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  1. 1. The Cooke Legacy: Chapter Four - I Love College A joint legacy between ilovereecee & meadowthayer
  2. 2. Hey there and welcome back to my family's leagcy! I was voted the next heir by the nice people at Simania. Thanks guys!! So a little about myself. . . I'm Brennan, a fun loving, party going Popularity sim and I intend to live my college years to the fullest. Once out of college my goal is to Become the Law!
  3. 3. This is my oldest brother Blake. He is a Knowledge sim like my Grandpa Albert B. Cooke who founded this entire legacy. Blake is not your ordinary Knowledge sim though; he wants to go into the entertainment field and become a Prestidgitator!
  4. 4. My younger brother Bradley is a Romance sim! My parents and grandparents weren't exactly thrilled about his life choice, but they let him decide for himself. Besides, my Aunt Amelia was a Romance sim and she turned out alright! Bradley's goal in life is to become A Professional Party Guest.
  5. 5. And last but not least, my baby sister Brynne. She and Bradley are twins, but they don't look anything alike and have completely different personalities. Brynne is a Fortune sim and dressed for it too. Her life goal is the same as mine, to Become the Law!
  6. 6. We haven't even been in our new college home for a few hours and Brynne is already studying and writing term papers. The girl is very goal oriented, I'll give her that! She should do extremely well in college. I have no doubts she'll graduate at the top of our class.
  7. 7. Blake has the same mindset as our baby sister. I don't understand why he and Brynne aren't twins. They are exactly alike in mind and looks as well. Blake has been studying with the school mascot for a few hours now and has his college meter for class almost in the platinum range!
  8. 8. While my siblings were studying and writing term papers I had other matters on my mind. I had met my professors the next day in class and that only meant one thing – I had to befriend them, of course! Why spend all your time in a book when you could chat up a professor and earn the grade that way!?
  9. 9. We didn't have a lot of money left over after we furnished the house. We had spent a lot on the kitchen and dining room, plus we had four new bedrooms to furnish too. So obviously money was tight, but that's why it was so great we all had our skills maxed out. Having a high creativity skill enabled us all to be able to paint really well. We sold a lot of masterpieces and were able to furnish the bare rooms in the house.
  10. 10. Once we began gaining some steady money from our masterpieces, we were able to hire a maid. It's amazing how quickly this big house gets messy with all four of us living in it! I think my oldest brother, Blake, has a crush on our maid Kaylynn. I saw him tipping her a hundred dollars before she went home from her first day cleaning our house.
  11. 11. But maybe he doesn't have a crush on her? Maybe he was just being nice? I would have guessed if he liked her, he would have got her number and called her later that day. But he didn't, instead he sat down and studied later that night.
  12. 12. My baby sister Brynne has found that she has a passion for toy making! She bought herself the toy bench and began quickly turning a chunk of brick into a pet brick with a painted face. It wasn't very much to look at, but she was having fun with her new hobby and that was all that mattered. So long as she didn't let the hobby get in the way of keeping her grades up.
  13. 13. I've come to the conclusion that Blake does have a crush on Maid Kaylynn. He's always following her around the house when she's here to clean. And she doesn't seem to mind. They are always laughing and sharing jokes with one another.
  14. 14. Bradley hasn't had much luck with the ladies yet. It's only our freshman year, but he hasn't been on a single date! Not that I can put much judgment there because I haven't either. Brad has resorted to online dating. I told him to relax and not be that desperate, but he's determined to find a girlfriend, I guess.
  15. 15. Kaylynn and Blake were becoming closer and closer each day that she come to clean our house. She was over every single day of the week to work, but sometimes I think her mind was on a little more than just the cleaning. She was a very sweet girl from what I could tell though. She and my brother make a nice couple.
  16. 16. Brynne still had little interest in finding a boyfriend. She spent all her spare time on her toy making bench. Soon she was able to make small toys like jack-in-the-boxes and little toy fire trucks. While we were all happy, our college life wasn't being lived the to fullest. It was a little dull to say the least.
  17. 17. So that's when I decided to liven things up! I threw a house party and invited both professors, my parents and Grandpa Albert of course. I also invited Kaylynn in hopes that she and Blake might finally share their first kiss together! Brynne, my antisocial sister, spent her time at the party studying and doing assignments on the floor. Mom and Grandpa Albert chatted over hamburgers and my Professor Chloe developed an interest in Bradley. They joked together the whole night.
  18. 18. Blake and Kaylynn seemed to be having a good time. They didn't mingle with the other guests, but only had eyes for each other. It was like the type of love you hear about in stories. Dad enjoyed rocking out to the tunes and didn't care if he had a dance partner or not. He was just reliving his old college days, I suppose.
