The cooke legacy chapter twenty four


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The cooke legacy chapter twenty four

  1. 1. The Cooke Legacy:The Cooke Legacy: Chapter Twenty Four –Chapter Twenty Four – The Impossible WantThe Impossible Want A joint legacy between ilovereecee & meadowthayer
  2. 2. Thank you for coming back to read the twenty fourth chapter of The Cooke Legacy! In the last chapter you saw Jackson, Jonathan and Joselyn graduate from college. Jonathan and Joselyn both had happy endings post graduation and now it’s time to see Jackson and his fiancée Lisa’s life together after throwing their caps in the air! Jackson will take over the narration from here. -Katie
  3. 3. Lisa and I, Jackson Cooke, moved back home with my parents Ishmael and Vicki. We’re the next heirs to the Cooke throne and I’m pretty excited to carry on my family’s legacy. I’m even more so excited to marry this lovely blonde woman I’m lucky enough to call my fiancée! As a primary family aspiration, Lisa is over the moon about our very soon upcoming wedding.
  4. 4. Before we can break out the wedding arch though, we have a birthday party to plan! My parents are turning into elders and Lisa had the idea to throw a surprise party for them – she’s so thoughtful! It was a lot of hard work, but in one afternoon we were able to purchase two cakes, balloons and invite over my siblings to celebrate along side us.
  5. 5. Pre-party, Lisa and I checked the computer for our desired careers. My lifetime want is to become chief of staff; Lisa’s is to become a captain hero! I think it’s funny that my sweet hearted fiancée wants to be a crime fighter! I couldn’t even see her killing a fly, much less chasing all the bad guys around Desiderata Valley!
  6. 6. The surprise party was a success! My parents had no idea we had invited over Jonathan and Joselyn to witness their elder birthdays. They were thrilled to have all their children in the house again. My parents, Ishmael and Vicki, aged into such a lovely couple. I’m so glad they’ve made it through all these years together and are still happy to this day. I hope my marriage will be just as fun filled and joyful as theirs has been.
  7. 7. Lisa and mine’s wedding day finally arrived! Mom helped her soon to be daughter in law get settled into her gown while my dear old dad and I had a heart to heart downstairs. He told me a few tips to have a strong marriage: never go to bed angry, always tell Lisa how beautiful she is and that I love her and most importantly remember that she is always right and I will always be wrong! :)
  8. 8. It rained on our wedding day, but we didn’t let that ruin our ceremony. Lisa still looked beautiful with wet curls sticking to her face and her dress may have been destroyed, but I’ll always have the memory of our perfect wedding in the family garden. I’ll never forget the day I made Lisa my wife until death do us part!
  9. 9. Lisa and I waited until our wedding night to woohoo. It was her choice and I’d always been respectful of her wish. Now as my bride, she can’t wait to start a family and I can’t either. Being a father is a scary thought, but we can handle anything that comes our way.
  10. 10. Both Lisa and I found our desired careers after our wedding. Lisa started out in the law enforcement career as a patrol officer making $552. Because I graduated college, I got a jumpstart on my career and began as a surgeon in the medical field earning a whopping $980. I’m really excited that our lives are coming together so quickly and easily.
  11. 11. Lisa couldn’t get too settled into her job just yet; a few weeks after she started as an officer she found out she was going to have a baby! Her boss said running around the streets was too dangerous for a pregnant woman and ordered that she begin an early maternity leave. I’m really thankful for that! I sleep easier knowing my wife and unborn baby are safe at home.
  12. 12. Ever since Lisa found out she was going to have our first baby together, everything in the house revolves around the pregnancy. Lisa is constantly craving grilled cheese – so we all constantly eat grilled cheese morning, noon and night! Mom and her can’t stop storming up baby names and deciding what features they hope the baby gets from each of us.
  13. 13. We haven’t forgotten about the family dogs. Cloe, Reecee and Peyton are still a big part of the family. They all work and so we try to help them out with their skills as much as possible. Mom and Lisa do most of the work since they are home the most. Dad and I work long hours and try to give the dogs attention when possible.
  14. 14. I know Lisa loves animals so I got her a puppy of her very own to have! Scrappy is small terrier-like dog with dark green spots and ears. He is very unusual looking, but I hope that Lisa will love him all the same.
  15. 15. I got a promotion to medical researcher and now I earn $1356 in only one day! The afternoon I came home from work with my promotion, I walked in the door just in time to see that Lisa was going into labor! I can’t believe it’s time for my baby to be born. The feeling I had in that moment is completely indescribable.
