The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part 13


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The OWBC by PetTech Part 13

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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part 13

  1. 2. <ul><li>Alas, poor Bob. I knew him well… Even the Bard can’t make me feel better about my missing gnome. This challenge has come to an end and it is time to tally the points. </li></ul><ul><li>Finish challenge and posting it: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Base Game: </li></ul><ul><li>Obtain an alien through a legit abduction: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Go one whole generation without any promotions: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Have and keep a gnome to guard your flamingos: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Failing to keep the gnome: -9 points </li></ul>
  2. 3. <ul><li>University </li></ul><ul><li>The heir to each generation must attend and graduate college: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>The heir to each generation must be able to do the xylophone trick on the pool table: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Create one zombie: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Nightlife </li></ul><ul><li>The heir to each generation must go on one gypsy date: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Every heir is a grilled cheese sim: 3 points </li></ul><ul><li>Create one vampire: 3 points </li></ul>
  3. 4. <ul><li>Mini-Challenges </li></ul><ul><li>Boolprop naming scheme: 10 points </li></ul><ul><li>One Bad Apple: 10 points </li></ul><ul><li>Boolprop clubhouse: 10 points </li></ul><ul><li>Family Scrapbook: 10 points </li></ul><ul><li>Moar Aliens: 0 points (that’s not a misprint) </li></ul>
  4. 5. Total Points: 61 out of 80 possible. What cost me the most was being unable to get Joe Carr my founder’s spouse abducted. *shakes fist at aliens* Well, that’s life. Even the best laid plans go awry. I should know. In case you didn’t catch it, this challenge was posted in exactly 13 parts. I find that ironic considering the superstitions often associated with that particular number. No, I didn’t plan it that way. What is Psi acting sick about?
  5. 6. No, it’s not them. Even though she is looking at Warren and Prudence greeting each other.
  6. 7. It’s the teleporter cat I had to plop down in the front yard in order to get Warren on the lot. Once again, he is never listed on Prue’s phone book. Even though he is technically unemployed.
  7. 8. Not being one to waste time we will jump straight into the wedding. I did wait until after dark so that the family could invite one particular guest…
  8. 9. I guess you could call her the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’. Everyone was staring at her.
  9. 10. “ You know there is a wedding going on behind you Steph. My great granddaughter is saying her vows and you are in my way. ” “ Yes Tess, I know. But none of them would be here if it weren't for you. You started all this and now you are here to see the end of it. You still look lovely, I might add.” “ Are you going all sentimental and mushy on me?” “ Maybe a little.” Lyndsay; “Shush!” “ Did she just ‘shush’ me?”
  10. 11. Prue; “I have loved you since the moment you landed flat on your face in my front yard at college and I will always be true to you and only you. Warren; “You rescued me from an eternal life of serving over priced lobster to people who never leave me a tip and slop food all over the tables. I love you.
  11. 12. Warren Buckingham becomes the last sim to marry into the Trueheart clan during the duration of this challenge. Warren is a Family sim and a Cancer (6/2/9/2/6). His life time want is to marry off six children and he enjoys sports. He is turned on by swimwear and underwear and is turned off by stink. This means that the two bolt relationship they have is purely from aspiration and zodiac scores. Prudence, who is my last Bad Apple is now a grilled cheese sim with the standard LTW. I still haven’t looked at her panels to see what her zodiac and personality are. She does likes sports and digs athletic cooks. Warren is neither.
  12. 13. The chairs were pushed out of the way and the stereo was turned on. The cake was cut (not that anyone noticed) and fed gently to the groom.
  13. 14. I invited all of Prue’s friends and siblings but for some reason Inga didn’t show. She doesn’t have a good reason either.
  14. 15. And I teleported in Tess, Ocean and Titus. I probably could have tried more but I was unsure how much punishment my video card would take before shutting down so I kept it small. Ocean for some reason, did not come in for most of the party. He stood out in the front yard happily bird watching.
  15. 16. Liz decided to start jumping rope during the party. Because, you know that smustling and slap dancing is just not fun enough.
  16. 17. Shake your groove thang. Shake your groove thang. Yeah! Yeah! Show me how you do it now!
  17. 18.  What is Titus staring at?
  18. 19. Even Anthony and Psion got in on the dance action.
  19. 20. “ Bleh! Get out of my way Tin Man. I want my cake!” She does that so well. Tess is Tin’s creator- in case you forgot.
  20. 21. It was a roof raiser of a party and the newlyweds were sent off to their room to start on the next generation. What? Did you think that I’m not going to play this family anymore just because the challenge is over? Truthfully, I probably won’t get back here very often as I have already started playing my legacy family and have one and a half chapters written already. But I will try. I want to use Tess a bit in my story as well so her family is still very important. Let’s hop over to Olona’s new place for a bit…