  19. 19. As a thank you for inviting her to the party, Kaylynn gave me her friend's number. She said she thought Cherry and I would have a nice time together. So I spent the majority of the party on the phone with Cherry Lew, she seemed nice enough. She seemed a lot like Kaylynn, a little shy, but once you got to know her a fun, playful and sweet girl.
  20. 20. Everyone had a great time at my first house party. In fact, it was a roof raiser! And things were lucking up for me too, Cherry and I became friends that night on the phone and planned a day date together the following day. I'm glad she was as pretty as Kaylynn described her, sometimes girls tend to over compliment their friends looks in hopes to find them a boyfriend. But this sure wasn't the case with Cherry!
  21. 21. Cherry and I ended up having a blast on our date! She has a very fun and addictive personality. We spent most of our time pillow fighting and joking around in general with each other. I'm glad she has a personality and looks too :)
  22. 22. Since Mom, Dad and Grandpa Albert attended the party I'd learned a few things had happened back at home. Mom had found she loved to garden and now had quite the green thumb. All of her plants were thriving thanks to her TLC; if you hadn't known that Mom used to be an evil witch, you wouldn't believe it!
  23. 23. Grandpa Albert, who founded our family's legacy, always wanted a son named Albert B. Cooke Jr. But Grandma Kaylynn never let him name her sons that. She'd thought it was too mature for an infant. But I guess old age changes a person and when Grandpa started talking about adopting a baby, Grandma agreed and even suggested adopting a little boy to name Albert Jr. So, that is exactly what happened. I now have a new uncle who is years and years younger than me. He's my Uncle Albert B. Cooke Jr.
  24. 24. Dad wanted to do something nice for his parents and decided to paint a portrait of Grandpa Albert, Grandma Kaylynn and Albert Jr. all together. Once it was finished he hung it up in the house to display to everyone. It really was a nice piece of artwork.
  25. 25. Grandpa Albert was overjoyed at having a new son. After all, his other children were grown and had grown kids of their own. Mom says it is nice to see new life and excitement in Grandpa so late in his life. He and Grandma don't have much time left, so it's a good thing they get to spend it spoiling Albert Jr.
  26. 26. Mom and Dad soon had their birthday. None of us were able to attend because we had finals, but Mom called to tell me everything went smoothly. Grandma Kaylynn was there to reassure them into their golden years.
  27. 27. Mom and Dad aged into an elegant, elderly couple with matching greenish yellowish tops. They were still so in love after so many kids and years of marriage. I'm glad my parents are happy and together after all this time. I hope I can have a marriage like theirs one day.
  28. 28. Back in our college home Brynne was still earning her toy making badges in an insanely quick amount of time. She said she was thinking of sending a toy to our Uncle Albert Jr. for his birthday when it rolled around.
  29. 29. Since the party Bradley and my Professor Chloe had grown a little closer each day. They talked on the phone at night and even though it was frowned upon for a Professor and a student to date, they did so anyway. Brad even got his first kiss with the Professor! Too bad it won't help his grade, because she's my professor, not his!
  30. 30. And because of that reason, Bradley still has to write his term papers and earn the grade the old fashioned way ;)
  31. 31. Blake and Kaylynn are still going strong. I'm proud of my brother for being in such a committed relationship in college. It's not easy, that's for sure! It's nice to see them together flirting and complimenting each other. It gives me hope that Cherry and I might be the same way some day.
  32. 32. Blake and Kaylynn were definitely in love. Kaylynn had a stable job and was just waiting on my brother to graduate so they could get married and start a family. They often talked of children, marriage and their future together. Especially Kaylynn, because she is a family aspiration.
  33. 33. After talking about marriage and babies for weeks, Blake finally plucked up the courage to propose to his true love. There was no doubt in my mind that Kaylynn would say yes to my brother. It was obvious to anyone who looked at them, that they were meant to be.
  34. 34. Blake and Kaylynn weren't the only love birds in the house. Lately Cherry and I had found a deeper connection in our friendship. We'd fallen in love and it was unlike any feeling I'd ever had before in my life. It was wonderful and just indescribable!
  35. 35. My relationship wasn't in the spotlight for long in our home. Bradley and my Professor Chloe finally fell in love and woohooed for the first time. I hoped they stayed on good terms, for my grades sake!
  36. 36. Being the sneaky Romance sim that my brother is, he can't stay with one woman for too long. After woohooing my professor, Brad starting looking around for a new date. I hoped he'd be smart enough to keep the new relationships a secret from my professor.
