Chapter 13


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Chapter 13

  1. 1. The SiMania Joint Duelacy Sallys Side - Chapter 13 Written by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Hello and welcome back to The SiMania Joint thDuelacy. This is the 13 chapter of Sallys side. In the last chapter I played our heiress EowynMcMania and her spare siblings Mona, Yossarian and Milo through college. They all graduated successfully and the spares went off to do their own thing after graduation. Mona married Chris Davidson and they had a cute little girl namedRowan. Yossarian was quite the Cassanova and never settled down, but did adopt to kittens Anastasia and Drisella. Milo married JessicaLeelaporn and they had three children, Jane then twins Jude and Lily. Now its time to see howEowyn and her fiancee Ichelles lives ended up...
  3. 3. Eowyn and Ichelle have settled back in at home with Eowyns parents Katherine and Zethamae, as well as her grandparentsAdrian and Aurora. Ichelle starts to befriend everyone in the house, starting with her future mothers-in-law.
  4. 4. Adrian and Aurora are the designated portrait painters for theengaged couple. Every heir and spouse in the family has theirportrait made and hung in the house. Eowyn and Ichelle will be able to admire theirs very soon!
  5. 5. I realize that I never gave Ichelles stats in the last chapter. So here they are: She is a primary knowledge aspiration with asecondary family aspiration. Her lifetime want is to become chief of staff, which she is currently working toward. She went to work this morning as an EMT and got promoted her first day to paramedic! Way to go Ichelle!
  6. 6. Were not even five minutes into this and weve already got a death in the family. Adrian McManias time has run up and hes gone to join many other McMania family members now. Zethame and Eowyn were there to witness his passing.
  7. 7. Poor Aurora! Shes very torn up over the loss of her husband.Theyve been together a very long time and she walks around sniffling and thinking of him all the time. Its really sad.
  8. 8. Belle and Beast, the family pets, are doing well. Theyve finally taken an interest in each other and have started playing together. This is good because I need kittens from these two! On a side note, Beast prettymuch always has a stink cloud around him. This is one messy dude! He never bathes himself. Its actually really gross and whenever a familymember enters the same room as him, they always pause to hold their nose and fan the air in front of their face. He should be named Smelly Cat, after Phoebes song from Friends. Lol!
  9. 9. Geez Louise Batman! There was a thunderstorm during the early morning that caught a tree on fire – well usually the rain will put it out, you know? Not this time. Then Eowyn freaked out and had to go do the fire dance in front of it. Of course, she wouldnt obey me canceling this out and telling her to go take a shower. So she gotconsumed in the fire. Thankfully the firefighter showed up in time to save her!
  10. 10. A near death experience will sure change your perspective on life! After a shower and a quick change of clothes, Eowyn decided itwas time to get hitched! She and Ichelle made beautiful brides andI really love how the colors of their dresses compliment each other.
  11. 11. Okay, I just have to brag on the fact that every guest is seated and enjoying thewedding without any drama! For those of you who see any weddings in my sims lives before, you know how excited this makes me! Granted, there are only three guests, but hey! Theyre all participatingcorrectly and that makes me happy :)
  12. 12. The same day as the wedding, Katherine and Zethamae had their elder birthdays. Again, the three guests all participated properly in the celebration – which again made me very happy. Although normally, my sims act right at birthday parties.But Im still feeling happy over the weddingparticipation, so I figured Id keep bragging onthem for a minute longer.
  13. 13. They aged into pretty attractive elders! Im very happy with thiscouple, they are so adorable. Normally I put my elders in gray hair, but I really like that they grew into the same color hair and it suits them, so its staying.
  14. 14. Ichelle is doing very well at work. It seems like she works nonstop, since shes flying through promotions. She is now working as a nurse and skilling in between shifts for her next promotion.
  15. 15. Eowyn doesnt have a career related lifetime want – she wants to marry off six children – so she is free to enjoy her days as shewants. This usually means she hugs Belle, who is expecting kittens now, and walks around talking about grilled cheese with her Grandma Aurora.
  16. 16. But her days are about to get just a tad bit busier! Eowyn is nowexpecting her first childwith Ichelle! Yay ladies :) Her pregnancy is a littlerough so far. She throws up a lot during the day and always has a little nausea after she eats.
  17. 17. Im sad to tell you that Aurora will not live to see her great-grandchild born to Eowyn and Ichelle. Shed just gotten home from work when the grim reaper showed up on the front lawn to collect her. At least shell get to be with Adrian again!
