Already In Progress, Chapter 48: Lights! Camera! Action!


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Already In Progress, Chapter 48: Lights! Camera! Action!

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome back to Already in Progress! It’s been a while,hasn’t it? I hope you enjoyed the special crossover collegechapters.I am trying something a little bit different this time around: insteadof my usual transitions from household to household, there will bescenes from the pilot episode of Sally’s TV show, Goldberg andSilent Lady. Each clip will only be one slide, so I doubt you’ll beable to follow the full plot. Please let me know if this type oftransition works or doesn’t work for you. If it doesn’t work, I willnot be offended -- I promise.
  2. 2. Today’s episode of Goldberg and Silent Lady is brought to you bythe Privacy Film created by mustluvcats. No, the windows aren’tdirty! It’s privacy film!(in one of those rapid undertones used for the “small print” in allthe best commercials) Available in three sizes and thirteen colorsfrom Mod The Sims. Basegame compatible. mustluvcats is in noway aware of this endorsement.And now, let’s rejoin our story… Already in Progress…
  3. 3. Appropriately enough, we start with Sally.How’s it going, Sally?SALLY: Great! I just finished the next episode. It was tough!You don’t like the characters?SALLY: No, I love them! But writer’s block can just show up, youknow? For no reason, it’s suddenly just really tough to getanything down on paper. Or, you know, on the screen. I mean, it’sso bad sometimes that cleaning the toilet sounds like a reallyattractive alternative.Ouch. That’s bad.
  4. 4. SALLY (V.O): Yeah, and then real life keeps interfering. We had aburglar.Oh no! Was anybody hurt?SALLY (V.O.): No, nobody was hurt. And the cop who came waskind of cute. Not that I pay attention to things like that now thatI’m married, of course. But there were the insurance forms to fillout and the locks to replace and all those practical things.Did you have to go to court, too?
  5. 5. SALLY (V.O.): No, the burglar got away. I feel really bad for thepoor policeman -- that can’t look very good at his performancereview. I’m glad Tamara slept through the whole thing, though.And then there was Troy being an idiot.Being an idiot?
  6. 6. SALLY (V.O.): He tried to fix the trash compactor by himself. Itold him not to. I said “You don’t have enough Mechanical points-- don’t be fooling around with electricity like that.” “I’ll call arepairman,” I said. But noooo, he had to try and fix it himself.(confidingly) I think it has something to do with having a Ychromosome.Probably.SALLY (V.O.): Anyway, I’m just glad Don Platz, our cleaningguy, knows first aid.
  7. 7. SALLY (V.O.): But he still wouldn’t go to the hospital or anythingafterwards.Why not?SALLY (V.O.): Corrupted files if I know. Anyway, that’s why thisepisode took so long to write.I see. Well, I’m glad everyone’s okay now, and I’ll leave you to it.I’ll be sure to watch the premier, too!SALLY (V.O.): Thanks! Let me know what you think.Will do!
  8. 8. GOLDBERG flings open the door, revealing SILENT LADYwith her hand raised to knock. GOLDBERG What do you want?SILENT LADY holds up the newspaper, folded to theHelp Wanted section with an ad circled in red. GOLDBERG Unless you can find me everything on the Thompson case, go away. I got too much to do and a nasty headache coming.
  9. 9. As you may recall, when we last left The House of the Double A’s,Amy was heavily pregnant. She is not pregnant anymore.And look! This picture does NOT take place in the bathroom!(happy dance)
  10. 10. The little fellow has his father’s coloring, and the skintone of bothparents. It’s a bit early to tell about the rest of it.I did seriously consider naming him something that begins with anA, so that this would be The House of the Triple A’s, but in the endI decided to name him Bryan instead.
  11. 11. I believe I mentioned last time that for a Family Sim, Adam didn’tseem to care much about getting engaged. That is still true.However, one night after giving his son a cuddle and tucking himin, Adam suddenly and definitively rolled the Want to Get Married.Not to anybody in particular, but I had someone in mind for him.
  12. 12. What? You were expecting someone else?Adam Santander is now Adam Littledragon. (“Santander” is thecooler name, but I didn’t get them married before Bryan was born,and he was a Littledragon, so I decided to give the parents the samename.)
  13. 13. Attempting to allow Bryan to Grow Up normally led to muchstompy-waving and a game crash, so when I reloaded I had Amybring him to the cake nice and early. If I had to guess, I’d say thatthe problem was that Adam was the designated Help With Birthdayparent, but he was in too poor a mood to do his duty. Everythingseems to be fixed now, though.Plus, this way Bryan got to be Best Man at his parent’s wedding.He already had the tux and everything!
