Dualacy uni chapter one


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Prologue to my new dual legacy

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Dualacy uni chapter one

  1. 1. A Fishy fun Dualacy Presented by: CanImarryapony Fresh Vs Salt
  2. 2. Welcome to the Fresh Vs Salt Dualacy! After my Pokemon Legacy died in a pile of burning virus and computer errors. I switched to the Sims 3, but now I'm back to good ol' Sims 2. And with a new legacy to boot. This legacy or legacies should features my second passion. Fish. Fresh water against Salt.
  3. 3. Meet the founders: Axolotl Salt in the red. He's named after my newest pet. Ax is a pleasure sim with a LTW of being a professional party guest And his sister is Lupe Fresh Lupe is a knowledge sim that wants to be Game Designer
  4. 4. I started them in a dorm to begin with not this one, I forgot to take a picture of the Landgrabb dorm.
  5. 5. Of course Lupe being the knowledge sim, immediately sits down and declares her major in Mathematics. Show off. “Pony don't be jealous that I'm good at math and you aren't.” Who said it was about math?
  6. 6. Ax skips the computer and goes straight for the girls. “Adriana you are smokein' “Not too bad yourself.” You don't even have chemistry with her.
  7. 7. Finally he sits down and declares a major in literature.
  8. 8. They settle in to dorm life without a fuss. “I could really live without the live audience on everything I do.” You know you like being center of attention, now shush
  9. 9. I brought them a little fish tank, since this a fishy legacy.
  10. 10. Needless to say they loved it immediately.
  11. 11. When not looking at the fish tank, Axolotl woos his way through the women of the dorm. “I'm not wooing everybody, just Marie.” What about Adriana? “She's just a friend.”
  12. 12. Of course in Ax isn't busy he's usually jumping on the couch.
  13. 13. Lupe prefers to play chess with the dormies. “How do you do this again?” “It's easy Samantha, the little can only move one place at a time.” Or teaching them to play chess.
  14. 14. I have decide that Ax is the oddest pleasure sims. He constantly rolls wants to go to class or do assignment. “What pleasure sims can't want higher learning?”
  15. 15. So you're final exam is tomorrow you ready? “Yup.”
  16. 16. So you guys passed the exams, and are officially sophomores , Writing term papers already. “Nope, Lupe and I are moving out, we want the whole Greek house experience.” You guys are really going to put me through this. “Yup”
  17. 17. Welcome to Greek hovel. One of the starter houses on the other side of campus
  18. 18. The third sim with is Adelè Pokemon. I'm thinking about doing another pokemon legacy, but I'm not sure yet.
  19. 19. Greek Hovel is immediately invaded by Brandon the llama mascot. “Go Verbits!” “Do you mind trying not to start fires over here.”
  20. 20. The rent on the house cost the kids most of their funds. They head to the library to get their studying done so term paper can be written.
  21. 21. Thanks to Mr. Humble, term papers are written at home. “Where are the mascots when you need them?” At the dorm. Quit faking I see that write term paper want.
  22. 22. Hey Marie what are you doing here? “Ax called me, he said that me missed hanging out with at the dorm.”
  23. 23. I guess he missed her a lot. “Told you I was wooing her.” “Or maybe I was wooing him.” Romance sims.
  24. 24. After a couple dates, Ax invite Marie to move in with him. Ax you do realize how crowded the hovel really is right? “Think of the extra money she's bringing in.”
  25. 25. With Marie adding to the crush. Lupe and Adelè dig for treasure to expand the house. Adelè dug up the chest along with the mandatory rocks and bones.
  26. 26. Marie got distracted by the streaker and started a fire. Luckily Adelè saved the day. It was the last time they ever saw the streaker.
  27. 27. Brandon Ajjanagadde the mascot was a constant guest of the house. It was long before Lupe tried to get to know him. “So what do you look like without the mask?” “Umm. I can't discus that it's against mascot code.”
