Hues Chapter 12


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Hues Chapter 12

  1. 1. Welcome back to another chapter of the Hues legacy, a colorthemed legacy written by Haleigh/meadowthayer and me, Roxanne/Taube. When we left off, the spares had settled down and heiress Coral had just married her new husband, Chris, and they left for vacation. They arrived on Twikkii Island and got into full-on, sickeningly love-struck newlywed mode.
  2. 2. They did all the usual activities, including singing sea chanteys and hulaing. Everyone’s been to Twikkii like a million times, right? You don’t need me to break it down? Okay, good, let’s move along then.
  3. 3. Chris can’t get over how lucky he is to have married into such a wonderful legacy with such a wonderful sim and frequently brings up that matchmaker ball in conversation. Coral just smiles knowingly. And, of course, no Hues activity would be complete without a little cuddling outside, and this vacation is no exception.
  4. 4. Sometimes I have sims brush up on skills while they’re on vacation if the spouse is deficient, but since they both went to college, Coral and Chris are good and got to enjoy their entire vacation. After several days in tropical paradise, it’s time to leave the vacation house and head home.
  5. 5. Back at the main house, while Chris and Coral are arriving, Ericka retires. This is a good thing because . . .
  6. 6. . . . it looks like there will soon be a grandchild for her to take care of! Yes, like many a sim before her, Coral comes back from vacation pregnant.
  7. 7. This first pregnancy is really rough on her. Coral is constantly throwing up, and when she isn’t, she’s running around feeling nauseous and exhausted.
  8. 8. “Hey, hey. Who made his LTW on the first day of work? That would be me, Chris Hues, Media Magnate.” His new LTW is to be a Rock God.
  9. 9. Finally we’re done with the puking stage. Coral has her first bump and Chris is excited to meet their little one, but he still has to wait another two days.
  10. 10. While Coral waits for culinary to come open, the guys work, and Ericka stays home with the dogs, everyone waits for the new baby to be born. In the evening, that means quality time outside.
  11. 11. Out by the cemetery is not the safest place to be, but the house will soon not be much safer. The second full night sees Rose, Sky, and Jim out hunting.
  12. 12. And who they’re hunting, for the most part, is Chris, though the other members of the family don’t get off scot free. However, all three literally lined up to take turns scaring Chris three in a row, one after another. Let’s count how many scarings there were in the one night, shall we? That’s one. That’s two.
  13. 13. Three. Four, and Lime peed nearly on top of Ericka. Ew.
  14. 14. Five. Lime just got down showering after the last scaring. Six.
  15. 15. Seven. Don’t remember who this one was directed at. Kind of looks like a float-by scaring, lol. Eight. Just barely caught this one, but not sure why I couldn’t center the picture.
  16. 16. Nine, ten, eleven. As you can see, after the fourth scaring of the night for Chris, he began to develop a persistent fear of it and lost points every time he got scared. Can’t a guy have a conversation with his wife without getting scared over and over? Apparently not.
  17. 17. Twelve. Thirteen. By the end of the evening, Chris’s aspiration had been run down into the gold (he was permaplat, remember) by the constant scarings.
  18. 18. As the sun rises, Chris finally manages to make it to bed. Well . . . almost. He’s exhausted from so many scarings and passes out right beside the bed. So close.
  19. 19. Pop! Coral’s pregnancy is coming along. Soon we’ll meet the first sim of the purple generation.
  20. 20. The very next night, Ericka gets scared for the first time by Lilly, Chris of course gets scared again, this time by Sinjin, and Tangerine, who was visiting, gets scared by Peach.
  21. 21. The rest of the night is uneventful, thank god, and Coral and Chris spend the next morning enthusing over Coral’s bump.
  22. 22. Chris barely makes it home from work in time for the birth. Everyone in the family is excited to meet the little one.
  23. 23. Hello baby Amethyst, a little girl with Chris’s brown hair, Coral’s S1 skin, and the rainbow eyes! Yay! It’s always nice to get it in the first kid of the generation.
  24. 24. Chris has become a Rock God. Now he wants to be a General.
  25. 25. “What, you guys think you can safely tend to your baby? Well, think again, cause Sky’s on the job! Also, I am mad at or about Neon for some reason!”
  26. 26. Coral is pregnant again and having a really rough pregnancy. She threw up three times in a row, one after another, making the toilet quite filthy. Then, while she’s recovering, Chris has to come jump in her arms. Poor Coral.
  27. 27. Not all that much happened, so it’s Amethyst’s birthday already.
  28. 28. Right after her birthday, she makes best friends with both her parents.
  29. 29. And here she is! How adorable is she? What a cute kid! Amethyst’s personality is 4/10/4/4/3, which is exactly the same as her daddy’s personality.
  30. 30. The ghosts are wreaking havoc again that night. Sky woke Amethyst up from her nap with his ghostly yelling, and Neon got a coworker that came home with someone.
  31. 31. Pop! Coral is definitely pregnant. That’s about all there is to say about that.