  14. 14. GOLDBERG looks up as SILENT LADY puts a some paperson his desk. GOLDBERG What’s this?SILENT LADY holds out her closed right hand, palmdown. GOLDBERG automatically holds out his hand.SILENT LADY drops two aspirin into it. GOLDBERG You found the Thompson case?SILENT LADY places a fresh mug of coffee on the deskand leaves.
  15. 15. Skye is a very happy little girl, and a very lucky one, too. There’salways someone around to give her a bath.
  16. 16. Or a bottle.I’m sure you remember big brother Cecil’s outfit, right? Yes, he wason a study abroad trip, but it didn’t last forever, and he couldn’t notvisit on this special occasion.Okay, that was a double negative. You understood, though, right?
  17. 17. The special occasion was a triple birthday, and as you can see, theclothing choices were as… creative… as usual.
  18. 18. Here you see everyone after their looks had been fixed.Albert is actually in a good mood here; it’s just that the downwardtrend of his mouth gets more pronounced every age transition. Allthe children have inherited it, but at least Jo has those beautifuleyes to offset it.
  19. 19. And although it may seem like it happened suddenly from mysummary, it was actually a normal length of time before the newgrads moved back home.All of them.BUTTERCUP: Jo, this young man seems pleasant enough, andhe’s certainly good with Skye, but -- who is he, exactly?JOSEPHINE: Oh. Um. (mumbles) Phoenix is my fiancé.BUTTERCUP: I see. And when were you planning to tell us abouthim?JOSEPHINE: Before the ceremony! …Probably.
  20. 20. GOLDBERGWhat are you doing up there? Get your coat. I need you to take notes.
  21. 21. Somewhere along the line, both Frederic and Celeste seem to haveacquired people who have an unhealthy fascination with them.Coming home with them every day, calling them up and invitingthem to Go On Outings despite such invitations never beingaccepted…FREDERIC: Pong, I’m trying to read the paper here.…Ignoring pesky little things like closed doors…
  22. 22. Happily, these unfortunate individuals can still contribute tosociety, or at least to the part of it that doesn’t want to spend theentire afternoon gardening to get ready for Eddie’s birthday party.
  23. 23. The party was well-attended, and everyone had a good time.DANTE (fondly): It seems like only yesterday I was teaching youto dance. Do you remember that?EDGAR: I remember standing on your feet and trying not to falloff. It was a lot of fun. Why did we stop?DANTE: You got too heavy. But you’re still a good dancer.CHARLOTTE: You two are sooooo soppy. But happy birthday,Eddie! (throws one arm around his neck and gives him a sloppykiss on the cheek) You’re my favorite little brother. And you knowhow you can tell? (conspiratorially) I wore a dress to your party!
  24. 24. Although somebody apparently told somebody else a bad jokeright before the party timer ran out, because the end result was aDisaster.CELESTE: You just had to Influence your sister to entertainAlbert, didn’t you?EDGAR: But she’s funny! And I’ve retold her jokes to Albert andhe’s laughed like crazy!CELESTE: But you don’t use the hand gestures, do you? Or thedirty words? And you leave out any ethnic references that happento come up?EDGAR: Well, yeah. …Okay, I see your point.
  25. 25. VIVIENNE Oh, please, Mr. Goldberg! You have to help me. Youhave no idea how difficult it is for a woman alone. GOLDBERG I -- VIVIENNE I can be... very... grateful, Mr. Goldberg. SILENT LADY (coughs discreetly)
  26. 26. Descartes absolutely reeks of Awesome, and had a fullcomplement of all needed skills, so I fully expected him to get apromotion on the very first day of the rotation.Alas, he literally reeks of Awesome, and that’s actually a liabilitywhen you’re attempting to sneak into a spaceship hangar. I mean,if I can tell that he reeks of Awesome, then anybody else can too,since I don’t have a very good nose. Unfortunately, the guard onduty did.Descartes got demoted.
  27. 27. Abbey Grew Up Well that same night, so I suppose it all evens outin the end.
  28. 28. Descartes and Abbey spent a quiet couple of days generally beingadorable and (in Descartes’ case) climbing right back up the careerladder.
  29. 29. On the last day of the rotation, Anastasia and Rebecca moved backfrom Uni. Rebecca promptly invited Pong Dennis to move in --even before changing out of her transition outfit.He said yes.That’s how you know it’s love, folks.
