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From the Hart: An OWBC - Spares Interlude


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Let's catch up with some of the spares in my attempt at the Sims 2 OWBC challenge.

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From the Hart: An OWBC - Spares Interlude

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Interlude: Spares, Spares, Spares!
  2. 2. You ever written a word so many times it’s lost all meaning? I’m feeling that way about ‘spares’. Anyway, this update is to catch you up on life outside the Love Shack, aka: the main house. To be fair, it’s probably just as manic as the main house, but that’s all part of the fun, right? And please excuse the crappy paint cover. I had no idea what to use for a spares update cover.
  3. 3. Let’s start at the Greek house, where Orchid is still living in limbo. She’s one semester away from graduating, and I figured it’s probably time I played that semester.
  4. 4. And have a little fun at the same time! This wonderful little crystal ball will find Orchid a date, no matchmaker required. I figured Orchid’s a family sim, and would greatly appreciate some romance, bless her. Oh, and when I clicked on the ball, the only option was to find a female. So I’m guessing Orchid randomised as gay without me noticing.
  5. 5. Orchid’s date ended up being this chef-wannabe, a hobby leader named Sharlene Royce. I’d used up all of Orchid’s 8 commands at this point, so I had no choice but to leave the date to run on freewill. Best of luck, guys.
  6. 6. Hooray, Orchid finally scored her first kiss! I bet you that want has been in her panel since she was a teenager.
  7. 7. Well, Orchid is a Hart, and has to uphold the family tradition of free love, and so she opts for woohoo on the first date. Don’t judge her, she’s been starved of love and affection, and as a family sim, she probably hates that.
  8. 8. Apparently, not much else happened during that quiet semester, and Orchid graduated, with a 2.4 in Philosophy. Could’ve been better, but hey, she actually graduated.
  9. 9. And of course, everyone’s favourite band of misfits turn up to celebrate. Minus Kana and Onyx, obviously.
  10. 10. Orchid slept through the entire fiasco of bubbles, and hot tubbing, only waking up to grow up. So that’s college, let’s see what the spares are up to back home…
  11. 11. Welcome to an unnamed spare commune I built out of a lot bin house! I seriously love this house – maybe it’s the bridge – and quite often renovate it for challenges. It’s perfect for my spares. So who currently lives here?
  12. 12. Blossom and Beth were the first residents, but of course, not the last. They haven’t got any intention to marry, as they’re romance sims, nor do they want any kids, and I’m okay with that.
  13. 13. Binaree and her girlfriend, Jasmine Rai, also live at the commune. “What a beautiful night.” “And a beautiful robot to spend it with.” “You’re so sappy, Jasmine.”
  14. 14. “I don’t care if it is sappy, Binaree. You make me so happy. My heart soars whenever I’m near you, and I want to feel like that for the rest of my life.” “You mean…?”
  15. 15. “Yes, Binaree. Will you marry me?”
  16. 16. “Yes, Jasmine! I will!” “I can’t wait for our wedding!”
  17. 17. * * *
  18. 18. Shortly after the proposal, Orchid joined the madness. I decided to play all the spares in the same house, mostly to save time, but also because I thought it would be a neat, different way to play from my usual style of seemingly endless rotations.
  19. 19. Soon, it was time for a wedding – and naturally all the usual guests were in attendance. Onyx was a plantsim as well as a vampire at this point, so he was invited, but Kana was left out.
  20. 20. “Sun’s out, I’m out!” Apparently being a plantsim as well as vamp wasn’t enough to keep him around. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was.
  21. 21. So here’s a fun fact about Brian at weddings – he likes to just stand there and glitch out. Not sit and watch like the others. He did a similar thing at Onyx’s wedding – long after it was over, I had to cross ‘watch wedding’ out of his queue.
  22. 22. “Jasmine, I never thought I would find someone to love, let alone someone who would love me back and fill my circuits with joy.”
