The Hues Legacy - Chapter Three


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The Hues Legacy - Chapter Three

  1. 1. The Hues Legacy Chapter Three “Hey, I Just Met You and You Are Crazy!” by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Hues Legacy, a joint legacy betweenme, Haleigh/meadowthayer, and Roxanne/Taube. The last twochapters were written by Roxanne/Taube, but let’s have a quick recap on what happened when she had the family! In chapter one, our founder Neon Hues graduated college and married Sinjin, together they had five children: Cerulean, Cobalt, Sky, Indigo, and Azure. In chapter two, we saw the kids grow up into some very large nosed sims. They were still cute nonetheless.Also, remember we are choosing our heir so there wasn’t an heir poll. So, are you ready to see who we’ve chosen?!
  3. 3. Sky, the oldest of the triplets, has been chosenby Roxy and I to be our heir. We decided hewas the best looking in my game since theylook a bit different with my defaults. Indigowas a close second however.Sky’s lifetime want in my game is to becomecaptain hero.
  4. 4. This is the house they will be living in, or atleast Sky will be since I’m dropping the otherkids out after they find their mate from thecrystal ball.
  5. 5. Here are the two oldest boys, Cerulean and Cobalt. Ceru wants to become a game designer. Cobalt wants to become the mayor.And then we have Indigo and Azure.Indigo wants to woohoo 20 differentsims, so I’m really glad we didn’tchoose him as heir.Azure wants to become hand ofposeidon.
  6. 6. Since Ceru is the oldest, I let him do the honorsof finding his mate first. He got VynMcClellan, a police officer. Who coincidentallyhas a braid just like all those girls Ceru broughthome from school.After becoming friends with Vyn, Ceru dropsout.
  7. 7. Cobalt found his mate second andboy is she pretty.Her name is Viola Kalson.After Cobalt and Viola had a highenough relationship, they sharedtheir first kiss and Cobalt droppedout.
  8. 8. The girl Indigo decided to go with is named Brittany Wendland. She’s fairlypretty, and I’ve had her make some pretty cute kids before with other sparesin other legacies, so maybe these guys will have a cute kid.
  9. 9. And finally, Azure was able to findherself a woohoo buddy. Let’s faceit, she’s romance she’s not going towant to get married. But, I still lether pick a guy anyway. And trust mewhen I say, this is the best lookingguy of all of them. If that gives youany idea how bad her choices were.The only decent one was the versionof her father in my game. Just take alook at the picture below, those wereher choices.
  10. 10. With his siblings gone, Sky now has time towork on school. He declared a major inpsychology because that would help him withhis desired career track. After that, he wrotehis first term paper.
  11. 11. Time for Sky to see who his potential suitorsare! Are you guys ready?!
  12. 12. Carmen Patch Kana PhillipsKana Stallkamp La Shawn Cameron
  13. 13. And lastly, Lilly Do. Who I think isthe best looking by far. So, looks likeshe’ll be our generation two spouse!Sky and Lilly get along really welltoo, so that’s definitely a plus.
  14. 14. Sky has maxed out all of his skills. He was only6 points short when I got him, so he alreadyhad most of them. He was just missing two incooking, cleaning, and charisma.
  15. 15. Man, poor Sky. When he was young, he had towatch his parents cuddle in the front yard intheir underwear, but now that he’s old enoughto cuddle in the front yard with hisgirlfriend, the college streaker runs by them.
  16. 16. But seriously, these guys are cute together. Ireally hope they have cute children!
  17. 17. “Lilly, I love you with all of my heart. I want tospend every day for the rest of my life with you.Will you marry me?”“Aw, yes Sky I’ll marry you!”
  18. 18. Sky has gotten his gold flower arranging badgenow. Unfortunately, he missed an exam whileworking on it so he got a C instead of an A forthat semester.
  19. 19. So, Sky invited Lilly over for a date. Right as she shows up, so does one ofthe mascots, named Seth, as soon as Seth shows up on the lot the brokenrings with the sword show up! And not to mention, Sky gets a “Just MetSeth” memory. This is the first time it’s ever happened to me. And this isalso how I came up with the title for the chapter. Though, I played it off ofCarly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe.”But of course, now Lilly comes around and kicks her fiancés trashcan down.
  20. 20. After buying a love potion, lots ofapologizing, and lots of making out, Lilly andSky are finally in love again.
  21. 21. Lilly and Sky fixed things just in time too, because it’s now time for hisgraduation party! Though, he decided to do ballet the second after he calledto invite the guests so he changed out of his cap and gown. Ugh. I wantedto smack him.Neon of course thought that she should go jump rope in the kitchen shortlyafter she got there.
  22. 22. As you can see, Neon doesn’t seem to happyabout her son and his fiancé making out infront of her. But, her and Sinjin were alwaysdoing things like that in front of Sky and hissiblings so I guess she’ll have to get used to it.
  23. 23. And just like that, Sky graduated with a 3.5GPA thanks to me accidentally letting him skipa final.He apparently doesn’t like his cab driverthough. Anyway, time for an update on thespares.
  24. 24. This is the house the Cerulean will be living in.I will be building the frame of all the spareshouses based off of floor plans from MTS2houses but painting and decorating how I want.
  25. 25. Shortly after moving in, Ceru calls upVyn and asks her to move in withhim.When I sent her to the mirror for hermake over, I noticed she had browneyebrows so I gave her brown hair tomatch. She’s very pretty.
  26. 26. “Hey Vyn, I have a present for you.”“Really? I love presents! OH MY GOSH. Yes yes yes I’ll marry you!”
  27. 27. The couple got married in the back yard with only Neon, Sky, and Sinjin inattendance. I’m excited to see their babies.
  28. 28. It wasn’t long before Ceru and Vyn found outthey were expecting their first child.
  29. 29. They ended up having twin boys –Cyan and Teal. Cyan is on the left inall three pictures and Teal is on theright.Cyan got Vyn’s weird nose and Tealgot Ceru’s but I think I prefer Teal.
  30. 30. Next up, we have Cobalt.
  31. 31. Cobalt promptly invited Viola over, but he had to wait a day since she’s avacation sim. They’re really cute together. I love Viola so much. She’s sopretty.
  32. 32. Of course, the couple got engaged and married right in their living room.
  33. 33. Soon Viola found out she waspregnant, and they gave birth to alittle girl named Aqua. Who endedup to be very pretty despite havingher Dad’s nose.
  34. 34. Next up, Indigo!
  35. 35. Indigo invited Brittany over, but before asking her to move in decided thathe wanted to be engaged first. She glady accepted his proposal and movedin.
  36. 36. “So, I’m glad we’re engaged but I was thinking maybe we’d just have a quickwedding right here. Cobalt and Viola did it and look how happy they are.”“That sounds fine with me Indigo, I just want to be married to you.”
  37. 37. Brittany and Indigo had a son together that they named Navy. He’s myfavorite of the kids so far.
  38. 38. Well, I forgot to take a picture of Azure’s house apparently, but oh well. Toolate now. Please forgive me!Anyway, Azure decided she didn’t want to get married, she just wanted towoohoo with people.
  39. 39. Unfortunately, that led to pregnancy and the birth of her son Turquoise.Who looks a lot like his father, but still cute at this age I think.
  40. 40. Anyway, that concludes this chapter. I apologize that it wasslightly short, I’m not a big fan of college or writing spare updates. I’ve never been the best at them. Plus, I really wanted to get the playing done so I could take mymid-term for my online class before writing the chapter. Which, I did and I got a 98% on it! So, that’s a plus! Anyway, stay tuned for the next chapter where we’ll see Sky and Lilly’s life back home!