon grewinto an adorable little boy whoit was very hard to findappropriate-looking eyebrowsfor.
  58. 58. And that’s the end of Red and Tracy’s story, where they livedhappily ever after with their son, Umber.
  59. 59. Now that the spares are taken care of, it’s time to move upthe road to the left, back to the main house. Check back nexttime to see if Rose keeps her promise of using green names,whether Jim will ever get over his furiousness, and how themain family will progress. Thank you for reading and we’ll seeyou at SiMania!