  16. 16. Lisa and I were both pleasantly surprised when she gave birth to twins! I’m now the happy father of a son and daughter. My beautiful red headed, brown eyed baby girl was named Kenadie. My handsome son has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is named Kingsley. I’m so happy to have two healthy babies to call my own.
  17. 17. Lisa loves Scrappy! I’m so glad to see that my little surprise makes my beautiful wife so happy. Scrappy is a handful right now because he’s being potty trained and has to learn all the rules of the house, but I know he’ll make a great family pet.
  18. 18. Unfortunately having twins is proving to be a difficult task. Trying to care for Kenadie, Kingsley and four dogs is more than we can all handle. Lisa called one of her buddies on the force and found a good home for Cloe and Reecee to go to. That leaves us with just Peyton and Scrappy as the family pets now. It’s sad to see them go, but it’s for the best.
  19. 19. Kenadie and Kingsley are the center of the universe right now – or at least it seems that way to Lisa and me. I can’t help but smile when I look into the tiny faces of my babies. They are so beautiful and I couldn’t have been blessed with easier babies. They keep themselves content for the most part and are now starting to sleep through the night; that is a big help for Lisa and I since we are both back at work now.
  20. 20. I’ve been working my butt off lately and all the hours at work have paid off! I have made it to my lifetime want – to become chief of staff! It didn’t take long at all and I’m proud of all my accomplishments lately. My new lifetime want is to become a general.
  21. 21. Kenadie and Kingsley are growing like weeds! It seems like everyday they are bigger and smarter than the day before. It’s time for them to age into toddlers and I’m a little nervous at what the terrible twos have to bring with twins!
  22. 22. My sweet babies aged into perfect little toddlers. I’m so happy to see them growing to be such smart and healthy kids! Kenadie very similar to me in her facial features. She has a personality. Kingsley has his mother’s face completely and a personality of
  23. 23. Having a secondary knowledge aspiration, I am extremely proud of Kenadie and Kingsley. They are both proving to be very smart toddlers. We, of course, use smart milk with them to help cut down the time it takes for them to learn how to walk, talk and use the potty. Even without the smart milk, though, they are learning their skills from their toys pretty quickly.
  24. 24. Raising two toddlers during their terrible two’s isn’t so terrible after all! My children were perfect little angels during their infancy and are such easy going toddlers that Lisa and I decided to start trying for another little one.
  25. 25. Lisa went back to work once the babies turned into toddlers; she’s been doing very well ever since her return. She was promoted to be on the Vice Squad and now earns $686 a day. She’s definitely headed in the right direction to becoming a Captain Hero! She got her promotion just in time too; that night we found out she was going to have another baby!
  26. 26. I found my new desired career and am currently working towards achieving my second lifetime want. I’m still a few promotions away from General, but my college degree helped me start out high on the career ladder as a Senior Officer.
  27. 27. My sweet babies aren’t so little anymore. It’s almost time for them to age into children. I can’t believe they’re growing up so fast. It’s almost unreal – it seems like yesterday when Kenadie and Kingsley were born.
  28. 28. And now they are aging into children and preparing for their first day of school! Kenadie and Kingsley had a great birthday celebration and aged into such cute children (I knew they would though, after all, Lisa and I are their parents). I have high hopes for both of my children, I just hope they don’t grow up too fast.
  29. 29. Lisa is spending her maternity leave skilling for promotions and now she can spend quality time with Kenadie and Kingsley at the same time. They both are fast skillers; I wonder if that has anything to do with all the smart milk they were fed as toddlers? I’m proud of my kids for being able to skill so fast. Their first night studying resulted in almost three maxed skills for the both of them! I have some smart children :)
  30. 30. It’s crazy to see my firstborn children growing up so fast. I almost wish they were babies again and I could keep them that little forever. Now that they are children, they are sleeping in their big boy and girl beds and riding the bus to school. I hope I can raise them to be responsible young adults.
  31. 31. The baby is due any day now. Kenadie and Kingsley are thrilled to have a little sister or brother on the way. Kenadie wants a little sister to dress up and play dolls with. She is really hoping for Lisa and I have a little girl soon.
  32. 32. We hope that Kenadie won’t be too disappointed to learn that she now is a big sister to two brothers! Little Kellan was born in the middle of the night after a few hours of labor. He has red hair and brown eyes like his big sister. I’m so happy to be a father of three children now and Lisa even confided that she wants seven more! I don’t think we’ll be having ten.