  18. 18. Belle has had her kittens! (Notice thatBeast shows up for the birth with a massive green stink cloud following him). Inkeeping with the Beauty and the Beast theme, the kittens are named Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts.
  19. 19. Eowyns pregnancy is just a little behind Belles. She will be having her own baby soon and everyone in the house is super excited!
  20. 20. Ichelle is still working like crazy! Shes got to finish maxing out herlogic and mechanical skill for her next promotion. Shes not that far away from achieving her lifetime want to become chief of staff.
  21. 21. Ichelle was doing her nightly yoga routine when Eowyn went into labor with their baby! I was glad that she was home to witness the birth of their daughter. Vivien has black hair and brown eyes just like Ichelle! Also, I know I said I didnt have atheme for this generation, but I just made one up – favorite actresses. Vivien is named after Vivien Leigh (who is most known for playing ScarlettOHara in my favorite movie, Gone with the Wind).
  22. 22. Youd think that there being a new grandbaby in the house wouldbe exciting to the new grandmothers Katherine and Zethamae. Butthey seem more interested in caressing each other than interacting with little Vivien. This is very odd behavior for grandmothers – Iknow whenever my sister brings my niece to visit, I have to literally take the baby from my mother if I want to hold her lol.
  23. 23. Okay, lets play a little game I like to call “what is wrong with this picture?” Why is Eowyn, the primary family aspiration, rolling wants to read parenting books...While Ichelle, the primaryknowledge aspiration, isthe one actuallyinteracting with Vivien?My sims are weirdos!
  24. 24. Eowyn is pregnant again! I want her to have all of her children back to back, so there is no rebound time after her pregnancy with Vivien! Poor girl, but shell thank me when shes not teaching teenagers to drive and changing diapers of her youngest child. Probably not, but oh well!
  25. 25. Poor Eowyns second pregnancy is even more difficult than her first. Ichelle is being quite the supermom and stepping up to takecare of Vivien as much as she possibly can. She also continues to work in the mean time!
  26. 26. Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts have grown into identical adult cats. Iwas holding out hope that they might get a bit more markings from Belle. I just dont like having plain looking cats and dogs in mygame. I want neon colors, stars, dots, stripes, a mask... anything!
  27. 27. I do feel terrible for Eowyn. She is constantly running to the bathroom to throw up. Her body does not handle pregnancy very well at all! She was sick with Vivien, but never this sick. I wonder if thismeans she is having a boythis time? Or maybe twins, since she is doubly sick? I guess only time will tell.
  28. 28. Eowyn does get a little break from her constant morning sickness when Viviens birthday rolls around. Surprisingly, she is the one to bring her to the cake. Katherine, Zethamae and Ichelle all surrounded the baby to celebrate her first birthday.Vivien aged into Ichelles littleclone! I dont think she gotone feature from Eowyn. Herpersonality is a pretty goodmix of both moms though: Very extreme!Neat, shy, active, serious andmean. With those stats, shemight be a loner in the future,lol.
  29. 29. Eowyns baby bump is starting to grow! At least now she can admire her growing stomach after she pukes up her meals. Thatmakes the morning sickness almost worth it, right? Also, Zethamae seems excited that her daughter is pregnant again, but will more than likely ignore the baby once he or she is here.
  30. 30. Ichelle is really advancing in her career! She is now a surgeon – good job Ichelle! On a bad note though, she keeps bringing home attractive, successful coworkers. This could be bad if hormonefueled Eowyn sees her, so Ichelle always asks her friends to leave before they can even make it to the front door.
  31. 31. Eowyn is enjoying being a stay at home mother. Shes finally starting to want to interact with Vivien and loves teaching herdaughter new things. While Vivien naps, the heiress gives tons of attention to the family cats.
  32. 32. Surgeon Ichelle isnt letting go of any of her motherlyresponsibilities just because shes working longer hours. She also loves to play with Vivien and teaches her how to walk and sing nursery rhymes.
  33. 33. Well Geez Louise Batman! No wonder Eowyn was so pukey duringher pregnancy. She was hiding three babies in that big belly! Its awonder she had the energy to take care of Vivien through her past two trimesters!
  34. 34. Baby number one is a boy named Carter. He is named after one of my favorite actresses Helena Bonham Carter. She has most recently starred in the Harry Potter movies, Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows. I think she is such an amazing actress who isquirky, strange and beautiful all at once.
  35. 35. Baby number two is a girl namedEmma. Obviously from the pictureshe is named after Emma Stone,one of my favorite new actresses.Shes lately started in Easy A, The Help, Superbad, The House Bunny and The Croods (which I still need to go see!)
