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Season 2, episode 2


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Season 2, episode 2

  1. 1. The LHKR LegacySeason 2, Episode 2 – A New President By: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Welcome, welcome! This is The LHKR Legacy: Season 2, Episode2 – written by ilovereecee/Katie. I want to say thank you for comingto read this update, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have had fun playing and writing it. As always, lets get a reminder of the last update... Sony and Kaylynn said goodbye to their four children (Kaylynn a bit morereluctantly than her husband Sony) as they left for college. Lucasfound love in Jill Smith and after her graduated they married and welcomed twin boys Abel and Thomas. (The naming theme thisgeneration is Sons of Anarchy.) Nathan was teased by the school cheerleader Mehrissa, but found comfort in their maid KaylynnLangernak. Jake and Peyton (our named heiress) just joined their older brothers in college and are starting to show their own different personalities. That is where we pick up today!
  3. 3. Peyton has a primary popularity aspiration and loves to throw parties! She gets the want to throw one just about everyday. Usually Sony, Lucas and Kaylynn are among the guests and itturns into a family function. Tonight is one of the tamer parties. No brotherly grinding to the radio or Sony trying to be hip like his college aged students, just dinner!
  4. 4. Nathan and Kaylynn have taken the step from friends to more thanthat. Theyre officially dating! Theyve always been very attracted to each other, so whenever Kay visits you can usually see them groping all over each other the entire night.
  5. 5. I think that Kay will be a great fit for Nathan. The saying oppositesattract has to be true! Kays the maid and is very tidy, Nathan... not so much.
  6. 6. “So my friend Nolan was all Why dont we go study togethersometime?” Peyton chatted to her professor over the phone, “AndI told him, No thanks, I can just call up my professor and boost my grade that way!” Although, Peyton shouldnt admit her plan to earn grades bybefriending professors to her actual professor, its true. Thats how she keeps up her GPA.
  7. 7. “Well my twin sister Peyton was telling me how shes really close friends with her professors,” Jake started, “and I was thinking,wow! What a great way to earn the grade. Id have to spend a lotless time studying if I could do that. So do you think we can work something out, Mrs. Do?”Looks like Jake is taking pointers from his little sis. Although, heprobably shouldnt ask his professor if they can strike this deal.
  8. 8. “Whoo! College rocks, check out my naked body!” This is how a lot of the day go by in the Sitcom college home. Peyton usually is befriending random students who walk by andthe mascots, or in todays case, the streaker runs into the home to hang out too.
  9. 9. Kaylynn also spends quite a bit of nights over at the college home.Once she is done with her work, she always asks Nathan to hangout. Of course he agrees! Kay probably spends more time with the bubble machine than her boyfriend, however.
  10. 10. “No guys, seriously! Im not kidding,” Peyton laughed, “All you have to do is become really good friends with your professors and you wont have to study a minute! Its been at least a year since Ive written a term paper.”
  11. 11. “Im really glad you could come to my sisters party, Mrs. Do.” Jake said over a game of red hands. “Me too, thanks for the invite. I usually dont attend students parties, but technically your sister isnt my student. And its Miss Do, but you can call me Viola.” Jakes professor winked.It wasnt too far into the evening before Viola and Jake shared their first kiss together.
  12. 12. “And suck on that Nate!!” Kaylynn yelled after finally beating her boyfriend in a video game.“What, nobody has ever beaten me before! I hold the kill streak record in this house. You cheated.” Nathan accused.
  13. 13. “I didnt cheat, you silly head!” Kaylynn teased, “Are you seriously mad because I beat you in a dumb video game?”“No,” Nathan cheered up, “I cant be mad at you. Youre too pretty!” “Oh, youre such a tease!” Kaylynn smiled.
  14. 14. “Kay, I know weve only been together a year, but when you beat my kill streak I knew wed make an unstoppable team!” Nathanstarted, “Seriously though, I love you with all of my heart. Will you marry me?” Kaylynn accepted Nathans proposal that evening.
  15. 15. Its the beginning of Jake and Peytons junior year, and they were presented with the option to switch aspirations. I accepted forPeyton because her LTW was to have 50 1st dates. I just achieved this with another legacy heir Rolfe Encore, and Im in no hurry to do it again! So Peyton is now a romance/pleasure aspiration combo with the LTW to become a game designer. Much better!!
  16. 16. “Dang it Petyon!” Nathan waved his controller at his little sister, “How do you expect me to help you learn the basics of videogaming if you wont listen to me!? You cant run in the open, youll never build up your kill streak if your enemy can see you!!! Youmight as well pick a new lifetime want right now if you dont start listening to me!”
  17. 17. “Oh shut up Nathan!” Petyon responded. “You dont give a rats behind if I pay attention or not. You just wanted to see if mybeginners luck would be enough to beat Kaylynns kill streak. We all know youre secretly moping around because your fiancee whipped your ass in the game.”
