Season 2, episode 3


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Season 2, episode 3

  1. 1. The LHKR LegacySeason 2, Episode 3 – The Club By: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Thanks for coming back to read Season 2, Episode 3 of The LHKR Legacy. This chapter is written by ilovereecee/Katie. In the last episode we saw Lucas, Nathan and Jake finish college and move on with their lives as spares. We also saw heiress Peyton Sitcom graduated and get engaged to Jason Menon. Lets dive right in from there!
  3. 3. Jason Menon, the finance of our heiress Peyton Sitcom, has found the career that will lead to the completion of his lifetime want. The ultimate goal is to become Business Tycoon, but Jason starts out as a mailroom technician. On his first day, Jason saw a letter stating that the top toy business was buying out a smaller, but lucrative toy business. Jason took this opportunity to buy ahundred dollars worth of stock in the new company, and sold them after the deal for a thousand dollars!
  4. 4. Its been a few days since Peyton and Jasons engagement by the Christmas tree. She still hasnt found her desired career. Peytonslifetime want is to become a game designer. So to help make ends meet, Peyton paints and sells her artwork.
  5. 5. “Sweetheart, your father and I arent getting any younger. You know I want more than anything to see you married and with children before Igo.” Kaylynn said to Peyton. “Youre my only daughter, it would mean the world to me if you and Jason could hurry this wedding before my time comes.” “Gosh Mom,” Peyton exclaimed, “way to lay on the guilt trip!”
  6. 6. “You know I want to get married to Jason just as badly as you wantit to happen,” Peyton continued, “but I also want to start my career first. I didnt go through all those years of college for nothing.” “I understand, dear.” Kaylynn sighed. “Id better go lay down. Im feeling so weak these days.”
  7. 7. While Kaylynn works on cranking out Peytons wedding faster,Sony has taken up a new hobby. As a retiree, he has a ton of sparetime on his hands. Fishing fills those long hours for Sony! Although, he isnt very good at it starting out.
  8. 8. Jasons second day of work proved to be as successful as his first! Jason earned his first promotion from mailroom tech to executive assistant. He now makes $252 a day by answering phones and setting up meetings for the executives in the office.
  9. 9. “Jason Menon takes you, Peyton Sitcom, to be my wedded wife until death do us part. Not only because your mother has been in my ear about it nonstop,” Jason began his vows, “but also because you are the most beautiful woman Jason has ever seen. Jason loves you and plansto continue to do so as well as honor and cherish you the rest of our lives together.”
  10. 10. “And I take you,” Peyton recited, “to be my wedded husband. Not only because my mother wont get off my back about it, but because I love you with all of my heart. I can only see you in my future forever until death do us part.”
  11. 11. “Dont forget lots of babies sweetie!” Kaylynn shouted whileapplauding the newlyweds. “You can only see him and lots of babies in your future forever and ever!”
  12. 12. It was only a few days after the wedding when Peyton got the morningsickness... then the baby bump :) “Wow! Your Mom wasright!” Jason exclaimed. “We do have a baby in our future! Jason is stoked about being a dad!”“Me too,” Peyton replied. “Well about being a mommy. I cant wait to meet our little one.”
  13. 13. Peyton found the gaming career when she was in her first trimester. She accepted a position as a guild leader, but was promoted to game designer on her first day! Now her secondlifetime want is to become a professional party guest, somethingthat will to wait until she gives birth. Fetal alcohol syndrome isnt cool!
  14. 14. “Sweetie, I just cant wait to hold this little grandbaby!” Peytonexclaimed. “It means the world to me that I can be here for thebirth of your first child with Jason. I cant even begin to describe how overjoyed I am.”
  15. 15. “I can tell Mom!” Peyton laughed. “So what happened to you feeling so weak these days?”“Well you know,” Kaylynn replied, “I had to hurry up and get yall hitched somehow! You sure werent in any hurry.” “Youre so special Mom!”