  37. 37. Lately all I could think about was Cherry. Nothing else! No matter what I tried, I couldn't get her out of my mind. Not that that was a bad thing of course! I decided to talk to my sister about it, and it's a matter of respect that she didn't laugh at me as I stumbled over my words, “I can't stop thinking about her. When I'm asleep I dream of her, when I'm awake I can't do anything right because my mind's on her. I'm always counting down until our next day. I think I'll go crazy if I have to wait another day to see her. I don't know what to do.”
  38. 38. “ You've got to ask her to marry you, silly! You're in love, that's why you can get her out of your head.” Brynne said reasonably. I hadn't before thought of proposing, but now I don't know what was stopping me. I loved Cherry and she obviously loved me, what was I waiting for?
  39. 39. I invited Cherry over after I thanked Brynne. My lovely girlfriend was over in a flash. As soon as she stepped in the door I dropped on my knees, “Cherry Lew, I have to marry you. I can't go another day without knowing for sure that one day I'll go to bed with you by my side and wake up to see your face every single day. Please, marry me, Cherry?”
  40. 40. My heart was hammering against my chest the whole time. I was sure Cherry could hear it! As I recited my speech I wondered if she would say yes. We'd been dating for only a few weeks, that was an awfully quick time to get engaged. Maybe I should have waited!? But, when I saw the look of shock and happiness on Cherry's face, I knew I'd done the right thing.
  41. 41. After Cherry said yes, we shared a big hug then ran upstairs to celebrate a little more privately. Unfortunately I lost all track of time and I had to go to class. We didn't get to woohoo, but the make out session on my bed was pretty awesome nonetheless.
  42. 42. One of us did get luck that night, though. Bradley has been serial dating ever since he found out just how fantastic woohoo really is. Now he's always wanting to find a new girlfriend, meet someone new, or make out with a new girl. He sure is living up to his aspiration now.
  43. 43. With all the love going around our college home we almost forgot what was going on back at our first home! It was Uncle Albert Jr.'s birthday! We rushed over in time for the party and lined up to hug Grandma Kaylynn. She was ecstatic that we made it to see her adopted son's first birthday party. And of course to have all of her grandchildren under her roof again.
  44. 44. We all gathered around the cake to celebrate. Grandpa Albert was holding Uncle Albert Jr. and swaying him in front of the small cake. We all hooted, hollered, and twirled our twirly thingies in celebration of the happy day.
  45. 45. I'll never forget the image I saw of Grandpa Albert holding his adopted son, smiling as if it were the best day of his life. Grandpa and Grandma were getting on in their years, so at that birthday party I tried to stock up as many images in my head of them as I possibly could.
  46. 46. Uncle Albert Jr. fits in perfectly with the rest of the family with his flaming red hair and fair skin. He could have been my brother instead of my uncle for as much as he looks like us! Grandpa lay him down after the party, Uncle Albert Jr. was a little exhausted from the celebrations.
  47. 47. *Katie here with a side note, I finally fixed Albert's skintone back. For a while he was walking around with his tanned body and pale face. Now he looks more like the old Albert B. Cooke :) Okay now I'll had the narration back to Brennan!
  48. 48. Later that night before we left, I saw Grandpa singing nursery rhymes with his son on the floor. This is another image I'll never forget. Both of them looked so calm and happy.
  49. 49. Unfortunately for us all, the next day Grimmy came to collect Grandpa Albert and Grandma Kaylynn. They'd only had a little time to share with their youngest son and it was sad that he would grow up an orphan. But I knew my parents would do a great job raising him as their godchild/brother/brother-in-law.
  50. 50. We didn't have too much time to dwell on our grandparent's deaths. We were facing our senior final exams! After this semester there would only be one to go and then we'd be graduating!!
  51. 51. We all aced our exams, of course! I invited Cherry over to celebrate with me. We still didn't finish our celebration from a few weeks ago when we got engaged. I was anxious to finish that little scenario as you can imagine.
  52. 52. I don't want to say much about our first time, but I'll say this: it was worth the wait!
  53. 53. I wasn't the only one celebrating that night. In order to get his GPA up, Bradley invited over his own professor, Kaylynn Jordan. Bradley and she fell in love quickly and she was his third woohoo, third triumph as a Romance sim.
  54. 54. Halfway through our last semester I decided to throw one last shindig! Blake and I invited our significant others, Kaylynn and Cherry. Bradley ended up inviting Professor Kaylynn over, which I thought was odd. Normally after woohooing a woman he ended all contact with her. Brynne didn't have anyone to invite, and stayed upstairs in her toy making rampage.
