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hues legacy chapter 14

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. The Hues Legacy Chapter Fourteen “Born in the Purple” by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Hues Legacy, a joint legacy between me, Haleigh/meadowthayer, and Roxanne/Taube. First, I wanted to give you a quick explanation on the title. Apparently, “Born in the Purple” means to be born into a high ranking/aristocratic family. This is fitting because a) this is a legacy family and b) all three kids of the last generation have names that are shades of purple. Roxanne wrote the last few chapters, and during her play time you saw as our heiress Coral went to college, got married, and have three super cute children. All of whom got the Hues eyes! In this chapter, you’ll see who Roxy and I have chosen as heir/ess and how all of three children’s lives turn out in college, as well as an update on our spares. And without further adieu…
  3. 3. After loading the family up on my game, I immediately inspected all three lifetime wants of the kids. Violet’s here is the easiest, though not necessarily the most interesting since it’s career related. But, nevertheless Roxy and I decided to go with her!
  4. 4. Before doing anything, I called the pet adoption agency and gave away three of the six dogs. I kept the two parent dogs, but I gave three of the puppies away. Call me crazy, but I decided to keep Bisque, who is the meanest cutest of all the dogs.
  5. 5. Right after the dogs left I decided to go ahead and send the kids to college! I was going to play them as teens for a bit, but changed my mind. Our heiress seems thrilled about being in college!
  6. 6. All three aged wonderfully. Amethyst is still the best looking, but I like that Violet is different, it’ll make for more genetically diverse children. Also, Amethyst, why aren’t you wearing any shoes? “Leave me alone, I’m a free spirit. Besides, you go barefoot all the time.” How would you know that? *sigh* Nevermind.
  7. 7. I downloaded this lot a while back, and it’s basically like three individual “apartments” which I liked a lot and so I thought I’d try it out with these guys.
  8. 8. If you remember, we are choosing our spouses from the crystal ball. I narrowed the selection down to just YA, and this super handsome man was on Violet’s list. His name is Hobart Wilson. So, I will most likely just call him Bart.
  9. 9. Amethyst’s choice has a Meadow Thayer face and his name is Nawwaf Gonzaga. Thankfully, his looks are better than his name.
  10. 10. Plum hasn’t really found anyone yet, he’d much rather brush his teeth. No really, he does this all the time. He’s very hygienic.
  11. 11. Their lives really aren’t that exciting. The most exciting part about freshman year was that Amethyst decided to go to both of her finals wearing a nightgown.
  12. 12. Plum FINALLY made a choice from the crystal ball. As you can see, I reenabled adults for him. He got Marsha Trimble, a hobby person. She also has a Meadow Thayer face. Unlike his siblings, he managed to score a first kiss on their first date. Mainly because his chemistry with Marsha is much higher than his sisters chemistry with their men.
  13. 13. Not to be outdone by her big brother, Violet called Bart up and immediately planted her first kiss on him! Then, in Hues family tradition, they went out back and cuddled beneath the stars.
  14. 14. Feeling pretty confident, Violet took it upon herself to propose to Bart. Initially, Bart looked like he was going to accept, but unfortunately he turned down our gorgeous heiress. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but she looked so sad. It almost made me cry.
  15. 15. Right around the same time, Plum decided to propose to Marsha. Who also rejected his proposal. What’s with these sims Today? Rejecting my simmies proposals.
  16. 16. Thankfully, Violet and Bart’s relationship didn’t suffer too bad of a hit when he rejected her proposal and so the very next day they fell in love and Violet popped the question again – this time he accepted!
  17. 17. Because of his baby sisters luck, Plum also decided to try his luck with Marsha again. And it must have been a better day, because Marsha accepted his proposal this time!
  18. 18. Amethyst finally decided to spend some time with Nawwaf, and she had much better luck than her siblings because she got her first kissed and then proposed immediately after, and he accepted her proposal!
  19. 19. Literally, all Amethyst ever does is eat pizza. I don’t understand how she’s not fat.
  20. 20. After the kids all finished their sophomore year, I decided to reward them by building a pool for them to enjoy. Mainly, I was hoping something entertaining would happen so I could actually have a good college chapter for once.
  21. 21. “I’m going to be Chief of Staff one day, Amethyst. I’ll be important, just like an astronaut.” *Snoring* “Amethyst? Oh, you’re asleep. I’ve been talking to myself.”
  22. 22. The last bits of college went by quickly because these three were very boring in college. But hey, now I can get back to the main part of the legacy so that’s always fun.
  23. 23. And just like that our generation five children have graduated from college! I can’t believe we’re basically halfway done with this legacy already!
  24. 24. For the graduation party, everyone literally just sang a sea chantey the whole time. The. Whole. Time.
  25. 25. And with that, it’s time for an update on our spares!
  26. 26. First, I’ll give you an update on Amethyst’s life.
  27. 27. After moving into her own place, Amethyst invited Nawwaf over. He moved in right away, and after a make over he looks much better. Actually, I think he looks a lot like the lead singer of the Newsboys.
  28. 28. Amethyst and Nawwaf had a private ceremony at home, because they wanted to be married on their anniversary and it was raining out.
  29. 29. Unfortunately, Amethyst and Nawwaf were having trouble conceiving a child. So the couple decided that they would adopt two of the Hues family puppies that had been put up for adoption. They adopted Almond and Champagne.
  30. 30. Soon though, Amethyst conceived their first child! Nawwaf and Amethyst were both ecstatic when they welcomed baby girl Sienna into the world. Sienna has her fathers hair color and skintone, but she has the Hues eyes.
  31. 31. Sienna turned out to be a very adorable child. She has a good mixture of both parents genetics, but I think she favors her father the most.
  32. 32. And that’s where we will leave Amethyst’s life. It turned out pretty well, don’t you think?
  33. 33. This is Plum’s new home that he will be sharing with his future wife, Marsha.
  34. 34. As soon as he was able, Plum invited Marsha over and asked her to move in with him. She is very pretty after her make over, don’t you think? She’s also a romance sim with a lifetime want to woohoo 20 sims, just like Plum.
  35. 35. While neither of them feared it, I quickly had Plum and Marsha tie the knot.
  36. 36. Since they were both romance sims, neither of them were interested in having any children, so they adopted the last puppy of the Hues family litter. Marsha and Plum were both content with spoiling little Cornsilk, and their niece as well as future nieces and nephews!
  37. 37. That concludes this chapter, and my turn! I hope that you enjoyed it and I apologize for how short it was. It’s been quite a while since I’ve played, so I was wanting to just jump right back into playing the main family. So stay tuned to see how Violet and Hobart’s lives back at the Hues home turn out! Until next time, Haleigh/meadowthayer