  30. 30. I did send Pong to plan all his outfits -- I had spent quite a bit oftime shopping for him. However, as it turned out, he picked theexact perfect outfit for himself in every category except Swimwear.(I have my doubts as to whether even Descartes could pull off thatbrown-and-orange Speedo.)Pong is clearly going to fit right in to this family.
  31. 31. You may think an update this short is cheating a family made of somuch Awesome. And if this was all there was going to be, you’dbe right. However, I am pleased to announce that the entireTsvirkunov family is going to get their own spinoff: 100 Days ofAwesome!Look for it in the “Other Challenge Stories” forum on Boolpropsometime in the next month. (I don’t want to promise any soonerthan that because, as the poet once pointed out, “The best-laidplans o’ mice an’ men/Gang aft agley.”)
  32. 32. GOLDBERG So tell me: How do you feel about doing something that might -- technically -- be considered not entirely one hundred percent legal?SILENT LADY grins.
  33. 33. I must say, I enjoy playing the Couderc-Shankel household. Notonly is everybody happy, but I get beautiful shots like this!
  34. 34. Well, everybody is mostly happy, anyway.OAKAPPLE: Oliver, I am… so very… sorry. I thought… it wasa… good joke.OLIVER: You know I don’t like dirty jokes. And that one was notonly dirty, it was racist. And your French is horrible.OAKAPPLE: I know. I… know. Can you… ever forgive me?That one dirty joke caused twangy falling-out-of-crush soundeffects and flamey thought balloons.
  35. 35. Fortunately, Oliver is the one with the Nice point, and he tends toforgive Oakapple pretty quickly.
  36. 36. Keeping the inventory of the farm stand up is well worth the effort,and everyone pitches in enthusiastically… but sometimes there areunintended consequences.
  37. 37. Like our Family Sim here getting jealous.FAMILY SIM: Of course you want to have lots of fruit! Yourfruits are your babies! You want lots and lots of them! I know Ido…STRAWBERRY PLANT:FAMILY SIM: Because I can’t afford a good Matchmaker date,and I’m too busy to meet people otherwise. And nobody’s going tostop by a house with penguin piddle on the sidewalk. (mutters)Oooooh, I could strangle that little waterfowl…!STRAWBERRY PLANT:FAMILY SIM: Now that’s a good idea! Why didn’t I think of that?
  38. 38. Which is how Chant joined the household.I didn’t know that plantbabies sort of faded into existence, butapparently they do. Chant is complete clone of his mother (andtherefore his grandfather) in personality and skill points, and prettywell a clone of his mother in looks. I figure that makes him fairlyprecocious.By the way, Chant is named for Christopher Chant from DianaWynne Jones’s The Lives of Christopher Chant, but don’t ask mewhy I was thinking of it when I named him.
  39. 39. The little guy is very popular, especially with Oliver.OLIVER: Hey Chant, what’s your mother’s name?CHANT: Mommy.OLIVER: Funny. Who’s the lady in the yellow shirt?CHANT: Auntie.OLIVER: Do you know who I am?CHANT: Granddaddy Oliver. You’re Granddaddy Oakapple’shusband. (with mild concern) You should be playing with blockstoo if you forget things a lot. Mommy says you can get old timer’sif you don’t keep your mind active. (turning back to the blocks) Idon’t know what that is but it sounds bad.
  40. 40. GOLDBERG This isn’t going to work. I need a --SILENT LADY hands him a screwdriver. GOLDBERG Is there anything you’re not prepared for?SILENT LADY shrugs.
  41. 41. Now that Charlotte is an old lady, she takes lots of baths. One inthe morning. One when she gets home from work. (Well, she’s anathlete, so that might actually make sense.) One right before bed.In and out of the bath, in and out. I don’t get it.
  42. 42. The business is doing pretty well, though. You may recognize thisfellow as Troy’s doppelganger. His name is Weldon Dai, and nowhe doesn’t freak me out every time I see him.Really -- I thought that something had gone wrong and that Troyhad been glitched back down to a college student wheneverWeldon would walk by.
  43. 43. The employees are mostly working out. Lily Gothier here isamazing at selling. She could sell ice to a penguin, as they say.LILY: And over here, we have clothes!HAPLESS CUSTOMER: Clothes? Really?LILY: Yes! Clothes! And if you put them on, you won’t be naked!You might even be warmer in the winter! And, if you get the rightoutfit, people will tell you that you look nice!HAPLESS CUSTOMER: Squeeeeee!LILY: So, how many pieces of clothing can I interest you in?HAPLESS CUSTOMER: (hands over his credit card eagerly) Mycredit limit is $5,000.00. How much will that get me?
