A Fantastic Legacy Chapter 1


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The first generation of my newest legacy project. An experiment with sim genetics.

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A Fantastic Legacy Chapter 1

  1. 1. Yep I’m starting another legacy project. Except this one is purely for fun and silliness. So here are my “rules”2. All spouses will be picked with the wishing well3. The first born child inherits (no matter what) You’ll soon understand what that means..4. All children will be named after a character from fantasy books5. ACR determines how many kids they will have. Well after they’ve had 1 they decide how many more they want.I think those are the main ones so let’s meet the founder.
  2. 2. Meet ILike Fantasy. A Pleasure/Popularity sim who wants 20 Pet BestFriends which he is so not getting. His turn ons are Fitness and Make-upand he’s turned off by Swim-wear. Weirdo. Yeah…I guess you’ve figuredout why first born always inheriting could prove problematic haven’t you?So let’s see what kind of unique sims we can make shall we?
  3. 3. Oh and one more thing while you look at ILike’s house. I’veadded simselves and legacy sims to the hood. Which alwaysadds fun and drama to these legacy projects.
  4. 4. “So I just drop this little piece of metal into this well andit will give me a wife?”Yep. Hurry it up ILike…I want to see who you get tomarry.“Okay, I’m going. Geez lady. You’re pushy.”
  5. 5. And ILike’s chosen spouse is this lovely green hairedPopularity sim named Lena. Lena was made by Superfrog andsince I don’t have any of her Wrongways and I thought she wasunique I added her to my game for this project. Thanks Sam.“So we’re about to get married aren’t we?”“Yep.”
  6. 6. I’ll be honest to me, ILike is kind of cute. And thesetwo are pretty precious with their 3 natural bolts ofchemistry.
  7. 7. Ah look my simself is part of the welcome wagon. So is Gem.“I wanted to marry into the legacy. Mystery, use the powers of boolprop to get rid of thegreen haired chick so I can have your hot founder.”“Uh is she gonna be okay?”“Yeah sure don’t worry about her. She stalks all my sims.”“Wait she’s a stalker? And you’re saying I don’t need to worry about her? Are you crazy?”
  8. 8. “Listen lady, ILike is my man kapeesh? So if I were you I’d leavebefore I unleash my ninjaness on you.”“Miss Gem perhaps you ought to reconsider your approach? Thereare nine other chances to marry into the family.”Yep Koko Huinke one of Gem’s sims decided to come as part of thewelcome wagon too. Perhaps she can help keep Gem on a shortleash?
  9. 9. Gem: *drools*Or perhaps it is impossible to control Gem’sstalker nature. If I were Koko I’d be completelyembarrassed.
  10. 10. Gem: “I don’t want to watch tv. I want to flirt with ILIke, but someone keepsmaking sure MY man is busy with other things.”Gem let this one go sweetie. I like Lena already and no I’m not turning thislegacy into Jerry Springer five minutes out of the gate.“Oh come on why not?”Because I hate Jerry Springer and I like Lena.
  11. 11. So anyway, Gem was never invited back to the house. Kokoand Music however were regular visitors. And of course we getalong quite well us both being knowledge sims and all.
  12. 12. Of course that didn’t keep Gem from calling EVERY single day atexactly 3 p.m. Of course, if she’d been smart about it she wouldhave varied the time of day so there might be chance someonewould answer her calls. And if she’d been REALLY smart shewould have not called at a time when ILIke was at work.
  13. 13. And baby number one in the family is Aragorn Fantasy. Heinherited his mom’s skin tone, but his dad’s custom eyes. Can’ttell what else he inherited from the baby shot.Oh and Lena’s LTW is to be Captain Hero. Completely doable soshe is going to get it eventually. Meaning once the job finallyappears in the want ads.
  14. 14. But these two wasted no time deciding they wanted morethan one child. Popularity sims always thinking aboutmaking more friends.
  15. 15. And so baby Aragorn grew up into an interestinglooking toddler. I se dad’s ears and mouth, but itlooks like he at least took his brow from Lena. Nottoo bad. Good heir to the family. *pats*
  16. 16. Baby number two is a little girl named Dorothy. Shetook dad’s skin tone and eyes, which hopefully is allshe took from him.
  17. 17. Hey ILike why aren’t you skilling?“Lady I’ve been skilling like crazy. So I’m taking a breather.”But you’re family is still dirt poor. Honestly your job in Diagon Alley doesn’t pay much.“Yeah I know. But the goblins charge a fortune to change my galleons back to mugglecurrency.”Yes I have some custom careers in my game….someone on Mod the Sims made themall, but I don’t remember who.
  18. 18. “Congratulations on the birth of your son and daughter. I’d bemore than happy to baby-sit if you and Lena would like achance to spend some time together.”Hmm call me paranoid but I think Koko is up to something…
  19. 19. She’s over here almost every day now and when she’snot here she gives the family a call. (Gem is stilltrying unsuccessfully to call at 3 p.m.)Oh and did I mention that Koko is friends with theheir Aragorn?
  20. 20. ~~~~~Well she got her mother’s hair. It’s okay Dorothy I still loveyou.