  16. 16. Sony has come a long way from catching boots in the pond! Hehow has a gold talent badge in fishing and quite often spends thewhole day outdoors. At least the family will never run out of food.He stocks the fridge with tons of fresh fish at the end of every day.
  17. 17. “Hello in there little baby!” Jason cooed. “Jason sure is excited to meet you. Just come on out whenever youre ready. Were all waiting on you, little one.”
  18. 18. Jasons been promoted again! Now he works as a field salesrepresentative. He goes home to home with his superb sales pitch hoping for another promotion soon so he can have a real office to hold his things, instead of the passenger seat of the car.
  19. 19. “Jason, wake up! Itstime!” Kaylynn shoutedwhen Peyton went into labor.After a few huffs, puffsand twirls a baby boy was born! “Oh he is darling!” Kaylynn exclaimed.“What are you going to call him?”“His name is Jackson!And look Mom, he has my eyes!” Peyton beamed.
  20. 20. Guess who got a promotion again!? If you said Jason, youre right!He now works as a Junior Executive. He got the office he wanted, well a cubicle anyway. His pay is finally starting to be worth something too, hes now making $560 a day.
  21. 21. A day after Jax was born, Peyton and Jason take their couple picture in the family photo booth. Simultaneously, they try for a baby and successfully conceive! Killing two birds with one stone,thats what Im talking about! Their pictures are hung beside Sony and Kaylynns in the kitchen.
  22. 22. Peyton makes a fantastic mother for a romance aspiration gal! Sheis one of those annoying sims who hovers over the babys crib andwill yank Jax out of his nap to feed him a bottle. But Id rather have her be this type of mother, than to be dropping into aspiration failure because of his birth!
  23. 23. “Nobody wants to change your stinky butt, Jax!” Kaylynn cooed. “But Mimi wants to! Mimi loves you the most, little one.”This is true. Kaylynn is the only one that doesnt fear changing adiaper. And she has the highest relationship with Jax, since shes always cuddling and playing with him.
  24. 24. Jason has been promoted again! Even the weather cant rain on his parade (pun intended!). Hes now a Senior Manager andoversees all of the executives. In addition to his office duties, Jason gets to go on golfing outings with potential clients... and gets paid for it!
  25. 25. “Happy birthday Dear Jackson,” the family sang in unison on Jaxs first birthday. “Happy birthday to you!” “Dont forget,” Kaylynn whispered, “Mimi loves you most!”
  26. 26. Jax grew up into an adorable toddler with the personality of –neat, outgoing, serious and mean. Jacksons namesake comes from the main character of Sons of Anarchy. He starts out as the Vice President of the motorcycle club that his biological father started. After his death, Jacksonsstepfather Clay took the spot of President and Jax got VP. In the most current season, Jax is a fiercely loyal friend, father and husband. He takes thePresident spot after learning that Clay, his stepfather, hired hit men to kill Tara (Jacksons wife). Jax wants to get his family out of “the club” and is currently trying to do so, but connections with other gangs and knowledge of their doings make it hard to do.
  27. 27. “Come on Jax, youre almost there!” Sony encouraged his grandson, “Thats it. Good job! Youve got it!” Sony didnt want much to do with Jax when he was a baby, butnow that hes older and can interact more with the family, Sonys all over him! He wants to teach him how to walk and talk.
  28. 28. “Papa thinks he can steal all your time!” Kaylynn laughed whilesitting down to teach Jax to speak. “Well he forgot hes got to splithis time with me. You need Mimi time! Now, lets start. Say Mimi!” “Chair!” Jax said. “Okay!” Kaylynn smiled, “Chair is close enough!”
  29. 29. While Sony and Kaylynn fight over who gets to spend more time with Jackson, Peyton has been very sick. Shes had morningsickess for the entire day after Jaxs birthday party. And the reason is quickly evident! Shes pregnant with her second child.
  30. 30. Jason doesnt have all of his skills maxed, so he uses hisweekends off to study the necessary skills needed for the business career: creativity, logic and charisma.