  21. 22. Where she and Jay are welcoming the welcome wagon consisting of Maxi Buckle, thepiper5 (Angela) and Lucy Trueheart who is in the living room.
  22. 23. Not the most flattering picture of him. Jay Vijayakar- steaker extraordinaire is a Scorpio (3/10/6/2/6). He is a fortune sim with a LTW to be a hall of famer. He love music and dance and is turned on by makeup and swimwear (changed to brown hair after moving in). He hates face paint.
  23. 24. I’ve never played a streaker before but knew they had a tendency to be nude all the time. I sent him in for a shower, he got out, and stayed naked. He worked out in front of the TV naked. He cooked breakfast naked. And he proposed, you guessed it, naked! He did put on clothes to go jogging and to go to work. Hopefully, he will choose to not be naked when they get married.
  24. 25. Olona already has a job in medicine as a GP and seems very happy.
  25. 26. Time for the wedding comes around and wouldn’t you just know it- he refuses to stay dressed.
  26. 27. It was a very sweet and romantic event. Until…
  27. 28. Everyone in the wedding party noticed Jay was naked at the same time. Except Lyndsay who was a couple of seconds slower that the rest and distracted by Cort.
  28. 29. The end of this challenge did mean I could re-install all of my ACR tokens. Initially I had removed the mod entirely, but then wanted it in for my legacy so all my Trueheart family were stripped of their tokens so that I wouldn’t violate that rule completely. Yes, it was out when BBP and Lea fell for each other. Now that it’s back in I have other simselves causing trouble.
  29. 30. The party was a success and the happy couple was sent upstairs to do what newlyweds should be doing.
  30. 31. New resident simself- Chewy walked by the next morning. Chewy writes the The Hershey Family- another OWBC and is known as Chewableish on Chewy is currently sharing a house with Cort who was the youngest kid of this last generation. I’m sure the romance sim will be an excellent role model for Chewy.
  31. 32. A quick trip a few blocks over and we get to see what is on BBP’s mind. I should have tried to catch him sticking the fork in his mouth. This is what happens when you slide around in cameraman mode.
  32. 33. Inga invited her family around for dinner at her new home and unfortunately Lea was at work again so she couldn’t come. The previous encounter between BBP and Adam was unfortunate and due, as I know now, to Adam having zero (big goose egg!) nice points.
  33. 34. I still haven’t found the right adult clothes for Inga yet. This dress just doesn’t quite work for me.
  34. 35. After dinner, Adam approached BBP in private to have a much needed talk. “Sir, I wish to apologize for my behavior when we first met. I have a tendency to speak without thinking and have far too much of my father’s upper class bias for my own good. I did not mean to insult you or by extension your daughter. Please forgive me.”
  35. 36. “ Well, Inga adores you, so something has to be right between you two. I accept your apology on one condition.”
  36. 37. “ And what is that condition?”
  37. 38. “ If you ever break my daughter’s heart, I will be back to break your kneecaps.”
  38. 39. Later, “ He actually threatened you? I’m sorry Adam. I’m sure he didn’t really mean it.” “ On the contrary my dear, he was quite serious. However, I understand his feelings on the matter. I am quite protective of my little sister and have on occasion implied harm to her some of her suitors. It is a natural reaction. Have you decided where you would like to take our honeymoon?” “ I was thinking Twikki Island. The beach would be a really nice change from all this rain.” “ I shall make arrangements for my family’s summer house there to be aired out then.”
  39. 40. The next afternoon the side yard of the lovely second empire mansion that came with mansions and gardens was the scene of another wedding.
  40. 41. All of Inga’s family attended along with her best friends. Some behaved a little badly, but this is normal for them.
  41. 42. There was cake…
  42. 43. pleasant conversation…
  43. 44. and dancing. All the required wedding faire.
  44. 45. Some guests elected to not be part of the crowd. Liz has moved back home with mom and dad and currently has no career plans or steady boyfriend. She is the epitome of a pleasure sim- parked on the couch playing video games while her parents fret about her wasting her life.
  45. 46. Adam finally got to meet his mother-in-law and they seemed to get along well.
  46. 47. It was a roof raiser of a party and Adam and Inga are now expecting their first child.
  47. 48. After all the wedding equipment was put away, I landscaped the side yard which was empty initially. I’m rather proud of it. It’s like a small formal English garden.
  48. 49. I’ve never managed to catch a picture of a sim doing this. Yea me!
  49. 50. And so this challenge is finished. It all began with one woman and an empty lot. Tess Trueheart changed a lot of things in Pleasant View. Don Lotherio is a vampire, there is a random townie who is consigned to eternity as a zombie, Mortimer Goth is dead (she gets credit as I would never have played the house if it weren’t for her son Oscar falling in love with Cassandra), Cassandra now has a hyphenated last name and the town has three sims with the alien skin tone still walking around. I got to play one of my favorite sims ever (Psion) and learned a few tricks that will help make my next project a bit better.
  50. 51. I could give you a lot more pictures of the family and do a recap but there really isn’t any reason. So, thank you for reading and all the fantastic comments and support. Special thanks goes to Lea and BBP who were good sports and let me abuse their simselves publicly. May your Gnomes never be stolen!