  33. 33. Lisa didn’t waste any time after Kellan was born. She went straight back to work and began earning promotions again. She got a nice big pay raise is Desiderata Valley’s new detective!
  34. 34. With Lisa working more hours now and with my crazy schedule as senior officer, we rely on the help of my parents, Ishmael and Vicki. This is a task they enjoy though! Dad always makes sure little Kellan is fed, bathed and changed. Mom helps out with Kenadie and Kingsley and ensures that their homework is done and they have skilled a little before dinner and bed.
  35. 35. Mom helps with Kellan too. She has the most free time out of us four adults – as a teacher she has every weekend off to relax. This means she is more able to wake up and help feed Kellan during the middle of the night.
  36. 36. Scrappy and Peyton are now the proud parents of a little pup! They had a tiny little boy dog no bigger than Peyton’s nose! We named him Dash because he dashes around the house like a little wild thing! I hope that he doesn’t stay this energetic as an adult dog!
  37. 37. My twins are growing up so fast! They are gaining responsibilities as the school year goes on and they are doing really well with their coursework. They both have straight A’s on their material and their behavior. I’m definitely proud of them both.
  38. 38. Kellan isn’t a baby any longer! We had a small celebration with my parents, Lisa, Kenadie and Kingsley. Cheered on by his whole family little Kellan aged into an adorable little tyke! He has a personality. He is my old mean child and I’m afraid to say he gets that from me! Lisa, Kenadie and Kingsley all have high nice points.
  39. 39. As soon as Kellan aged into a toddler, Lisa wanted to have another baby. She told me once he was born that she wanted ten kids total. I wouldn’t mind another child, but I’m still not so sure about ten. Maybe just one or two more will do!
  40. 40. Lisa and I have been doing very well at our jobs. I have reached my second lifetime want to become a general! I was promoted from astronaut to general the same day that Lisa was promoted to Lieutenant. She is just a few more promotions away from her first lifetime want!
  41. 41. Lisa is making up for all the time away from the job she had to spend on maternity leave. Just a day after she was promoted to Lieutenant, she got another promotion! She is now the Leader of the Swat Team! I don’t know which job is more dangerous; swat team leader or fearless mother of our three children! ;)
  42. 42. I guess now I can say Lisa is the fearless mother of our three children with one on the way! We found out that she and I are going to be parents all over again! Lisa is over the moon, of course, and I’m thrilled to have another little one on the way. I’m secretly hoping for a little girl for Kenadie to play with. Of course it doesn’t matter if it’s another boy – so long as the baby is healthy.
  43. 43. Kellan is growing up just as fast as Kenadie and Kingsley did. He’s already learned his toddler skills and is now working towards his charisma skill by playing with the rabbit head. Lisa and I try to help him with his sentences. Lisa’s pregnancy cravings usually make their way into these conversations these days.
  44. 44. Lisa still talks about wanting ten children! I’ve always joked that she was insane for wanting this, but when I tuck in my little man at night and look at his cute face I can see how my wife would want seven more just like him. It makes me that more excited for the little one on the way.
  45. 45. Dash has had a pretty nice life as a puppy. He’s learned a few things: eat the pet food, say off the furniture and be nice to others. He still hasn’t gotten fully house broken, but we’re working on that. When Dash aged into an adult dog, he very much resembles Peyton. He has a few spots from Scrappy on his front legs and hind end though.
  46. 46. As with all the Cooke pets, Dash gets a job once he is fully grown. Kingsley likes to help Dash learn his commands needed to get promoted. The first one he learned was stay.
  47. 47. It’s time for another birthday in the Cooke home! Three birthdays to be exact! Kenadie, Kingsley and Kellan are all blowing out the birthday candles today! We decided to let Kellan go first and I was happy with how well my youngest child aged. He resembles his older sister a lot!
  48. 48. After Kellan was done changing clothes, he came back into the kitchen to cheer on his big sister and brother. Kenadie and Kingsley are no longer my little babies – I can’t believe I’m about to be a father to two teenagers!
  49. 49. Kenadie, my precious daughter, aged into a beautiful young lady! I’m a little worried at the aspiration she decided upon: primary pleasure – I’m hoping her secondary family aspiration will take over. Kingsley wants to follow the path of knowledge, with romance as a back up. I’m so proud of how my children have all aged tonight!
  50. 50. Looks like my unborn fourth just couldn’t stand to be out of all the excitement! After all the birthday cake was eaten and the balloons had popped, my second daughter was born! Kyla has red hair and brown eyes just like Kenadie and Kellan. Lisa is thrilled to have a newborn and, I have to admit, after seeing my babies all grow up tonight, I’m happy to have a little one in the house again. It makes me not feel so old!