  32. 32. “We thought you should know, Chris. We ghosts got together and decided we really hate your guts, so we’re going to keep scaring you more than anyone else. Is that fair?” “NO!” “Well, too bad! Boo!” “Aaaaaahhhhh!”
  33. 33. Somehow, despite the ghosts being big jerks, the adults manage to teach Amethyst all her skills. She learned a nursery rhyme too, but I didn’t take a picture of it.
  34. 34. Ah! What could be more romantic than a cuddle outside . . . by the designated dog pee spot. So sweet.
  35. 35. Lilly and Rose want to remind Chris that they hate him, but Lilly also is thinking X-ed out thoughts of Amethyst. I kind of don’t mind too much that you guys pick on Chris, but hating toddlers is beyond the pale.
  36. 36. “Hate your guts! Boooo!”
  37. 37. Coral has reached her second bump. Soon we’ll meet kiddo number two. In the meantime, she and Chris have a quick date right there in the house.
  38. 38. Coral didn’t get involved in teaching Amethyst any skills, but she still spends time with her, despite being heavily pregnant. They’re cute together, but Amethyst is really a daddy’s girl. Besides having the same personality, she also has the same designated hobby (music and dance) and they’ve had a very high relationship since she was a baby.
  39. 39. Chris lost 3 skill points on a bad chance card which sucked because he needed some of those for promotion. He works all night, utilizing the energizer, and gains them back in time for his next shift in the military career.
  40. 40. Late that evening, Coral gives birth with all the adults in attendance. Everyone is excited to meet the new baby.
  41. 41. And that baby is a little boy named Plum, who has brown hair, S2, and rainbow eyes! Yay! With two kids with the rainbow eyes already, this will definitely only be a three-kid generation.
  42. 42. Coral gets pregnant again right away, because why not? Soon she’s back worshiping at the porcelain throne.
  43. 43. Timberwolf got old. I put collars on the dogs because they both claim Lime as their master, and I was afraid they might run away when he died. I’ve never actually had a dog run away, but I’m almost superstitiously afraid of it, so I usually put collars on dogs. Anyway, Timberwolf and Slate get pretty bored hanging out all day, doing things like watching Coral play pool. Perhaps it’s time for a new dog to join the pack.
  44. 44. Amethyst’s birthday has come around again. Let’s see how she looks as a child. I’d be surprised if she were anything but cute, but let’s look anyway.
  45. 45. Adorable! I wanted to show off her outfit too because I think it’s just perfect for a girl named after a purple shade. If her brother is this cute, Haleigh and I have a hard choice in front of us.
  46. 46. Coral throws up a ton before finally getting the first bump. She has some of the most awful morning (all day) sickness I’ve seen in a sim, with the noted exception of Roxy Masterpiece.
  47. 47. Yay! Another best friend for Amethyst. Despite having only 3 nice points, she’s a pretty amiable kid and wants to be friends with her whole family.
  48. 48. Chris has received his final promotion and is now a General! His next LTW is to be Captain Hero.
  49. 49. This is also Amethyst’s first day at school, and she gets home just in time to hug her dad, who then teaches her how to do homework right out on the front lawn.
  50. 50. Chris is again super excited to meet their newest little one. His secondary family aspiration really shines through. He also gets the honor of bringing Plum to his cake.
  51. 51. Here’s Plum! Aww, he’s adorable too, though he looks somewhat different from Amethyst. He definitely got Coral’s nose, which comes care of Ericka. What a cute little guy! This will definitely be a difficult choice for heir.
  52. 52. Right after his birthday, he makes best friends with his mom. What is that face he’s pulling about, though?
  53. 53. “Chris . . . wake up so I can scare youuuuuuuuu! I hate your gutssssssssss!”
  54. 54. Chris woke up and got scared, but he’s too awake to go back to sleep, so he spends quality time with Plum, who is also awake at this time of night, and teaches his son all his skills.
  55. 55. Amethyst and Plum are best friends too before too long.
  56. 56. Another day, another bump. Coral is almost done with her last pregnancy.
  57. 57. Jim: “Welcome to childhood! Boo!” Lilly: “You remind me of your dad, and we hate him. Boo!” Amethyst: “I think I want to go back to being a toddler now.”
  58. 58. “You let that awful Chris marry your daughter! We hate him! Boo!” Okay, seriously, ghosts, this is out of control. No one can get more than a few hours sleep and they’re all tired during the day and their schedules are messed up.
  59. 59. Amethyst is a little sweetie. Instead of playing with toys or something in the morning, she wants to tell her dad jokes and hug her mom autonomously. Awww.
  60. 60. Ericka and Lime are also nearby that morning, flirting, which is good because Coral goes into labor. Everyone except Plum – who is sleeping – is there to witness the birth.
  61. 61. And that’s where I’ll leave you this time. Check back for the next chapter to see what Coral and Chris’s new child looks like, whether s/he has the eyes, and whether the ghosts ever give the family a break (hint: they don’t). Please come by SiMania for this and other great legacies and other stories.