  36. 36. Because I love HBC that much, thelast triplet is named Helena. Have I mentioned how beautiful and eccentric she is – and I love how she embraces who she is instead of bending to be like all the “normal” Hollywood stars?! Plus shes got curly hair, and Ive got curly hair and seeing her completely embrace her wild curls makes me love her even more!
  37. 37. With four kids under the age of... well, childhood I guess... we cant havefour cats running around the house too! So Eowyn invites younger sister Mona over to meet the triplets and to also take Beast and Belle off her hands.
  38. 38. Its all hands on deck with this bunch of youngns! If youve everseen me play a family with multiples before, you know I suck at it! I usually dont take too many pictures from the time theyre born totheir childhood, because I consider myself doing exceptionally wellto keep the parents alive and the babies fed and somewhere in all the chaos, I forget to take pictures. So forgive me if you dont see much of Carter, Emma and Helena as infants.
  39. 39. Well luckily for Vivien its herbirthday! This means there is agreater chance that she will be able to live now that she can get her own food from the kitchen and put herself in bed when she is tired! Shell also more than likely become the house cleaner when the maid isnt around since Ill be using all the adult ladies to feed, change and bathe babies.Vivien is adorable! Theres no way Ichelle can deny herfirstborn, theyre so similar in the face! I love Vivs littleupturned nose – I think its so cute!
  40. 40. I told you that I wouldnt give you too many pictures of the triplets in their younger years. I promise Im going to try to do better when they are toddlers. Oh boy... here comes the hard part. Lets hope all the McManias survive the next four days...
  41. 41. Carter is the first up in the triple round of birthday pictures. Isnt headorable!? He, like Vivien, looks a ton like Ichelle. The kids arent really getting much of their looks from Eowyn. His personality is
  42. 42. Emma is the only child so far that didnt get Ichelles small eyeshape. Hair color, skintone and eye color yes, but not eye shape! At least Eowyn contributed one thing to one of her children. Emmas personality is
  43. 43. I was going back and forth on whether or not to make Emma and Helena look completely different or very similar. I went with very similar obviously. Its not that often I get twins so alike in genetic makeup, so I like to dress them alike with the same hair. Helenawill be dressed more like her namesake, dark clothing; Emma likehers, brighter, girlier things. Helenas personality is – the only slobby, nice child.
  44. 44. Once again its all hands on deck to make sure the little ones aretaken care of. Zethamae and Eowyn tackle teaching the toddlerstheir skills while Katherine picks up the empty smart milk bottles.Hey! Why is she doing that? Ive already designated Vivien to be the bottle-picker-upper...
  45. 45. Little sneak! She slipped right out of all the action (and myattention) and downstairs to practice her ballet moves. How clever! I guess I cant expect a child with ten active points to pass up the chance to practice ballet!
  46. 46. What the butt? How did you two end up in the same bed? All night? Without me noticing!? Yep, this is what happens when I have multiples in my game. Mynormal micromanaging goes out the window and my sims actually get to use their free will that is enabled.
  47. 47. I might regret this by the end of the evening, but right now Eowyn is the only one home to care for Carter, Emma and Helena. The other adults are at work and Vivien is at school. So far Eowyn is doing well. The worst thing thats happened is that Emma had to cry in her crib for a little bit while Eowyn finished teaching Helenahow to walk. Not to bad, but it is only ten in the morning. The day is young.
  48. 48. Carter somehow has gotten onto a different sleeping schedule thanEmma and Helena. I guess its better that way – so far its easier to split them up and tackle their needs than if they were all three waking up needing bottles and potty time all at once. So whenCarter woke up from his nap, I had Vivien be a wonderful big sister and entertain her little sisters on the activity table while Eowynwent to take care of their brother. The day is almost over and so far no catastrophes! Yay me :D
  49. 49. Not only did nobody die or have a major meltdown today, butIchelle came home with a promotion to Chief of Staff! Yay Ichelle!Her new lifetime want is to become a space pirate, but that might have to wait until after the kids are older. Im about to put her on toddler duty alongside her lovely wife.
  50. 50. Vivien is a very active little girl! (As one would expect from a child with ten active points!) Shes always zooming around the housefrom activity to activity. She as been maxing her skills and as soon as one is done, she wants to move onto the next. I see a knowledge aspiration in the future!