  51. 51. Kenadie and Kingsley, who were not old enough to realize what was really going on when their younger brother Kellan was born, got to witness Kyla’s birth! Apparently they weren’t too impressed; they decided to fiddle with the rubrics cubes halfway through their baby sister’s arrival.
  52. 52. We’re running out of room in the house and didn’t have a nursery set up when Kyla was born. My family is more than blessed money wise, so I converted my garage into a girl’s room for little Kyla. It won’t be long before we either have to move into a bigger home or expand the one we are currently in.
  53. 53. Lisa is still holding to her wish for ten children! Kyla makes four kids for us and I still can’t visualize what ten would be like. Life is hectic enough with four kids, two full time working parents and three dogs.
  54. 54. Speaking of the dogs, Peyton is pregnant again! She’s helping our family expand and added another little boy pup to the Cooke household. This pup looks exactly like Dash did at his age. His name is Chumpy!
  55. 55. Kenadie is a teenager now and I know that with her teen years comes teen boys! I was never one to date around in my teens, or even in my young adult hood during college, so I’m not sure how I feel about my firstborn seeing someone so young! I hope she keeps her head on straight and focuses on school instead of getting side tracked by these young men the matchmaker throw at her!
  56. 56. While Kenadie is busy chatting up her first date Gavin, her twin brother is occupied in the kitchen making a turkey dinner. Kingsley invited the headmaster of the private school over in hopes of being accepted. I think this is a wonderful idea and I have no doubt that the headmaster will be impressed with my family.
  57. 57. Kenadie got her first kiss with Gavin that afternoon before she said goodbye to head inside for dinner with the headmaster. She says it’s nothing serious, but later Gavin dropped by with more than a dozen roses with a love note for my baby girl. I’m not sure yet if I should be worried or not.
  58. 58. Lisa is such an amazing woman. She toured the headmaster around our massive two story home and told him how generations of our family have lived here. She chatted easily with him over the turkey dinner Kingsley made and at the end of the night graciously accepted his offer for Kenadie, Kingsley and Kellan to come to his private school! I’m so proud of my family.
  59. 59. Looks like a new little one is on the way! Lisa is thrilled to be pregnant again. I’m excited to have a new baby in the house again too. I just didn’t think it would happen so close to Kyla being born. It’s going to be hard raising a toddler and a new born. Luckily, we have Kenadie and Kingsley to offer some helping hands with this new baby.
  60. 60. Kenadie is turning out to be a fine young lady! I don’t even know why I was worried about her beginning to date. She picked up a job at the local record store and easily reached the top of her career ladder. She even helps out with baby Kyla a lot! It’s her only sister, so I think she is really looking forward to all the girly things they can do together once Kyla is bigger.
  61. 61. And it’s amazing how quickly little Kyla is getting bigger! Before we knew it her birthday had arrived. Kenadie helped her sister blow out the candles and even dressed her and did her hair. Maybe I should have let Lisa do this last part – Kenadie made Kyla look like a little Raggedy Ann doll! Kyla’s personality is
  62. 62. Lisa and mine’s fifth child is due any minute now! I quit my job as a general so that I could stay home with Kellan, Kyla and the new baby once he or she arrives. I thought that this would make me sad, but looking at my growing family, I realize that nothing makes me happier than my wife and kids. Now I know why Lisa wants ten children – so we can be surrounded by love and laughter times ten! I know it’s going to be tough, but I’m up for the challenge of ten! Lisa was of course happy to hear that I’m on board.
  63. 63. I have a new son! Kolton was born with black hair and brown eyes. This is my first child to have my hair color. I’m pretty thrilled about that! Kolton is Lisa and mine’s fifth child – we’re halfway to ten. We ran out of rooms in the house once Kyla was born (we had to convert the garage into a nursery for her), so we really didn’t have any extra space in our home once Kolton arrived. My family is by no means hurting for money, so I added on an entire floor to our already large home. We now have a three story house! The third floor consists of three new bathrooms and four new bedrooms that will be used for nurseries for Lisa and mine’s next five children!
  64. 64. Kyla’s growing up so fast. It seems like every time I turn around she’s learned a new skill or grown an inch more! She’s talking and walking now; you would think I’d get used to the surprise once I see one of my children learn something new, but I don’t. It’s always exciting when my toddlers take their first steps or begin to speak clearly! Kyla is such a sweet heart too! For being a shy little girl, she sure makes friends fast! Everyone in the house adores her – even the dogs love her!