  31. 31. “Ive got my gold talent badge in fishing. Id love to share mypassion with Jax. Do you think its too early for him to learn to holda pole?” Sony asked Kaylynn one afternoon during Jacksons nap.
  32. 32. “Definitely too early!” Kaylynn laughed. “But I bet he would love it if his Papa got him a pet fish. That would be pretty cool.” “Good idea, Kay! Ill swing by the pet store this afternoon.”
  33. 33. Just a few toddler shots to show you how adorable Jackson is! :)
  34. 34. “Eat up little fishies!” Sony sang to the new pet fish he bought for Jackson. “Get nice and fat for little grandson Jax.”
  35. 35. “Ooh!” Kaylynn exclaimed, “I can hardly hold in my excitement! Iknow you two are thrilled to have another baby, arent you Jason?” “Oh yeah!” Jason said hardly looking up from his book, “Jason is psyched! Just gotta get to business tycoon soon so Jason can spend more time at home with the babies.”
  36. 36. While everyone was downstairs exclaiming over the upcomingbaby, Sony was about to come back downstairs from putting Jax down for the night. Unfortunately he was blocked by the GrimReaper and his dancing ladies. I cant believe I missed the shot of him going too! Bye Sony! Youll be missed.
  37. 37. Im not the only one out of the loop with Sonys death it seems. The only one in the house who even acknowledged his passing waspregnant Peyton. Not even Kaylynn so much as shed a tear for her husband. What an emotionless family.
  38. 38. Sony is definitely still here in memory however! When Jacksonwoke up from his nights sleep, he went right to the fish tank and admired the new pets Sony bought for him. How sweet!
  39. 39. “Oh Peyton, youre going into labor!” Kaylynn shouted. “I literallycannot contain my excitement! Im just going to stand over here and jump up until the baby is born!”“Mom you can calm down now, its a boy! He has my eyes and your red hair, just like Jax. Im going to name him Otto.”
  40. 40. Jason was at work when Otto was born, but he came home with a promotion so thats okay. Hes now the Vice President of his company! Just a few more steps to the top.
  41. 41. “Why are you two in your underclothes!?” Kaylynngasped while preparing to help Jackson age into a child. The couple giggled and Jason answered, “Jason just made you another grandbaby!” “Oh! Okay, well good! I hope yall made a girl this time.” Kaylynn smiled, excited about another grandchild. Jax grew into a handsomeyoung man! I think he looks more like Jason than anyone else in the family, but well see as he gets older.
  42. 42. “No way, a puppy!? I cant believe it!” Jax exclaimed the next morning when he saw his new pup Chibs running around the house.Chibs is a birthday present from his parents. Hes also named after a main character in Sons of Anarchy. Hes a club member who grows into a closest friend/father figure for Jax. He somewhat serves as Jacksons conscience when Jax gets a little too rough.
  43. 43. “Oh, oh little Otto! Mimi loves her little Otto.” Kaylynn still loves being as involved as possible with hergrandbabies. For now, that means feeding and changing Otto until hes old enough to interact back.
  44. 44. “Peyton, I love the boys with all of my heart, but I think a little girl would be so nice! Do you think you could try real hard to have a baby girl this time?” Kaylynn asked her daughter over chess. “Sure Mom!” Peyton rolled her eyes. “Ill try real hard.”
  45. 45. Peyton is in the first trimester and is having tons and tons ofmorning sickness. Its pretty pointless to clean the toilets at this point, they stay a mess.
  46. 46. Otto took over Jacksons old nursery when Jax turned into a child.Peyton loves going into the babys room and cuddling her little one. Shes a great mom for a romance aspiration.
  47. 47. Peyton is starting to show and the nesting phase has arrived.Remington comes once a day, but Peyton still walks around the house looking for things to clean unless I have her busy with something else.
  48. 48. “Welcome to the Sitcom home, Headmaster! Such a pleasure tohave you here and to meet you! Jason thinks meeting new people is great, really helps to have connections you know?” Jason rambled. “Anyway, please come in and meet the family. Jasons just so thrilled youre here.”“Who is Jason?” The Headmaster wondered, following Jason into the home.