  44. 44. Unfortunately, the stylist is not very good. This is her typicalresult, although sometimes she changes it up by smearing redlipstick over the lower half of the client’s face.After this little incident, Louise fired her.
  45. 45. I had no idea that fired Sims cried as they left.I felt like a real schmuck.Louise hired her back, and we’ll try her at sales, or at somethingelse that doesn’t involve scissors or a makeup palette.
  46. 46. There were only two more events of note with Charlie and Louise.First, Venus the pug died.Venus was adopted to take care of that “Puppy!” Want that Simsroll all the time, and a doofier Doofus you could not hope to find.She was well into Adulthood before I managed to get her trained topee outside. But she was sweet, and her family will miss her.Rest in peace, Venus.
  47. 47. Second, Louise became an Elder.Since she owns a clothing store and salon, there’s really no excusefor the transition look.
  48. 48. MURAKAME But how did you know it was Vivienne? GOLDBERGBubbe and Zayde didn’t raise no fools. Any attractive woman who hits on me is drunk, crazy, or up to something.
  49. 49. I believe I may have mentioned that happy families don’t providemuch material. This is still true. So instead, I offer a look at onetypical day for the Miller household.At 6:30 am, Dante is usually making coffee, while Cathrynne tidiesup after the cats. Dante occasionally has a Danish with his coffee,while Cathrynne takes a bath and has some cereal.Sam doesn’t get up that early.
  50. 50. By 8:30 am, Cathrynne is on the way to school. Dante has cleanedup breakfast and moved on to larger household tasks: paying thebills, perhaps, or cleaning the cathouse.I mean, cleaning the “pet house where the cats sleep when theywant to sleep outside.” A “cathouse” is something entirelydifferent.This is generally about the time that Sam gets up.
  51. 51. By 9:30 am, Dante is off to work, and Sam has eased into the dayenough to be ready for a nice bath.Dante is a Horoscope Writer yet again, but this time I’m almostpositive he was demoted due to a bad chance card. Of course,given that the next level up is Sports Writer, and that Don here hasnine Nice points, I’d be willing to bet that he messed up onpurpose.You’ll also notice that Sam is wearing braids here. Somehow Imanaged to mess up her hairstyle earlier: she normally wears herhair braided to sleep, workout, or swim. That’s how she gets thewaves in it -- her hair is naturally straight as a board.
  52. 52. While both Don and Cathrynne like cleaning just as much asHarkon and Nirel did, they aren’t home during the day, and they’reoften tired when they get home. Since this family is swimming inmoney, it made sense to have Sam hire a maid, a gardener, and arepairman. They all showed up right away, and good thing too! Ihad no idea the piano was busted.The house is unfinished because I’m playing a little middle-of-nowhere handicap with them, not because they can’t afford to dothe place up nice.
  53. 53. Hiring some help gave Sam lots more time for things she enjoysmore, like shopping or playing with the cats.
  54. 54. Or hitting bricks with hammers and then painting goofy faces onthem. It’s her new hobby.Everybody needs a hobby.And this picture is all by itself because when I tried to open it inmy image manipulation program, it came up as multicolored static.I hope that’s an isolated incident, and not a sign that I need a newcomputer. Hobbes is only six, darn it!
  55. 55. After school, Cathrynne plays with the cats for a bit, and then goesoff to do her homework. By the time she’s started on thehomework, Don’s home, and he usually lies down for a nap.SAMANTHA: Don, don’t! You’ll break your camera!DANTE: Oh, right.After homework, Cathrynne usually cleans out and refills the catdishes before dinner. However, on this particular day, Sam decidesto show just why shopping is so important.Remember, only you can prevent fashion disasters!
  56. 56. Sam puts on the nicest outfit in her wardrobe, and one that reallylooks quite nice, both on her and in general. She isn’t all thatthrilled.DANTE: What’s wrong with the dress, Sam? I think it’s verypretty. Very flattering.SAMANTHA: Yeah, but there’s an old lady wearing it.
  57. 57. In the evening, after homework is finished, Cathrynne gets toexperiment with hitting bricks with a hammer to see if it’s really asmuch fun as Sam says.
  58. 58. While Don shows Sam just how much he likes her new look.Not that they really need a reason for this kind of thing, but by thesame token, there’s no such thing as a bad excuse.