  23. 23. “Binaree, I feel the same way. I never expected there to be a ‘love of my life’, but honestly, you are. I can’t imagine a future without you.”
  24. 24. A beautiful wedding, right? I think the pictures are pretty, at least. Prettier than Onyx’s wedding, anyway, but he was on a budget.
  25. 25. “Orchid, why are you crying?” “Marriages are so beautiful! I probably want to get married! What if I never get married?!”
  26. 26. Sharlene was invited over shortly afterwards, as the only romance Orchid has ever had. But it wasn’t long before hearts were flying and Orchid was happy.
  27. 27. Sharlene moved in, because who am I to deny Orchid happiness? Everyone else has their love living with them, afterall. Sharlene Royce Family Captain Hero 4/4/4/7/6 (Aquarius) Formal/Unemployed - Fitness
  28. 28. Given that I can’t control Orchid very much, I’m pleased that she found love mostly on her own. It just took her a little longer to get there than her siblings. Or you know, her family’s robot.
  29. 29. Speaking of robots, Binaree’s new wife is pregnant. How? Well…
  30. 30. With help from the sim blender and a genetic donation from Jihoon Hsu – the first male to walk by the lot after woohoo. It’s just the way I play same sex couples. I picked it up ages ago, from strangetomato’s Tomato Legacy. I guess it just stuck.
  31. 31. Blossom and Beth don’t really get, or require, much attention. Generally, they’re just woohooing in every possible place, and romancing an awful lot. What can I say? They’re a triple bolt couple.
  32. 32. As I’m able to control Sharlene, and see her wants, she was hinting that it was time to tie the knot. My bad apple is getting everything she’s ever wanted (I assume).
  33. 33. “Oh Sharlene! It’s gorgeous!” So there will be another wedding soon. I’m planning to hold this one at night so more of Orchid’s family can attend.
  34. 34. Binaree was rolling wants for a baby, which is when I realised that the one Jasmine is carrying won’t fulfil that want. So the family is getting a new addition!
  35. 35. “Look guys, no hands!” Well if the social worker says that’s an acceptable way to carry an infant, it must be okay!
  36. 36. Anyway, little Daisy Rai has joined the family – and is recognised as the child of both Binaree and Jasmine. Should’ve just had them adopt rather than faff about with the genetic donor business maybe.
  37. 37. Anyway, with so much love going on in the household, Daisy found herself dumped on floors quite often. I’m sorry, Daisy. All these couples have strong chemistry, it’s like magnets pull them towards each other constantly.
  38. 38. And quite often someone in the house is woohooing someone else in the house. Although I’m not quite sure why Jasmine is watching. Or why they’re not bothered by Jasmine watching. Let’s move on, shall we?
  39. 39. To Jasmine’s labour! I love genetics and how they mix, so I’m pretty excited for this kid 
  40. 40. It’s a boy! Welcome Dominic Rai!
  41. 41. That evening, every Hart available – and Sean from uni – were invited over. Why? Because it’s Daisy’s birthday!
  42. 42. “Aren’t we missing some people?” “Mum and Dad are in the hot tub, Blossom and Beth are using one of the bedrooms…I think the rest of us are here, but I could be wrong.”
  43. 43. And here she is! She’s cute, and I have no idea what genetics she has, either. It’ll be interesting to watch her grow. Also, despite being adopted, her personality fits right in with the other members of the Hart family. What are the odds! Daisy Rai 2/8/7/6/7 (Libra)
  44. 44. “I must bathe my child every hour otherwise I’m a bad parent, and a bad servo.” Well, I disagree, but whatever makes you happy, Binaree. Maybe consider putting her down for a nap, eventually.
  45. 45. Kana stayed later than most of the other guests – to trim the sunflowers and water the plants. You’re welcome here anytime, Kana! I often forget the garden needs tending.
  46. 46. Anyway, let’s finish this look into the spares with one last birthday. Dominic’s was a lot quieter than his sister’s. Maybe he’ll get a bigger one for his next birthday.
  47. 47. He’s cute but he looks a lot like Jihoon! Dominic Rai 10/7/6/5/5 (Virgo) --------- So that’s all for this time – we’ll be back with the main house at the Love Shack in the next update! See you soon! 