  65. 65. Lisa has been promoted again! She’s now the Police Chief of Desiderata Valley. I’m so proud of my wife for being a working mother of five. Soon she’ll be a working mother of six! We found out the same day as her police chief promotion that Lisa is pregnant again! As always, we’re excited for the new baby.
  66. 66. Even with the new third floor added onto the house, it’s crowded at home! To make more room for my growing family, my sister and brother both agreed to take one pet each from us. Peyton went to Jonathan and Scrappy went to Joselyn. This leaves us with only two dogs in the house – Dash and Chumpy.
  67. 67. It’s time for my little girl to age into a child! Kyla’s birthday has arrived and I’m excited to have her aging into a big girl. I’ll miss her being a toddler, but I’m excited to see how she’ll do in school with her big brother Kellan. She certainly aged into a beautiful little girl – I of course had no doubts of that. Lisa is her mother after all :)
  68. 68. Kolton was also aging up that night! Once Kyla left her toddler days behind, my youngest son welcomed his terrible twos! Kolton is my first child to have inherited my black hair. He doesn’t look much like his four older siblings – he has a good mix of both Lisa and I in him.
  69. 69. Lisa let me know she thinks it is too quiet in the house with Peyton and Scrappy gone. How anyone can think a house is quiet with two dogs and five kids I’ll never know! I plan to surprise Lisa with a new dog once the baby is born.
  70. 70. With everyone in the house busy with work, school, training the dogs and helping raise little Kolton, alone time is hard to find for Lisa and I. I love my wife as much as I did the day I fell in love in college. Five kids (and one on the way) later, things are still wonderful with our relationship.
  71. 71. The time has come for Kellan to join Kenadie and Kingsley in his teenage years. It’s time for him to choose his path in life. I hope my middle son chooses well! He definitely aged into a handsome young man. He decided Romance for a primary aspiration and popularity for a secondary. This is a complete opposite of myself, but I have faith that Kellan will have a wonderful life no matter what path he has decided to follow.
  72. 72. The new baby has arrived! I have another little girl to call my own. She has brown eyes and red hair (I find it funny that all my daughters have red hair, but my sons have all different color in hair). Lisa and I decided to call our new baby Kimi. Little Kimi makes baby number six for us. Four more to go until we’re done.
  73. 73. I’m extremely proud of the young adults my older children have grown to become. Kenadie loves her new little sister and doesn’t mind helping feed and change her. She’s a great help to Lisa and me! Kellan is the youngest teen in the house and isn’t used to handling babies like Kenadie and Kingsley, so he tends to keep Kolton occupied instead of helping with Kimi.
  74. 74. Things were going so well with my family until the day that I lost my mother Vicki. Kyla and I were watching television in the living room when we saw the Grim Reaper sneak in. He paid us no attention as he and the hula girls claimed my mother. I’m torn up over losing my dear mom, but I know Kyla is in shock at seeing it first hand. I have to be strong for my little girl and make sure she’s okay.
  75. 75. As if things weren’t already bad enough that day, when my father Ishmael returned from work that night he too was claimed by the reaper and his hula assistants. Thankfully, all of my children and my wife were asleep this time. Nobody was there to witness except for myself and the dogs. I didn’t worry about trying to hide my grief in front of the dogs – this time I let it all out! Losing both of my parents in the same day is too much to handle.
  76. 76. I worry about my children the most. After letting go of myself in the driveway at my fathers death, I feel I can be strong enough to help everyone through. I know that this has affected my children though. I can’t walk through any room in the house without hearing someone sobbing over the death of their grandparents. I hope that time and love can heal these wounds.
  77. 77. Kingsley, my sweet and sensible son, remembered that Lisa had said a few weeks ago that she wanted a new dog in the house. Once he was feeling well enough to venture outside of the house, he went to the local pet store and adopted Sassy. She’s a strange looking green dalmatian with pink spots, but she’ll fit into our crazy family well.
  78. 78. My family has always said, when one life ends another begins. I have always believed this to be true - never more so than now! Just a week after my parents passing, Lisa found out that she was going to have another baby. This joyous news will definitely help with the mourning in the house.
  79. 79. That will bring the end of the chapter! I hope you enjoyed seeing Jackson and Lisa’s life together thus far in. Look back in chapter twenty five to see Kenadie, Kingsley, Kellan, Kyla, Kolton and Kimi age even more – and of course to see them joined by the rest of their four siblings. Thanks for reading! -Katie