  18. 18. “Peyton, I need your advice.” Jake stated. “I became friends withmy professor, because I saw how it was helping your grade. But the other night at one of your parties, she kissed me. Ive been making all As since, but I think I really like her. But cant she get into trouble if were caught?”“Im not sure.” Peyton responded. “If youre just crushing on her, you better get over it though. You dont wanna get in trouble!”
  19. 19. “Well baby, its time for us to head on back home! Weve got a nice new house waiting on us,” Nathan said to Kaylynn on his graduation day. “Personally, Id like to start filling it up with kids right away. We can to practice real quick if youd like!”“Nathan! Youre such a goob! Get your bags and lets go home, my big graduate!”
  20. 20. Nathan and Kaylynn moved into a nice three bedroom hometogether right after Nathan graduated, with a 4.0 might I add! Kay got a whole new look as well. I dont normally like this hair, but I think it looks really good on her!
  21. 21. “Nate, you sure look smokin in that tux! Maybe you had the right idea about getting started on those kids!” Kaylynn blushed.“Well wed better hurry up and get through these vows. I take you as my wife!”“And I take you as my husband.” Kaylynn smiled, “Now lets get to it!”
  22. 22. It didnt take too long before Nathan and Kaystarted having children. They had a girl named Wendy (in Sons of Anarchy, Wendy is Jaxonsfirst wife and mother of Abel. She is currently a recovering drug addict who wants to befriends with Jax and his new wife Tara in orderto see her son) and a boy named Clay (who is Jaxs step father and former president of the MC. Jax took the president spot when he found out Clay hired another gang to try to kill Jaxs wife Tara, because he thought Tara was taking Jax away from the club).
  23. 23. Wendy and Clay grew up into adorable children. Wendy looks more like Nathan and Clay like Kaylynn. They both got Kays true blonde hair color and her eyes. No Sitcom purple eyes here!Now that weve seen Nate and Kays lives together, lets head back to SSU!
  24. 24. “Youve been working on that paper all night!” Jake exclaimed. “Imso glad I dont have to study so much anymore. Viola and I have apretty good relationship. In fact, shes coming over tonight and Im going to tell her that Im serious about her. Im really nervous, I hope she feels the same way.” “Thats great Jake, now I need to concentrate. Well talk later.”
  25. 25. “Viola,” Jake began, “since our kiss the other night, I cant stop thinking about you. I know you could get into a lot of trouble if youre caught with me in more than a professional manner. I justwant you to know that I really care for you, youre all I think about. I can really see us having a future together. I know youve beenthinking too, but I just wanted to say that before you make up your mind about us... if there even will be an us.”
  26. 26. “I hope there will be an us!” Viola replied. “I really care about you too,youre one of the most dedicated and intelligent students Ive ever met. I dont see you as a student though, when Im alone all I want to do is be with you. When Im with you, I still think about you!” “Really!? Im so glad were on the same page! What are we going to do? You cant date a student!” Jake questioned. “Ill quit then.” Viola smiled.
  27. 27. “Youd do that for me!?” Jake asked surprised. “What will you do for work?” “Ill find something.” Viola smiled. “As long as I can be with you.” “Viola, youre the most amazing woman Ive ever met. Will you marry me?” Jake asked as he dropped to one knee.
  28. 28. Peytons lifetime want is to become a video game designer. So shes been playing lots of video games in her spare time in hopesthat she can learn as much as possible before entering the working world.
  29. 29. “So Viola and I got engaged last night!” Jake announced.“Thats great Jake, congrats! But can we talk later, Im really trying to finish this term paper.” Peyton said. “Sure thing. Im sure glad I dont have to write term papersanymore. Its a deal that comes with the engagement,” Jake joked.
  30. 30. “Its very nice to meet you!” Peyton said to Jason Menon, her first date. “Ive never used the crystal ball before, but Ive heard it works!” “Jason hasnt used it either, but Im sure glad you picked me! I must say, youre gorgeous Peyton!” “Who is Jason?” Peyton questioned. “Jason Menon,” Jason replied, “Thats me!”
  31. 31. “Jason sure hopes he gets a kiss after this date is over!” Jason stated halfway through the salmon dinner. “Who is Ja..” Peyton started, “Oh yeah. Thats what you callyourself. Well, Ive been told that a kiss from me is like striking gold!”You said that about yourself, Peyton! Youve never even been kissed!
  32. 32. “In all seriousness, Im really glad you showed up on my crystal ball.” Peyton said, “Im having a great time on our first date.” “Jason is too, baby.” Jason replied.
  33. 33. “Ive had a great time tonight, Jason. Thank you for taking me out.” Peyton thanked Jason before the end of their date. “Im soattracted to you, its hard to explain. Its like if there were chemistry bolts for attraction, Id have three out of three for you!” “Same here, Peyton. This date has been wonderful, Jason cant wait to do it again! But before we go, lets slow dance!”
  34. 34. Does anyone else get annoyed with the constant wants to slow dance on dates? I used to think it was cute, until my sims always rolled that want. Now its just annoying, but I have to indulge them so that theyll get other date related wants.Side note, one of our guidelines for this legacy is that the heirs spousemust have different skintone and hair color. Jason meets both of these criteria. In fact when I used simDNA cheat (thanks Lydia!) it says Jasons true hair color is red, but he dyes it black and has brown eyebrows! This guy is very hair color confused lol.