  55. 55. I was shocked that Bradley had invited his professor and love at all, but I almost didn't believe my eyes when I saw him proposing to her! It looks like my little brother is turning over a new leaf* I'm proud of him! *After I gave Bradley a secondary Family aspiration, he wanted to propose to Prof. Kaylynn Jordan. So, he got his wish :)
  56. 56. I was shocked to see Bradley on one knee for a woman, but what came the next morning was even more of a surprise! Brynne announced that she was tired of wasting her time at University and had decided to move back home and open up her own toy store. She promptly moved out and left all of us in a state of shock. I couldn't believe she'd drop out with just a few weeks til graduation day!
  57. 57. The last few weeks were a little boring. We mainly painted portraits, we didn't need the money anymore thanks to all of our Dean's List grants, but we still enjoyed working on our artistic sides. We all had the highest enthusiasm possible for arts & crafts – I guess that's what happens when you pretty much paint twenty four seven!
  58. 58. The night before my final exam, I invited Cherry over for dinner. We chatted over spaghetti and talked about what our future would hold together. We decided that she should move into my parents house with me tomorrow, after my exams. As a family sim, I don't think anything would have made her night better than to know we would be moving in together tomorrow. Even if it was with my parents and young Uncle Albert Jr.
  59. 59. The next night were our final exams! We aced them of course, and although I would have liked to have thrown a party, I was more anxious to get back home and marry the girl of my dreams. But before we can see all about that, let's see how my siblings lives played out . . .
  60. 60. Let's start with my brother Bradley: Bradley and his ex-Professor and fiance Kaylynn Jordan moved into a nice, modern condo together. They wasted no time hitting the bedroom, after all Brad was a romance sim.
  61. 61. No longer working as a Professor, Kaylynn was free to let down her hair so to say. And she did, literally! After she did herself up I think she looked much better.
  62. 62. It was a surprise when Bradley proposed to Kaylynn, but now I'd accepted this and was happy when they decided to have a small, private wedding within their home. They decided not to have children, I guess that was just too much to think about for my Romance brother Bradley.
  63. 63. Now, I'll tell you about Brynne: Brynne was doing very good for herself. Her decision to drop out of college last minute had worked to her advantage. Her shop was growing and business was booming! She was doing very well for herself.
  64. 64. I was proud of my little sister; she'd made something of herself. Brynne's Toy Shop was where everyone in Cooke City went to buy their little ones a surprise. And not only was she running her shop well, but she did it all by herself ! She didn't hire any employees, but ran the register and sales floors as a one-woman production. It was working for her so far.
  65. 65. Brynne was happy with her shop, but her life felt empty at nights when the doors were closed. That's when she decided to become a mother! She adopted a child named Juan. He was just right for her, a little businessman in the making! When he wasn't at school, Juan sat outside the home business and sold lemonade to customers and passersby.
  66. 66. Having Juan made Brynne want a sibling for him – after all, the shop kept her very busy and she didn't always have time to play with him. That's when she decided to adopt another child. Frances was the perfect sibling for Juan. They got along great!
  67. 67. Now that we've heard about my sister Brynne, I'll finish up with my oldest brother, Blake: Blake and Kaylynn had a small, private wedding in their new home under the backyard trees. They'd waited a long time to say their vows and were both excited as a child on Christmas eve when the day finally arrived.
  68. 68. The couple had waiting all through college until their wedding day until they shared their first time together. Of course that resulted in a baby on the way. Both of them couldn't have been more thrilled and I don't believe I know anyone who would make better parents. Both of them will be great with their child!
  69. 69. Blake and Kaylynn had always been a sweet and loving couple throughout my brother's college years. I'm happy to say that they are still that same caring couple in their marriage.
  70. 70. The due date finally arrived and Kaylynn gave Blake two adorable little boys to love and care for. They were named Cole and Cory. Cole looks just like his daddy, but Cory has blonde hair and brown eyes.
  71. 71. As I knew she would, my sister-in-law made a terrific mother. She was always doting on her two sons and her love for them was obvious when she held them or looked at either Cole or Cory.
  72. 72. When the boys grew up, they were too cute to describe. My little nephews were growing up fast and looking more like their parents everyday. Cole, with his red hair and blue eyes, looks just like Blake. Cory looks a lot like his Uncle Bradley, with his blonde hair and brown eyes. Well, I guess that leaves just my story left to tell. But that's for another day. For now, I'll say farewell. Look back next time for me and Cherry's life back at home :)