  49. 49. “Thank you for the dinner, Mrs. Sitcom. It was delicious.” The Headmaster complimented.“Sure thing! Now how about a tour?” Peyton suggested. “This is the newly furnished game room. I just put the pool table in topractice when Im on maternity leave. I want to be a professional party guest once Im done having children.”
  50. 50. “Mr. Sitcom,” the Headmaster extended his hand, “it was nice tomeet you. Its my pleasure to accept Jackson into my institution!”
  51. 51. “Is Jason the man or what!?” Jason shouted, “Jason just got Jaxaccepted into private school. Before you know it, this little one will be going too. Time sure is flying, Peyton.” “Oh dont say that, I want my babies to stay little forever. Youre right, time is flying.” Peyton agreed.
  52. 52. “Mimi, I know Im supposed to use my fingers to help me add,” Jackson complained, “but Ive run out of fingers!”“Well use your toes, baby.” Kaylynn answered, still swelling with pride since Jax asked her to help with his first homework assignment.
  53. 53. Jason has earned another promotion! Now he is the President ofhis company. This promotion comes with a ton more money, but also more stress since everyone knows his name now.
  54. 54. Peyton has finally found the slacker career and accepted a position as a free lance photographer. While she is pregnant, shes usingmaternity leave and stays at home with the boys. During the down time, she practices her trick shots on the pool table.
  55. 55. “No! You cant take me! I wont let you! Ive got to see if mydaughter has a little girl. She said she would try real hard!” Kaylynn begged the grim reaper, but he took her anyway. Poor Jax was there to witness his Mimis death.
  56. 56. “Mm, baby! Jason thinks you are smoking!” Jason exclaimed while preparing to help Otto age into a toddler.For the second death in this family, nobody blinks an eye. Its as ifKaylynn is just taking a nap. Not one family member thinks about her. Once again, a very emotionless family.
  57. 57. Otto aged into a cutie! He definitely got Jasons nose. His personality is verysimilar to Jacksons:, neat freak, outgoing, active, lazy and mean. Otto is named after Otto Delaney in SoA. (Played by Kurt Sutter, the creator of the show). Otto is an old club member who is serving a life sentence in prison. He becomes angry at and even testifies against club members after they fail to keep his wife Luann safe and she ends up murdered. Otto endsup having a very important role in the later seasons as the lives of many club members depend on his testimony in an FBI case.
  58. 58. Like his big brother Jackson, Otto loves animals! He doesnt fool with the fish, but loves to chase Chibs around the house and snuggle up with him.
  59. 59. Jason brought home another promotion, yay Jason! He is now the CEO of his company and just one step away from being the business tycoon.
  60. 60. “I cant believe how fast our babies are growing! I feel like I was just pregnant with Jax and now Im almost done carrying our very last baby.Theyre growing up way too fast! I never thought having kids would mean so much to me, but when I look at the boys or when I feel this baby move, I know exactly how my mom felt about us.”
  61. 61. “Jason thought Id be done with climbing the corporate ladder bynow too. Its taking a lot longer than Jason originally thought. Time is flying by, the babies are getting older and Jason is missing out on a lot of it.” Jason agreed.
  62. 62. “One day, Im going to use the crystal ball to find my wife.” Otto stated, “When Im heir, I will.”“Youre so smart!” Peyton exclaimed, “Please stop growing so fast! Stay this little forever okay, baby?” “No Mommy, I want to use the crystal ball!”
  63. 63. “Dont color outside the lines, okay Otto?” Jackson instructed. “Okay, I wont.” Otto agreed. “I will make it pretty.”The boys spend a nice chunk of their evening bonding over the activity table.
  64. 64. Peyton and Jason team up to make sure Otto has his essentialtoddler skills down to an art before his next birthday. Peyton had a rough time teaching him to walk, Otto kept looking off and gettingdistracted. But he had no problems talking! He picked that up right away.