  59. 59. GOLDBERG Hey! Where are you going? I was going to pay you eighty gold a month!SILENT LADY stops, but doesn’t turn. GOLDBERGOkay, eighty-five. And dental! Come on, I need you!SILENT LADY turns, impassive. Then she smiles andholds out her hand. GOLDBERG crosses quickly to shakeit, and we fade to credits.
  60. 60. When I opened this house, Leonid had lost his nifty outfit.Apparently that new hack I got that lets it be an Outwear optionremoves it from the Everyday list. But what was more worryingwas that Dmitri wanted to play with the cat.I couldn’t find the cat.I hit Pause to look. Not on the icons at the side. Not anywhere Icould see. People still had Wants for her and relationships with her,but she was nowhere. I decided to pop open the neighborhoodscreen again and see if she showed up in the family picture, whichwas when I saw that I couldn’t save the game. I was prettypanicked, I can tell you.
  61. 61. When I hit Pause again to let the game run, all was made clear.Eika is chasing the mousie for all eternity now.In my defense, this is a very difficult corner of the house to seeunder normal circumstances.Rest in peace, Eika.
  62. 62. Everyone reacted appropriately, Wants rerolled, relationship panelsstraightened themselves out, and the Save option came back, so Iconcluded that I’d simply managed to hit Pause at exactly thewrong time.What a relief!
  63. 63. Later that same day, there was another age transition.TIRTHA: Cornrows? My son grew up into cornrows?ABHIJEET: You know, technically, he’s not your son.TIRTHA: Oh, don’t be ridiculous!ABHIJEET: (shrugs) I’m just saying.TRIXIE (entering the room): Cornrows? My son grew up intocornrows? With cargo pants? (to Dmitri, with concern) Are youfeeling all right, sweetie?
  64. 64. Now that Dmirti is at that age, Leonid decided it was time to haveThe Talk with him.LEONID: Dmitri, you are young man now, and is roughly ninetypercent chance you are noticing young ladies, yes?DMITRI: Da-ad! Do we have to do this? I already know aboutwoohoo.LEONID (dismissively): Nyet, is not about woohoo. Is aboutmarriage. You are engaged to wery nice girl named Rose Shankel.So do not be dating other girls, yes?
  65. 65. DMITRI: I’m engaged?LEONID: I understand is wery pretty girl. Wery sweet.DMITRI: But what if I don’t like her? Or she doesn’t like me?LEONID: Oh, if marriage does not go through is heavy forfeit. Buthow is she not liking fine young man like you, solnyshko?DMITRI: Da-ad! I’m fourteen!
  66. 66. Ariadene, meanwhile, wasn’t having any problems with parentalinterference. In fact, life is very good indeed: Pong Grundstromallowed himself to be persuaded to help out with her First Kiss.And her second. And her fifteenth.They kind of lost track after that.Which seems like a good note to end on, no?
  67. 67. The penguin really did piddle on the sidewalk deliberately andrepeatedly, leading our Family Sim to roll the Want to see itsghost. Since that is a Very Bad Thing, I was all set to rebuild, butjoandsarah77 helped me figure out how to regenerate my gamefiles, and that let me figure out that the problem was in myDownloads folder. I eventually identified the conflicting hackusing the 50-50 method and pulled it.A big thank you to joandarah77 for saving my game!
  68. 68. Solnyshko is Russian for “sunshine,” and is a term of endearmentfor a spouse, small child, or even a pet. However, it is rarely usedfor boys over the age of ten because they strenuously object tobeing called something so girly. Vocabulary and usage is courtesyof my Russian consultant, Yousei, who writes I’ll Be There ForYou (available on Boolprop). A big thank you to Yousei for thehelp!And a big thank you to you for reading! Don’t forget to give mefeedback on the transition pieces, and until next time, HappySimming!
  69. 69. The Goldberg and Silent Lady sections used a lot of custom content andposeboxes. All custom content is from Mod the Sims unless otherwiseindicated. In addition to the privacy film advertised at the beginning, I used:“Timeless Office” set by jgwoods“Umbrella and Studio Light Set” - Maxis items unlocked by NumenorLong drapes and recolors by KiaraRawks“Documents of Importance” by jon119“Hacked Coat Hook” by Mary-Lou and Numenor“Freeze!” police posebox and gun recolors by live2draw; original guns areLocoroco’s “Lara Guns,” but I don’t know where they are from as they wereincluded with live2draw’s packageFox ears and tail by Atreya“Custom Modeling Poses Hack V2 w/Facial Overlays” by decorgal21572Multiple game animation boxes by Jaydee from