  35. 35. “So, how about that kiss we talked about earlier?” Peyton flirtedwhile placing her hand on Jasons back. Together they shared their first kiss!Jason pulled away with a smile on his face, “Definitely like striking gold.”
  36. 36. While Peyton is securing a successful first date with Jason Menon, her twin Jake is at home securing his A for the last semester of college.
  37. 37. “It really must suck for you. This is our last semester of college andyoure spending it studying and writing papers. I just impressed myprofessor enough to earn an A for the rest of the year.” Jake said to Peyton. “Im pretty confident that Im getting an A, if you get what I mean.”
  38. 38. “Okay Jake!” Peyton replied shortly. “I get it, youre messingaround with your fiancee who happens to be your professor. Stop trying to shove it in my face. Geez.”
  39. 39. “Sir, Jason had the best time with your daughter the other night!” Jason stated when he met Sony for the first time. “Well, thats great.” Sony replied, “Who is Jason?”Peyton nervously interrupted, “Jason thinks its funny to talk about himself in the third person.”“Is that so?” Sony asked, “Well I think you and Jake better go in the other room. Jason and I should talk alone.”
  40. 40. “I hope you have good intentions with my daughter, Jason. Shes the only one I have. Are you seeing marriage in your future with Peyton?” Sony questioned.“Absolutely. Jasons never met someone like your daughter. There isnt a doubt about that. Jason plans on making her very happy in the future.” “Well thats good, son. Im holding you to that! Now I must get going, it was great to meet you.”
  41. 41. “So what do you think of Peytons boyfriend?” Jake asked the next morning when Sony came over to visit. “Hes a nice guy. He seems to really love your sister. I see them very happy together. Theyve got a future together, I can tell.”
  42. 42. “Okay, youre kidding me right?” Jake questioned. “The guy is nuts! He talks about himself in the third person. Thats not right!” “It gives him personality.” Sony laughed. “Besides, weve got oddballs in our family. Your brothers first girlfriend said I love you and he invited her to play video games! Hell fit right in.”
  43. 43. The day after Jason was introduced to the men in the family,Peyton and Jake graduated from SSU with 4.0s! Jake found it an appropriate gesture to congratulate his sister with a few tickles. Sony has it right, there are some odd balls in this family.
  44. 44. Peyton didnt want to throw a party (for once) so she and Jake used the phone to call a cab to take them back home. Jake lookslike he is dressed for an adventure and ready to go! Peyton invited one of her many best friends to move in as a place holder. Ive grown to like this house and dont want to lose it! Now off to see how Jakes life ended up :)
  45. 45. With all the money Jake accumulated from painting and goodgrades in college, he was able to buy a very nice home for himself and Viola Do. She quit her job as a professor, but didnt give upteaching all together. She got a job as a dance teacher at a studio in town. The entertainment career wasnt offered, so Jake had to settle for being a senator.
  46. 46. Jake and Viola said their vows inthe dining area of their new home.It was a private ceremony with just the two of them involved.
  47. 47. It wasnt too long after the wedding when the babies startedcoming! Viola gave birth to twins with her first pregnancy. They are a boy and a girl named Juice and Tara.
  48. 48. Tara is named after Jaxons high school sweetheart. They are reunited after Jaxons firstborn Abel is born prematurely due to his mother Wendys drug use. Tara is the doctor who preforms the surgery that saves Abel. From then on, he and Tara are together. As the seasons go on, Tara turns more “old lady” than doctor in attempt to keep her familytogether and be devoted to Jaxon. Juice is named after a member of the SOA. He is one of the more genuinely kind hearted members, but is known for messing up which gets him into lots of trouble. He is like the kid brother to the other members, they love him, look after him, but also dismiss him in some more important matters.
  49. 49. Juice and Tara aged into adorable children! They look a ton alike,with a small difference in their noses. They both got the signature Sitcom eyes from Jake.
  50. 50. In the main legacy home, Jason Menon has moved in and donned a new look as well. SimDNA said his true hair color was red, but according to the old “check the eyebrow” trick, he has brown hair. So I kept it brown and well see how the kids turn out.
  51. 51. “Arent the Christmas decorations beautiful, Jason?”“They are,” Jason agreed, “but theyre nothing compared to you.” “Oh youre such a charmer!” Peyton blushed. “I think I hear my parents coming in, wed better get ready to open presents!”
  52. 52. “Jasons got a pretty good present for you to open.” Jason droppedto one knee and presented Peyton with an engagement ring. Sony smiled as he grabbed Kaylynns hands. Theyd known about the surprise all along. “Youre the most intelligent, beautiful and caring woman. Jason would be honored to have you as a wife. What do you say?” “I say yes!” Peyton squealed, “of course! Oh, this is the perfect Christmas present!”
  53. 53. This is where we will end for now. I hope that you enjoyed readingabout the rest Peytons college years as well as seeing the spares and their lives after graduation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all :)