  65. 65. “Woohoo!” Jason exclaimed, “Jasons done it!! Business Tycoon Jason Sitcom at your service.”
  66. 66. Everyone was asleep when Peyton went into labor for the third and final time. “Oh, your Mimi would just die of happiness if she could see youlittle girl!” Peyton cooed to her new daughter. “She wanted you so bad, sweet Gemma!”Gemma is pronounced like Jenna, but with two Ms instead of Ns.
  67. 67. Chibs is a very needy, attention hogging puppy! Maybe itsbecause I havent had one single pet in a family in a long time. I usually have two or more, and they keep each other company.Chibs walks around whining for social interaction all day, every day!
  68. 68. “Sweet little Gemma, you are so cute!” Jason sang to his daughter, “But your butt stinks and Jason really doesnt want to open it up and see whats inside.” Jason fears changing diapers!
  69. 69. “Im going to be a space man when I grow up, Daddy!” Otto informed.“Jason approves of that. Maybe we can go into business together and put a gift shop on the moon when you get there?” “Youre silly, Daddy!” Otto laughed.
  70. 70. Jasons final promotion came just in time! Now he has four days offa week and is able to stay at home with Jackson, Otto and Gemmawhile Peyton goes off to work. She even brings home a promotion on her first day. Now she is a free lance web designer!
  71. 71. Peyton may be in the slacker career, but she sure isnt a slackermom! She loves building her relationship with Gemma. They spend a good bit of time cuddling and playing together throughout the days.
  72. 72. Chibs has grown into an adult dog! Hes pretty cute too, dont you think?
  73. 73. Peyton spends her off days cleaning up around the houseand thinking about having more babies. She is a primary romance aspiration, but it sure doesnt show!
  74. 74. Its time for Otto to grow into a child! As much as Peytondoesnt want this, it cant be avoided. He actually grows intoquite the handsome young man. Hes starting to look more like his father, too.
  75. 75. Now that Otto is a child, Jax has a study buddy! They spend theirevenings sitting around the bookcase and working on their skills for college. It will pay off one day soon!
  76. 76. Just because the boys spend a nice bit of time studying, doesnt mean they dont have fun too! On the weekends, they enjoy playing Marco Polo together in their backyard pool.They both cheat. What a surprise with only one nice point each... not!
  77. 77. “Welcome, Headmaster!” Jason greeted, “Jasons been looking forward to this meeting. You have the pleasure of dining with Business Tycoon Jason Sitcom tonight.”“Well I cant wait to meet him, Ive heard great things. Where is the old chap?” The Headmaster questioned.
  78. 78. While Jason explained to the Headmaster that he is Business Tycoon Jason Sitcom, Peyton attempts to make a fish fillet dinnerto serve. While waiting, she decides to take out the trash and ends up setting the kitchen on fire. Way to go, champ.
  79. 79. “While the firefighters save the house from burning down, let Jason introduce you to Otto! He is the child that will be attending your school after tonight. Hes very smart – hence his glasses.” Jason joked while giving a tour to the headmaster.
  80. 80. “Well I sure am thankful for this delicious stuffed rainbow trout. It only took two times,” the headmaster joked, winking to Peyton. “Ithink your son Otto will be a great addition to my institution. Id love to have him.”
  81. 81. After the headmaster left, the family all gathered around tocelebrate Gemmas birthday! Even Chibs joined in on the family fun.
  82. 82. Gemma aged into a cute toddler. She pretty much looks exactly like Otto, but the girl version! Her namesake is Gemma TellerMorrow (played by Kurt Sutters wife, Katey Sagal) from SoA. Sheis Jaxs mother and Clays current wife. She has a fierce love forher son and grandsons and is willing to do anything to be aroundthem, even if that means falsely testifying against their mother in her accessory to murder case!
  83. 83. Were going to call it quits for now! Thank you forcoming back to read Season 2, Episode 3 of TheLHKR Legacy! Come back next time to see how Jax, Otto and Gemma all age. Dont forget to visit us at -ilovereecee/Katie