  51. 51. Well its the end of the first day with three toddlers and I have to say Im pretty proud of myself as a simmer. Eowyn took care ofCarter, Emma and Helena without starving, passing out or peeingon herself. Ichelle came home with a promotion AND the triplets made best friends with each other. I must be getting better at raising triplets. It only took a few years, but hey!
  52. 52. Ooh, this has not happened in my game in quite some time! Atoddler has maxed out a skill. Looks like all the time on the activity table with his siblings has done Carter some good. Hes now maxed his mechanical skill.
  53. 53. I cant take all the credit though. I do use tons of smart milk and I definitely take advantage of the snapdragons strategically placed around the nursery.The triplets are about to ageinto children and Imhonestly shocked at howsmooth this whole processhas been. Its very unlike myprevious families withmultiples, but Ill take it!
  54. 54. Well its been a very successful run with these three as toddlers!Everyone was well fed, showered and got enough sleep at night.And Im sure thankful for it! Now its time for the youngns to grow into children like their big sis Vivien.
  55. 55. From left to right, top to bottomwe have: Carter in black, Emma in purple and Helena (who refuses to smile) in black. Cuties arent they?
  56. 56. Guess who is knocked up again!? I shouldnt say knocked up, that sounds so horrible! Ichelle and Eowyn are going to be mommies one last time! Haleigh/meadowthayer has the family next and Icleared it with her if they could go ahead and have another baby. I have one last actresss name that I would like to use for this generation and she kindly okayed a fifth child!
  57. 57. Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts are doing well. Despite the fact thatCogsworth (or is that Mrs. Potts, I cant tell!) is scowling right now, theyre actually good friends.
  58. 58. Now that Carter, Emma andHelena are children, its time to invite Vince Walter back to the house for dinner and a tour! Eowyn was supposed to chat him up over the sparkling dish, but shed rather clean the kitchen... thats cool. So the task is up to theyoung McMania girls! Vivien, Emma and Helena accept the challenge and they impress Vince enough with their dinner conversationthat the triplets got acceptedto the institution with a score of 101/90. Thats what Im talking about! Girl power!!
  59. 59. Now that all the children are in private school,theyre excited about their studies and come right home to do theirhomework before working on their skills! …........ Or play ball outside for three hours. Whatever.
  60. 60. Eowyn keeps rolling very knowledge related wants. Like today she decided she wants to learn all about couples counseling. Shes afamily/grilled cheese aspiration and is supposed to want to interact with her kids... but no. She wants to read.
  61. 61. Eowyn also really likes theballet bar still. Its a verypopular item in the McManiahousehold. Although, someof these stretches cant begood for her pregnant body.They look rather painful. Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth seem to think Eowyns current state isnt appropriate for those shorts and activities as well. They stood and watched her the whole time.
  62. 62. Carter, despite only having four nice points, is the hugger of thegroup. Whenever Ichelle comes home from work, Carter drops hishomework to go snuggle up to mommy. Maybe there is an ulterior motive to this... homework break and looking sweet at the same time. Hmmm.
  63. 63. Carter has a room to himself while Emma and Helena share abedroom. So with all the space in Carters room, I furnished a littlestudy corner for the kids. They use it every night and are all getting most of their skills knocked out.
  64. 64. Time for the first teenage birthday of this chapter! Vivien is about to be allgrown up – in her teenage mind at least! I love howexcited everyone is in this picture!Vivien aged into a beautiful young lady, who to nobodys surprise still looks just like Ichelle. Her primary aspiration ispleasure and I decided notto roll for her secondary. Ill let Haleigh/meadowthayer choose that one.
  65. 65. The last baby has been born! And she is named Kristen,obviously after Kristen Stewart. Shes definitely one of my FAVORITE actresses ever. Shes most known for staring as Bella Swan in theTwilight Saga. Shes so gorgeous and reallybrings Bellas character to life on screen...
  66. 66. JUST KIDDING!! Kristen Stewart has got to be the worst actress alive and I hate that she got the role of Bella Swan. She slaughtered the character for me. My dog gives more facial expressions than Kristen and the chip Im eating has a betterpersonality than her. So the baby is actually named after JenniferLawerence! She is, for real this time, also one of my favorite newactresses. Shes freaking hilarious, a girl that everyone can relate to and brutally honest, which I love about her!
  67. 67. Well thats going to be it for this turn! I want to thank you all for reading and I hope that you enjoyed the chapter so far. The nextchapter will show Vivien, Carter, Emma, Helena and baby Jennifer all growing up. So well see you all next time. Dont forget to stop by SiMania and say hello! See you all there :) Ilovereecee/Katie