  28. 28. It wasn't long before she worked up the courage to flirt with Brandon. “I like your llama costume it reallly looks good on you.” “Umm, you look pretty too.”
  29. 29. “Pony, do I have to jump rope? Can't we at least buy an exercise machine.” No. I'm trying to save money to improve your hovel. “It's not a hovel.” Don't argue. String-pullers are always right.
  30. 30. Marie and Ax were still going strong, nothing like a pleasure sim and a romance.
  31. 31. The end another year rolls around. Ax and Lupe are now juniors and Adelè a semester behind them. Marie is a whole year behind.
  32. 32. “Pony why are we standing in this field of grass?” Relax Ax, this is yours guys new house instead of that hovel. “Are you actually let us create a Greek house?” Maybe.
  33. 33. “Pony it's worse than the other house, there's no furishings.” Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was a Greek house.
  34. 34. Dig my pretties dig! No treasure this time, Just bones and stones
  35. 35. They dug up enough stuff to buy some basics necessities “A desk is not a necessity. A fridge would be much nicer.” You guys have Chinese food.
  36. 36. New house means new llama. Lupe waste no time chatting this one up. “Why doesn't Brandon come over anymore?” “Mascot code, he works the other side of campus. I work this one.” “Oh, my name's Lupe.” “Jay Steele.”
  37. 37. Finally Lupe digs up a chest. I managed to expanded the kitchen area and actually give them a fridge.
  38. 38. “Hello, Campus services. I'd like to apply for a Greek chapter.” So I finally let them apply for a charter.
  39. 39. Jay becomes a regular guest at the house, much to Lupe's delight.
  40. 40. It wasn't long before their relationship went further than friends.
  41. 41. Another semester rolled around, and everybody settle into Greek house life. Even if it meant dealing with mascot brawls.
  42. 42. Mary Mamuyac began hanging around the Greek. “Hey Mary do my term paper for me, please. I sprain my hand in class today.” “Aw, I'm sorry you're hurt, I'll write your term paper.” Sprained your hand. Marie so evil using the cheerleaders.
  43. 43. “So we're finally seniors. Lupe any thoughts on a placeholder?” “I thought Marie was our placeholder.”
  44. 44. “ Well she was, but I was thinking about marrying her.” “ Really? I'm mean you guys have a lot of spark, but enough to make a fire.” “ I know. I'm hoping it'll be something more.” “ I see, we'll find another placeholder. Just in case.”
  45. 45. “Hey Mary, since you're here all the time, wanna be our pledge?” “Really? You really want me?” “Yep.” “It's what I've always wanted.”
  46. 46. With Ax and Lupe's time at the Greek coming to an end, Marie hurried to paint portraits to hang on the wall. “Isn't this kind of cliche.” Maybe, but its more on a tradition for legacies, just think your children and grandchildren will come to the Greek and see you on the wall.
  47. 47. “Jay, I've wanted to ask this a while now. Will you marry me?” “I wondered when you would ask. Yes I will.”
  48. 48. “Hey little fishes. Look I'm a little fish too.”
  49. 49. “Ax I didn't know you liked fish.” “Mary is that you?”
  50. 50. “Yeah, Like the new look.” “I do, when did you move?”
  51. 51. “ Lupe let me move in a few days ago. Then Marie and I went shopping and I got a little make-over”
  52. 52. “You look good Mary.” “Thanks!”
  53. 53. Finally final exams are done. Lupe and Ax graduate with full honors. “So this is the last time I get to stand here with you two.” “Yep, it was fun Adelé” “Stop Lupe look you're gonna make her cry.” “I'm not crying yet Ax!”
  54. 54. Ax is the first to head back to Aqua Island. He didn't grow up too badly.
  55. 55. Lupe, however will need to visit downtown when she gets settled. “Thanks Pony.”
  56. 56. For anyone who wants to see here's the house after Ax and Lupe left.
  57. 57. Ax's friend Adriana ended up being the official placeholder. I have a feeling Mary won't be hanging around the Greek much longer.
  58. 58. This is where I leave you. Feel free to comment. I will hopefully have updates soon.