  21. 21. And our heir Aragorn grew up and Koko made sureto call and wish him a happy birthday. The fact thatshe also became his best friend in the process onlyconfirms my belief she’s trying to marry into thefamily.
  22. 22. Aragorn and Dorothy are quite close. They spend a lot oftime at the activity table together. And man Aragorn is asuper fast skiller he’s already maxed out Charisma andMechanical as a toddler and now he’s nearly maxedcreativity. Go him!
  23. 23. And Lena and ILike decided they wanted another child. Sotheir son Sebastian joined the family. Sebastian is namedafter the child in the Never Ending Story…he’s the kid thatwas reading the book.
  24. 24. And honestly this is when things started to fly at thehouse so here’s Sebastian all grown up. He looks like hisdad too and a lot like his older sister Dorothy. But he’snot a clone I checked.
  25. 25. Little Dorothy grew up too and did I mention that she’smean? Yep she’s got a bit of a nasty streak this one.
  26. 26. But she and big brother Aragorn get along just fineanyway.
  27. 27. Meanwhile mom and dad still skill a lot. Poor Lenais still waiting on the job in the Law Enforcementcareer to open up.
  28. 28. And here is a close up picture of Dorothy as a child.
  29. 29. Still ILike finds time to play with his youngest son Sebastian.“Uh guys can’t see the tv.”Lena has developed an obsession with watching sim hospital.Despite the fact she’s glued to the tv set she hasn’t maxed theLiterature and Film hobby.
  30. 30. Maybe the 9 baths a day she insists on taking havesomething to do with that. (No really I counted. She took9 baths during the course of a single day)
  31. 31. “Gem…hi. No I haven’t been abducted by aliens. No my wife isfine.”Lena just stares in the background.Yep Gem finally wised up and started calling the house around 7p.m. which meant she managed to get ILike on the phone a fewdays in a row.
  32. 32. Aragorn grew up. He rolled Popularity/Pleasure andguess what his LTW is? To be a Rock God. Seriously Ilove you Aragorn. He’s already maxed all three skillshe’ll need and he’s not even an adult. *hugs him*
  33. 33. And finally! Lena got a job as a security guard.Doesn’t she look thrilled?
  34. 34. Oh Sebastian grew up too, but he is the most boring sim.Seriously he had a snow day and this is what he did ALLday. He’s extremely lazy…but he is the first lazy sim I’veever had who acted lazy. If he’s not doing this…then
  35. 35. He’s parked in front of the tv. But he didn’t max his enthusiasmeither because I swear he spends half his time staring off intospace. Yeah he’s got the energy to get the tv blaring, but then he’stoo lazy to even watch it and max the hobby.“I’m awesome I know.”No you’re not.
  36. 36. Aragorn is. He’s now maximized his pre-destined hobbyand earn a Gold talent badge in pottery. He’s maxed threeskills. And he’s on his way to topping his teen career.
  37. 37. And he happily fixes the tv so his mother and brothercan stare at it all day.
  38. 38. I was worried for a second here that these two weregoing to throw me a fourth kid, but they didn’t.Instead they just spent time together. Ah. Still saythese two are cute.
  39. 39. Dorothy became a teen and rolled Poularity/Family. Shewants to marry off 6 kids. She’s nuts.
  40. 40. But I may end up giving them to her since I really likeDorothy. And she did go ahead and find herself a futurehusband all on her own. She and mom’s co-worker BenLong get along great. Could be interesting. We’ll see.
  41. 41. And somehow Gem managed to sneak into the house when Iwasn’t looking. She came over with Koko. Koko was invitedover and she asked to bring a friend. If I’d known she meantGem I would have said no.But Gem did behave…mostly.
  42. 42. Just drooled over ILike some more.
  43. 43. And Aragorn got a girlfriend. I felt kind of bad since he was only few daysfrom adulthood and he hadn’t been on a date or had his first kiss. Hebrought this girl Ehtel home from school and they went on a date. But hedidn’t want to have his first kiss so he didn’t get it. Saving it for his BFFKoko? I swear if she drops out of the well I won’t be shocked.
  44. 44. And Aragorn grew into a rather handsome adult…well he’sunique anyway. Oh and his lazy brother Sebastian grew up too.He’s so lazy he even rolled Popularity/Pleausre just like hisolder brother. He even rolled the same LTW as Aragorn. Geez…Sebastian you could try to be original you know…“Nah, that’s too much work.”
  45. 45. “So Genie can you help my wife get promoted in her job faster?”“Nope.”“Can you make my youngest son original?”“Nope.”“Oh well fine then..I guess you can just give me peace of mind.”
  46. 46. And as the wishing well begins to glow, I will leave you. So who will the well drop out asAragorn’s chosen spouse? Koko Huinke? His teenage sweetheart Ethel? Will Gem everstop stalking my sims?Will I give Dorothy those six kids she wants? Will Sebastian ever stop being so lazy? WillLena keep bathing upwards of 6 times a day? Tune in next time to the Fantastic Legacyto find out! Thanks for reading.
  47. 47. Thank-you to the following people for allowingme the use of their simselves and thefollowing sims:Ani-mei- your simself, Aiden, and SolanSuperfrog: your simself, Lena, and there’sanother one but I can’t remember her name.It’s the blue one with the unique nose…Itstarts with an N I think..ShadowGem: Your simself, Koko and CrowfootJo: Your simself